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Data de edição: 2 de maio de 2024

It doesnt work properly, I havent received any answer from support. I would like a refund

VMG Cases
3 meses usando o app
26 de janeiro de 2024

Terrible. Does not work, was still on my store after I uninstalled and is just very low quality.

The Sooth Cup
Estados Unidos
4 dias usando o app
POWR.io deixou uma resposta 29 de janeiro de 2024

Hi there,
Thanks for letting us know, and really sorry to hear that.

The app remaining on the store after uninstalling is certainly due to it not being removed properly. This can be fixed very easily, and our support team would be more than happy to look into for you.

Could you please send us an email at support@powr.io and also point any further issues you might have as well?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

9 de fevereiro de 2024

Difficult to use and very slow when published.

Estados Unidos
1 dia usando o app
POWR.io deixou uma resposta 11 de fevereiro de 2024

Hi there,
Thanks for your feedback, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience encountered while setting up the app on your end.

The process is generally easy, and our support team are also always available to assist in every step of the journey. Could you please send us an email as soon as you can at support@powr.io so we can check it out for you?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

6 de maio de 2017

Nope. Horrible user interface and ridiculous billing system. They make you upgrade PER gallery, so if you want to want only two galleries with more than 6 pics each, you end up paying upwards of $24/ month which is ridiculous for an image slider. Looking to switch to something else, but bummed Shopify doesn't offer more slider apps considering how robust the site is supposed to be. Monopoly of an app is right. NAGL.

Estados Unidos
Mais de 7 anos usando o app
22 de novembro de 2019

0 stars, purposely IMPOSSIBLE to cancel
scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam

Six Scents Parfums
Estados Unidos
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
9 de abril de 2020

Image slider was broken and did not render in correct dimensions across platforms. Very buggy across mobile platforms. Difficult to install. developers refused refund. will not be doing future business with them.

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
POWR.io deixou uma resposta 10 de abril de 2020

Hi there,
Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.
Please email us directly on support@powr.io and we will be happy to sort this problem out for you.

Data de edição: 15 de maio de 2017

It is not free unless you want a gallery of 5 photos!! Shopify free themes have 6.. so I'm not sure what's the use of this app. I just hate to be tricked, after installing and uploading they ask you to upgrade if you want to have more!

Kbe Anglers Hub
Emirados Árabes Unidos
2 meses usando o app
22 de outubro de 2017

Free option only allows you to have 3 images, if you want more... pay!!

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
3 de setembro de 2014

This app looked awesome at first, but worked and then didn't work. Froze and then was fixed. Support tried for two weeks to fix the lag time loading without success. Sometimes it would load, sometimes it would not. Today my slide show is GONE and disappeared for no reason. It looked like a great app, but bugs need to be worked out. So disappointed. I'm uninstalling for now.

Estados Unidos
27 dias usando o app
18 de agosto de 2022

The app is extremely slow, it added a 5s load time to my site (measured via many apps like GTMetrix & web.dev). Other users said the same but I had hoped it was improved. The support is atrocious. I raised a few bugs I was experiencing and received some questionable replies. I used the app for a few days and asked for a refund. Currently I am being denied the refund due to their 'policy', but given the app performs extremely poorly (including compared to other image sliders), I don't accept that they've delivered on what they're advertising. I'm still seeking a refund & will escalate to Shopify. Please beware this company - a poor product, and shady business practice(s). There are other sliders that perform extremely well & cost less. Your site will load seconds faster, and come with features like mobile users being able to slide the banner with their hand (not just arrows). More customization, and more!

Comfy Morning
2 dias usando o app
POWR.io deixou uma resposta 18 de agosto de 2022

Hi there,
Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback! We apologize for any inconvenience this experience has caused. Your concern has been shared with the POWR team, and have sent a reply to your email regarding your concern.
We truly appreciate your patience! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.