Precious Metal Editor

Precious Metal Editor

作成: AtelierJewel

Updates the price of your products based on the spot price



Sets the price of the product based on the metal price and your costs.

Metal alloy

Adjusts the price based on the metal alloy: 22k, 18k, 14k, for gold, platinum 950 and 900 within others.

Daily updates

Updates itself with the constant changes of metal prices.

Precious Metal Editorの詳細情報

In the jewelry world it is crucial to maintain small margins to be able to sell a lot more, that’s why it’s important taking the metal prices into consideration given that it is so fluctuating.

Keeping this in mind, we have developed an app that can assist many more jewelry stores by cutting down their expenses and time spent making detailed calculations over and over again for each and every different product. We know how time demanding developing a product can be, that’s why we wanna help you save some time and effort; Precious Metal Editor will eliminate this extra step and do it for you in a more consistent way.

Precious Metal Editor, an app that will allow you to select all the specifications about a product: the kind of metal (gold, silver, platinum), alloy, fixed costs (precious stones, labor, etc.), the weight in grams and the markup; and will come up with a more accurate selling price.

The best part about this app is that it is constantly updating your prices with the constant change of metal prices.

We obtain the prices from LBMA, given that it is the most standard and most used fixing in the metal world.

Some of the advantages that Precious Metal Editor will provide you with are:

  • Price of the products based on the metal prices in real time.
  • Set the margins for each product
  • Being able to work with the weight of each product.
  • Designate different characteristics for each variant of a product.
  • Simplify your workflow and productivity.
  • Automatize and cut down the time you spend updating each product.

Not only do we offer a Shopify App to update the prices of gold, silver and platinum in real time; we offer our experience and knowledge in the world of jewelry app development to provide your company with technical support and maintenance to the fundamental area of every business: product selling.

With your monthly subscription you will be able to:

  • Update your prices endlessly.
  • Set the prices for coins, bars, numismatics, ingots, jewelry and specialty items like watches.
  • Technical support and maintenance.
  • Define the alloy for each product and each metal.
  • Set the margin for each product and variation.

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  • LBMA,
  • Update prices,
  • Gold Price



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