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29. juli 2023

Works like a bag of shit, botched a launched of a product we were looking forward to launching and has issues when trying to access it within Shopify. Something about "Fortescue Pre-Order Sales is currently unsupported"

Trying to downgrade the payment, and it's taking me to some strange coding page instead.

Cirka en måned bruger appen
24. maj 2023

This is a really great app, but most importantly, the back-up service for actually getting this app up and running correctly on an older Shopify version has been outstanding and super fast (literally within a few hours of installation).

I could not recommend them highly enough - thanks Adam!

Drummers Paradise
En dag bruger appen
21. april 2023

Great App and very quick support to get it installed.

Trail Force
New Zealand
6 måneder bruger appen
16. marts 2023

Really fast response from their support team.

Quick and efficient assistance.

Highly recommend :)

3 måneder bruger appen
24. april 2023

I am so sorry to have to leave such a negative review but unfortunately this app created numerous issues in our store:

1) first it removed the "add to cart" button from all product listings so customers couldn't buy anything at all (lost revenue)
2) Adam was helpful in fixing this issue however, I later discovered that in addition, customers were unable to purchase subscription items for several weeks (yes, weeks) because the app also broke the subscription checkout (runs separately to Shopify checkout) upon installation (even more lost revenue and we also had to pay a developer to fix this)
3) our dev found in the back end that the code included a list of every single company who has previously downloaded this app - not great for privacy
4) trying to uninstall the app was problematic. Despite following all the instructions, each time you then opened the app in shopify to delete it, it kept reinstalling the code, hence creating all the same issues all over again and making it very challenging to delete.

Very disappointing, especially as I had read all the good reviews and whilst we appreciated Adam's assistance, we lost a significant amount of revenue - the issue with the app breaking the subscription checkout was unfortunately discovered during a huge promo push for subscriptions.... which customers then couldn't buy.... also impacting brand reputation.

I would say if you want to install this app, make sure you get your own dev to ensure these types of issues are addressed prior to launching any pre-order products, and also keep them on hand to fix all the post-installation issues which could arise.

18 dage bruger appen
18. marts 2023

This has got to be one of THE WORST apps I have ever used on Shopify! Once again, a customer placed an order that should have been a pre-order, but the app was malfunctioning, yet again.

I checked the app, and the majority of the toggles "Automatically Enable Pre-Order" are all switched off.

I switch them back on, and 2 hours later, some of them are off again, when they should be on.

I've missed sales because of this app! My customers are upset because they thought they were placing an order for an in-stock item.
I have a company to run. I do not have the time to keep checking this app to make sure it is functioning properly. I don't have time to keep emailing support. I've had to email support at least 3 times due to issues with the app. I've only been using the app for less than 3 weeks. The only good thing about this app is, the support team emails me back pretty quickly. But the app was stressful for me. I decided to uninstall it.

Brick Built
11 dage bruger appen
Magical Apps svarede 23. marts 2023

Hi Team,

We are sorry to hear that you were experiencing issues with our app.

Just to confirm, our feature to "Automatically Enable Pre-Order" is set with the toggle switch turned off. Only once your inventory reaches 0, this would automatically turn the toggle switch on, so there must have been some confusion around this.

We have reached out to discuss any issues to help.

Pre-Order Sales Team

14. april 2023

Just started using this app. Pretty buggy, No replies from support after 3 emails. Not sure I'm gonna keep it.

Deep Nerdd
Cirka 9 timer bruger appen
17. april 2023

Great customer service, Adam was very prompt in helping us set it up and the integration has been seamless.
Highly recommend.

Caye Collection
Cirka 9 timer bruger appen
27. juli 2022

A easy to use app that helps us to better manage our inventory and generate sales. Highly recommended!

Dr Noel's Mushroom Powder
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
14. oktober 2022

I used this app to have people pre-order made-to-order items and everything went smoothly! It was much easier to distinguish how many products to make versus demand.

Golden Hour Company
Mere end et år bruger appen