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No support help at all. I've literally emailed them over 3 times about a error I'm having with a page. I can't use the page until its fixed. They won't email me back, so I'm going to have to find a different app

Peach Pump
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POWR.io已回复 2024年5月20日

Hello there,
Our deepest apologies for the misunderstanding.

Upon checking our records, we noticed that our replies were never delivered to your email address even though we responded to each one of your tickets.
We have forwarded your query to our Support Team Lead who wanted to reach out to your personally about this matter, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


would not recommend, very poor customer service that really seems to not know what they are doing. Only by email, foreign, 24 hr plus delay, has really screwed up my Shopify site and cant get it off (they did the install). Hoping this review might make them take notice and get this done after more than four requests.

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POWR.io已回复 2023年11月17日

Hi there,
Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback! We apologize for any inconvenience this experience has caused. Your concern has been shared with the POWR team, and have sent a reply to your email regarding your concern.
We truly appreciate your patience! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


He was very smooth before the purchase, but couldn't enter after the purchase, so it is not recommended to use it

Enteer Technology Limited Copyright
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POWR.io已回复 2023年12月18日

Hi there,

So sorry for your bad experience with our app.
Could you please reach out to us on support@powr.io we will be happy to sort this problem out for you!


I have the pro version, but now i will delete the App. It needs 7-15 seconds until the lead form appears on the website. Which customer waits 15 seconds until it appears?

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POWR.io已回复 2023年9月25日

Hi there!

So sorry to hear about your experience with the app.

Kindly contact us directly at support@powr.io detailing the e-mail address linked to your POWR account+weblink with live POWR plugin installed so that we can look into the issue for you.

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback&patience.


APP NOT WORKING. Not connect to Shopify. SUPPORT SUCKS its been days. No one has gotten back to us.

Buddhapants 2
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POWR.io已回复 2023年12月1日

Hi there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback! We apologize for any inconvenience this experience has caused. Your concern has been shared with the POWR team, and have sent a reply to your email regarding your concern.

We truly appreciate your patience! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


All my forms on all my websites are down. This is crazy. I could get over never getting the emails and going into the app to see entries, but this???? Someone better contact me ASAP or refund me.

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Actually, if I could get a fraction of a Star, I would. The I-Frame design is not stable, the POW servers are slow, and worse, the customer service was not good for me (waiting three weeks now for someone to look into my store?!?!). To date, our forms are the only aspect of our website that yield us negative reviews from our customers. In the words of my last customer (received this today) from a review source other than our broken POW forms....."I recently had extensive treatments for skin cancers on head, face, neck and ears. I have been told to wear a sunscreen for years, but never found one I liked. The dermatologist suggested Blue Lizard products. Since I had never heard of them, I used your website to send a question before I purchased any. I have not received a reply and wonder if the products are no better than the customer service."

Lost customers, lost reputation, lost revenue….I just got POWed! Having worked in many restaurants (many moons ago), I understand how hurtful it can be to get a crappy tip or a bad Yelp review...it often feels unfair given how hard work the average person never sees (it often is unfair). But then again, sometimes it's exactly what someone needs to get their business up to snuff and get it together.

I am having all of my form professionally reworked. The moment they are done, I will be deleting all POWr short codes from my site.

Oh here's another review on my Yotpo site (Yotpo - a FANTASTIC, very professional app).....

Yotpo Review from 03/28/15, from Frederick M...
"...I sent an online inquiry via the web regarding the address where my order was going. The emails truncated one line of the address and made it appear that it might not be using the full address. In the end it was shipped to the complete address. Unfortunately no one responded to my online inquiry. Thank you. I do think anyone who buys will be happy with the product."

That review is now on my Facebook too.

In fact, the only 4-star reviews I have on Yotpo are due to my customer’s experience with POWr forms. The developer informed me almost a month ago that they would like to know how it was that we created a POWr form in a pop-up dialog box and that it was intended to on be a form on a page....said he would look into it and get back to me (three weeks ago)...still waiting. Done waiting because this code is affecting my business.

Good luck to you POWr. Good luck to those shops that use this app. I hate being negative...."nothing good to say, just don't say anything at all.” I have no time for toys, and no money to waste on reworking code and LOST customers.

Jonathan Clemmer
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen
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I installed this app on 3 of my Shopify stores. When the trial period ended, I decided to upgrade the plan on one of the stores. What happend is they charged me on 2 of them.
When noticed, same Min I contacted customer service which said they can't do anything and I won't get my payment back. I literally told them the story less than 1 min after it happened.

They are scammers, with terrible customer service.
Stay away

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The app was working perfectly fine for a long time. One day however, I noticed that I was missing more than thirty submissions. I went back and forth with several representatives who were staying in touch relatively well. At one point they told me that I had found a bug and that the issue had an estimated two week timeline for a fix. Are you kidding me? I am hosting events for hundreds of people. The data that was lost is critical to event coordinating efforts. When I politely asked for more assistance with retrieving the data, they stopped responding altogether. This is insane. Beware.

TRVRS Outdoors
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POWR.io已回复 2020年10月7日

Hi there,

We're truly sorry you've had a negative experience with our app and our customer support team.

We understand the importance of the submissions you have received on your POWr Form Builder Plus plugin.

Our team would be happy to take a look and assist you further. Feel free to contact us directly at support@powr.io so we can take another look.


We use this app, it gives problems from time to time but it was okay. Now they changed everything. I want to connect to app through my Shopify page, it does not allow me. It does not work at all.

TechCare Massager
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POWR.io已回复 2020年6月29日

Hi there,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! Please reach out to our support team at support@powr.io and we'll be more than glad to help and answer all the questions that you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you!