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Editado a 15 de dezembro de 2022

This app does nothing that Shopify doesn't already do, they just call an unfulfilled order a pre-order. Just put Pre-Order in your item title and you can do everything this app does, only faster! You won't need to create an order!
I've been selling on-line with pre-orders without any app and Shopify makes it very simple to do. This app is not needed! But, at least it's free.

Heroes and Games
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 3 days
Questão respondida por Conversion Bear 14 de dezembro de 2022

As you said during our chat - "I am not wanting to put the item on-line to sell. Just have it available in the store front".

As you're not selling products on-line, you're right - there's no added value in using Preorder Bear in an offline, brick and mortar store.

Preorder Bear was built to serve merchants that sell on-line through their Shopify store.

For merchants who are selling products on-line, we provide the following powerful features:

- Automatically add custom attributes to the preordered product.
- Automatically tag the order with a "preorder" and one custom tag when the order is placed.
- Allow customers to sign up for back in stock email notifications.
- Automatically email customers when products are back in stock.
and more.

Shopify does not support any of the above out of the box.

These features are usually paid features, which Preorder Bear provides for FREE.

So far, thousands of merchants who use Preorder Bear have generated over $1,000,000 through our automated back in stock email notifications alone.

During our conversation, you made it clear you're not selling products online. As such, our support team offered an elaborate workaround solution for your use case.

It's unfortunate you decided to post misleading information about our app to hurt our business in return to our free, dedicated service.

8 de julho de 2022

The app Description said "Safe to install and fast to launch: Unlike other preorder apps, you don't need any developers or custom integration to launch your preorder option.
We do not inject any theme code. PreOrder Bear is safe to install and uninstall." and this is NOT TRUE!!! I spend more than 2 hours trying to make it work, and I never could because it DOES NEEDS developers or custom integration to launch the preorder option . I reach customer services, and they never answer. When I install an app in my store is because I need it now, not when the developers care to answer me.

KJTOGO Custom Design
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 43 minutes
Questão respondida por Conversion Bear 10 de julho de 2022

Thanks for the feedback.
We're sorry you feel this way about Pre-Order Bear.

Our pre-order button is built to replace add to cart buttons automatically. No theme code or scripts are added in your theme in order for the app to work. Following your message, I checked your specific theme and found it is using non-standard class names. The app includes a work around in this case, as explained in this video guide:

Your request for support was received in 4:26AM Saturday in our time zone - which is outside of standard business hours. I noticed the app was installed and deleted from your store within 43 minutes. This means we did not get a chance to respond to your questions or provide you with assistance.

Our team is always eager to help merchants setup and activate the app. We guarantee every message, email and ticket get a response in a timely fashion. We are also available through live chat 15h/day during business hours. Conversion Bear has more than 1000 five star reviews, I believe it shows how dedicated our support agents are - we are always happy to provide assistance, whether its a free app (like PreOrder Bear) or a paid one.

Our support team sent you a collaborator access request to handle the class names conflict with your theme. We can help you get this up and running within a few minutes. If you are still interested in using our free pre-order app, please follow the steps in your email to approve our request.

Sometimes things just don't go as expected (especially on non-standard themes) but I think we deserve a chance to help you fix the issue you had and provide you with a great service.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates and you will consider using PreOrder Bear for your business.

Kind regards,