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6 juin 2024

New unexpected costs - if you sell anything worth more than $20, do not get this app. They charge you for the app based on sales volume.

I sell products above $1000, and would be paying many hundreds of dollars per month for this.

3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
1 avril 2024

I could not figure out how to limit the number of pre-orders that can be placed, and when I tried to contact chat for support, the whole page errored out with a 500 error.

Jōsh Foods
Environ 15 heures d’utilisation de l’application
7 juin 2024

App isn't compatible with a-lot of websites, also customer service hasn't responded to one of my emails

27 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
6 septembre 2023

rubbish app, they claim setup in 2 minutes but unable to create preorder button even after trying it for more than 2 hours, also no quick response from chat support team in paid version if we want to explore extra things, we need to take permission from their team, what a rubbish thing"Rubbish app. They claim it can be set up in 2 minutes, but I was unable to create a preorder button even after trying for more than 2 hours. Additionally, there was no quick response from the chat support team in the paid version. If we want to explore additional features, we need to obtain permission from their team. bad experience.

The Trost
Environ une heure d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 20 février 2023

Really Shopify should verify these Apps, and ratings, how this one gets a 4.9 is beyond belief.
Absolutely awful App.
Dont waste your time or money installing this App.
All is does is check the "Continue selling" box on all products, and collections, if you don't want that feature you have to manually remove it, because the App wont.
They also have the front to criticise other Apps, well when you uninstall this one, it leaves code and pre-orders behind.
I'm off to download my stock file and reset all the "Continue selling" marks, then I'll start on cleaning out their code.
Caused me an awful lot of work, and they have the front to charge you for it.
The grammar on the collections page is poor, very poor.
Again don't waste your money.

Test Valley Models.com
19 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 5 décembre 2022

(UPDATED AFTER DEVELOPER’S REPLY) (The update is only a reply to their response on our original review and no changes have been made to our original review as we are sticking to our point and experience). This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced after using Shopify for over a year on multiple stores. The app conflicts with any BACK IN STOCK NOTIFICATION as it forces your product to sell when out of stock. It is not supposed to show misleading information, but it does. I have expressed this to the team, but their team kept manually uninstalling the app from our store from their end, which is very inappropriate and they did it so I cannot post a review as I told them you deserve a 1 star. I have confronted them but they uninstalled the app again and this is very childish. A complaint will be filled to Shopify as they should never uninstall the app just because they do not want me to give them a deserved bad review. I am Shopify merchant I get charged for this service and this violates my right. KINDLY FIND OUR RESPONSE TO THE DEVELOPER'S REPLY DOWN BELOW We are updating our review with regard to the developer’s reply (The update is only a reply to their response on our original review and no changes have been made to our original review as we are sticking to our point and experience). We are all merchants here so respect and professionalism are what control this business. Moreover, it is unfortunate that the app developers chose not to keep the same even of professionalism when addressing this matter. With respect the time of everyone reading this review kindly allow me to outline the following: 1- All merchants reserve their complete right of giving 5,4,3,2 or even one star and it reflects their own experience with a certain provided service and it does not reflect the whole world’s experience it is not a revenge a mentioned and we totally refuse this false accusation. On the other hand, this app developers’s main focus is how many stars they achieve they do not prioritize the service provided. They did ask other merchant to upgrade their review to 3 stars instead of 1. 2- Every customer’s experience is different. Having a 100 positive reviews doesn’t mean the negative review is false, it means the other 100 positive did not go through the same unfortunate experience. 3- Our theme is Shopify 2.0 approved and it does not have any external customized codes. Your app would conflict with all BACK IN STOCK apps as it automatically changes the status of the OUT OF STOCK product to IN STOCK. The meaning of BACKORDER or PRE-ORDER is that an order can be placed when it is out of stock and will be shipped when it is re-stocked, which means your app cannot state “IN STOCK’ on the product page while showing “BACKORDER” at the same time, which happened with us and we told you “We cannot mislead our customers.” As it breaks the transparency and shows false information on our store page which cannot be tolerated by any customer. 4- Your support agent indicated our representative was shouting even though the conversation took a place in a Chat Box not a phone call and this is highly inappropriate. 5- You have mentioned your support agent was nervous behind the screen, which confirms you have taken this personal and it is very unprofessional. Your agent is there provide “Customer Support” and being nervous is definitely no the responsible of the customer as it is a Chat-box and no one is able to identify any emotional or feeling behind the screen and that is out of the scope of conducting business. 6- You have un-installed the app while our representative was communicating with you without even informing or answering the concerns and we were trying to find a solution for your apps confections, which was very inappropriate. 7- You uninstalled the app because our representative implied that your support deserves a low review, which is our right to choose what suits our experience based on your provided service. You assumed our representative was a “he” even though you have not chatted with our representative enough to get accurate details and it is very inappropriate to assume their gender without verifying the information. You have insulted our representative and called them ‘Rude” just because they stated that the quality of the customer support provided them from your end was insufficient. At the end, our team has posted what reflects their experience without disrespecting anyone. Unfortunately your team members seem to be unable to ensure professionalism when conducting their customer service procedure and we will ensure other merchants do not go through same experience we have had.

43 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
Boss Apps a répondu 5 décembre 2022

For others reading this review, the experience with this customer has been very unfortunate. We uninstalled the app because we didn't wanted to hear his constant bullying messages and threats to our support agent.

Uninstalling the app can't prevent anyone to leave a bad review.

You can read our 100s of other reviews to see what kind of customer support we give.

He was using a custom theme and had some custom code in it, that directly clashed with our app. We support custom themes, and have even coded for people for free. But we need cooperation not threats.

Once a bluemoon it happens that our app can't work in a particular store. But he was not willing to listen. Called our app a mess. Nobody likes to be threatened. He literally made our chat agent Eva nervous, while she was just trying to do her job.

So that's why he gave us this 1 star to take some kind of revenge I don't know.

I really can't express how rude he was. It's unfortunate.

2 septembre 2022

I think set up is meant to be easy but the questions are odd! They make no sense if you have a store and only want a couple of items on Pre-order. So I contacted customer support who helped me choose A,B or C. App then froze and I could not delete! I contacted shopify to help because Panda customer service just stopped. Saw this as a sign. Sorry guys :(

Stoned Hilda
23 minutes d’utilisation de l’application