Pre‑Order Helper

Pre‑Order Helper

Wholesale Helper

Don’t miss out on additional revenue by offering Pre-Orders!

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Sell Before In Stock

Increase sales/revenue by selling preorder products when they're out of stock or before they're launched.

Manage PreOrders

No more complicated emails with customers to track pre-orders. Manage everything through the app!

Accept Wholesale Pre-Orders

Integrates with Wholesale Pricing Discount and Wholesale Order Form so your wholesale customers can pre-order too!

Pre‑Order Helper 정보

Pre-Order Helper is a must for your Shopify Store if you’d like to :

Enable your customers to pre order your products.

Don’t miss out on additional revenue and bookings by allowing your customers to Pre-order before a product is available!

Built to integrate with Wholesale Pricing Discount and Wholesale Order Form. 5 star support so email us if you have any questions or need any help!

New Features added July 2020!

Features * Set Pre-Orders for items out of stock or not available. Works with variants too! * No coding needed. Simple/Beautiful design widget to customize buttons, text, style, etc specifically for your brand * Pre-Order analytics dashboard to see ROI and $$$ generated from the app * Import/Export to enable pre-order for specific products and their settings (perfect if you have thousands of skus) * Pre-Order items in stock and Ship at a later date (ie perfect for wholesale buyers who want to place an order but have it be shipped/delivered at a later date) * Works on AJAX collection pages, quick view, etc * Integrates with Wholesale Pricing Discount and Wholesale Order Form so you can offer pre-orders for wholesale customers :) * Schedule when Pre-Orders can be active

We offer 5 star support so email or call if you need any help at all :)

Integrates with

  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Pricing Discount

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  • Allows pre-order on one product

  • Pre-order works on the collection page

  • Basic analytics



  • Allow pre-order on unlimited products

  • Pre-order works on the collection page

  • Import/Export product and variant settings

  • Basic analytics



  • All Basic Plan features

  • Allow items in stock to be pre-ordered

  • Allow customers to select the delivery date for pre-ordered products

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4.9 별 5개 중

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Urban Tots

This app is working great so far. It's very easy to set up and the customer service is excellent! They got back to me within 24hrs or less every time.


Pre-order from wholesale helper has helped tremendously with clients that wanted to place orders before stock arrived and potentially sold out. I use three other apps from wholesale helper and the others just like pre-order are easy to use and the support team is simply amazing. Thank you so much!


This app is awesome. It has transformed my B2B experience and my customers are absolutely pumped. The team at Wholesale helper are amazing, extremely prompt at assisting when I have troubles and are happy to customise anything I need at a super affordable rate. I will use Wholesale Helper apps any chance I get. Thanks you bloody legends!