PreProduct next‑gen pre‑order

PreProduct next‑gen pre‑order

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The smarter way to launch products.

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Sell & test your next product

List your next product much earlier and start collecting pre-orders.

Communicate with customers

PreProduct's custom front-end wording, customer portals and email campaign lets you keep customers in the loop.

Charge when you're ready

Charge customers when you're ready. ‘pay later’, ‘pay now’ or both via deposits.

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You shouldn’t have to wait until stock hits your warehouse to list your next product.

PreProduct lets brands capture pre-orders for upcoming products at any point in the new product cycle. Allowing you to sell, gauge demand and re·coup cash quicker. For 'pay later' and 'deposit' based pre-orders, payment links are only sent out when you trigger them, so you’re completely in control (and legally compliant).


Why use PreProduct?

• Start making sales for future releases today.

• Improve cashflow by collecting revenue earlier and recouping cash quicker.

• Validate and gauge demand for future products. Also, split test different variants (colour etc).

• Only start charging when you're ready, whilst still capturing orders in the meantime.

• Manage inventory and purchasing in a more precise way.

• Lightweight on the front-end to keep your site's page speed fast.



• Supports 'charge now', 'charge later' & 'deposit-based' pre-orders.

• Customise your email campaign (includes dynamic variables).

• Payment links lead to your native checkout, pre-populated for a one-click transaction.

• Customer portals, where customers can monitor and update their pre-orders.

• Monitor & edit pre-orders in their own system, includes payment tracking.

• Customise front-end button widget and cart. Including colours, font, logo and header image.

• Headless code generator – receive pre-orders from outside of your Shopify store. Whether that's a WordPress blog, affiliate site or a headless e-commerce store.

• Option to collect a deposit for pre-orders up front, then the rest of payment later.

• Set shipping dates, discounts and other customer-facing information.

• Accept multiple variant/quantity pre-orders.

• List specific variants and set max order limits.

• Segment sending payment links at both the variant and individual customer level.

• Crowdfunded pre-order listings, where a minimum order total can be communicated.

• Integrates with Shopify and the native inventory/order/checkout system.

• Set front-end translations across multiple languages.

• Set a 'success URL' to forward customers too.

• Optional automations - Including weekly pre-order reports, email opt-in and payment link automations.


Pre-order stages:

'Capture only' - Just order and customer details are captured. A ‘thank-you email' is sent at the time of pre-order.

'Charge & capture' - When ready, the store triggers payment links, so previously captured pre-orders receive a payment link email and future pre-orders receive one straight away (as well as being sent to checkout at time of pre-order).

'Not-a-pre-order' - Eventually the pre-order is ended, so it can be a standard ‘buy it now’ Shopify listing.

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  • Unlimited listings
  • Charge customers when you're ready
  • Customise your front-end & email campaign
  • Customer portals
  • Deposits



  • Perfect for Shopify Plus stores
  • All of Growth features
  • Priority support (including Zoom consultations)

Platinum Plus


  • Our top plan that has all of the features
  • Developer support (4 hour p/m quota)

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Avaliações mais recentes

Endless Blading Co.

I've been having such great success using this app that I decided to install it for a second business I have. It's such a useful tool to quantify product demand and set customer expectations, especially during this current era of supply chain shortages and logistics uncertainties. By having moneyless pre-orders I can make long-term forecasts for demand and place orders with my vendors accordingly. If customers decide to cancel their pre-order I don't have to eat the loss of merchant fees like I would with other pre-order apps. I've made number of feature requests and the developer, Oli, has been super responsive and receptive. He always responds to my emails very promptly (usually within a day) and has gone out of his way to help me get my store up and running with some style tweaks. That level of service is why it was a no-brainer for me to install the app for store #2. If you are looking for a flexible way to take pre-orders with deposits or no money up front, then look no further then this very clever app!


Total Newbie here! First time building a e-com store and I needed to get some Pre-Production sales and interest-churn before full production of my product. This was exactly what I needed and it worked. I was able to set it up myself and it worked really well across mobile and desktop. Honestly, the best part was the support. When I had questions, the Pre-Product team answered emails so quickly I was able to troubleshoot on the fly. 10/10 will use again!

NEXT Boatworks LLC Store

PreProduct first off fills a big need, to have the ability to pay for part of a purchase up front inside the Shopify storefront. But beyond that, this app has some of the best customer service I've seen. Any of our problems, requests, or inquires have been addressed quickly and addressed well—can't say enough about the support team! Overall, have had a great experience with an app that does exactly what it needs to do and with a great team in the back end to boot.