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Photo Gallery + Lookbook


Photo gallery, lookbook, Pinterest, lightbox & image gallery!

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Easily create customized product grids, user testimonial pages, lookbooks and press galleries while keeping your images protected.

Get 2x More Sales with Gallery

Showcase your best products Use built-in call-to-action buttons & links too! Add social sharing buttons so customers can share your images!

Save 50% Time

Half the amount of time you spend formatting images with a dynamic photo gallery with grid or collage layouts and automatic image resizing.

Acerca de Photo Gallery + Lookbook

Make your product and company images come to life with a beautiful, free Pinterest-style gallery or lookbook.

  • Upload photos to create a product grid gallery or lookbook, press galleries, a gallery for your team, or a user testimonial gallery.
  • Choose from several automatic image cropping styles and layouts so you don't have to manually crop/arrange individual images.
  • Add titles and caption text.
  • Use call-to-action buttons to direct users to another page.
  • Add alt text to each photo to optimize images for SEO.
  • Enable a lightbox popup slider to let customers take a closer look at your photos.
  • Add a ‘like’ button so visitors can like your images.
  • Text search to let users filter your gallery entries (photos) by keywords in the captions.
  • Highly customizable design: adjust spacing between gallery entries, choose ideal photo size, add borders, pick custom fonts for captions, and more.
  • Supports text in any language.
  • Mobile responsive on any device.
  • Get instant access to 50+ POWr apps, such as Social Feed for fresh content on your site and Popup for stellar landing page conversion to complement Media Gallery.

Getting Started with POWr:

POWr is easy to install and free to get started. Click on the button on this page to install the app. Create your Gallery, and add it to any page of your site within minutes.

Fast and Free Customer Support

If you have any questions or need help getting up and running, we’re here to help! Unlike most app providers we offer a Help Center for answers, free support and our awesome team are available 24 hours a day.

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  • YouTube,
  • Vimeo,
  • PayPal,
  • Google Document Viewer

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  • Social Share Buttons

  • SEO Alt Tags for Images

  • Lightbox Popup

  • Search Bar

  • Custom CSS+JS

  • ALL POWr plugins

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4.5 con 5 estrellas

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Vvög apps are super simple to understand how to set up and they always aesthetically fits my shops. Fast and efficient support team come with it.


For the first minutes I've used the app, I am already loving it. it's very easy to use and it gives your site a very contemporary look and feels

Mr Techpack

Looks great and it's nice and easy to use... from my first impressions. My first half hour is going well and i'm enjoying building test galleries. I'll swap over to the paid for sure and its clearly better than my current paid gallery app.