Press Kit Panda

Press Kit Panda

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Increase publicity with your own professional press kit

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More publicity = more sales

Generate more publicity, which will drive more traffic to your store, which will generate more in organic sales!

Create your own in 5 mins

No designer & or developer needed. Create your own beautiful press & media kit, without additional help or expertise!

Packed with useful features

Every single thing you need to promote your brand & showcase your incredible products. Educate bloggers & drive more sales!

有關 Press Kit Panda

Build your own professional press & media kit and online newsroom in under 2 minutes.

Press Kit Panda is the fastest way to create an online press kit & newsroom for your store - no coding or designer required!

This app provides bloggers, journalists, and regular consumers everything they need to know to write about your business.

Packed with useful features:

  • Company timeline: showcase milestones in your company's history.
  • Company overview: explain what your company does, your story, & how your business started.
  • Spotlight: showcase the products you're most proud of.
  • Contact: company representative the media can reach out to.
  • Testimonials: add noteworthy testimonials from your happy customers.
  • Social media links: add your social media links.
  • Awards: include any awards or special mentions about your company or products.
  • Press coverage: include notable mentions in the press.
  • Press releases: help the media spread the word about your company's special moments.
  • Images: images & logos that can be used by the media.

  • Mobile friendly.

  • Matches the design of your store.

  • No developer or designer required.

More publicity = more sales Generate more publicity, which will drive more traffic to your store, which will generate more in sales, leaving you with increased revenue & a larger customer base.

Raising your public profile is a no-brainer Having online articles link to your store can help boost your SEO (helping to increase that sweet, sweet organic traffic). PLUS: more opportunities for social proof that'll help increase your conversion rates.

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Forever Free


  • Your own press & media kit
  • Write about your history
  • Shine the spotlight on your key products
  • Add media contacts
  • Display coverage & socials

Premium Newsroom

每月 $9.99

  • Promote your company's milestones with Company Timeline
  • Publish your press releases
  • Add up to 10 contacts & 10 spotlights
  • Remove branding

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This app is excellent for all your press kit needs. This was the only free version that I could find which fit my needs and as my business grows I'll be upgrading to the paid version. Their support team is very responsive too.



Thanks so much for your review! We're always happy to help and our team is here for any questions you might have. I look forward to seeing your business scale!