One Click Checkout + Countdown

One Click Checkout + Countdown

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Auto redirect to checkout on Add to Cart + Discount Timer Icon

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One Click Checkout Button

Enable auto redirect to checkout on Add to Cart. Whenever a customer adds a product to cart they will be redirected to checkout page.

Floating Checkout

Enable floating checkout icon that will provide a quick link to checkout if the customer has any products in his cart.

Discount Countdown Timer

Include an optional discount countdown timer in floating checkout to create a sense of urgency to customers.

À propos de One Click Checkout + Countdown

One click checkout floating icon for your store with Discount countdown timer. It's a simplest way to get more customers to reach checkout and complete purchase.

Our app makes it super easy for customers to go to checkout page when they add a new product to cart or already have items in their cart.

Once you enable Quick Checkout Button with countdown timer, we guarantee you would see a higher conversion rates.

What are the main benefits for you?

  1. Reduced abandonments after "Add to Cart" click as customers can directly reach checkout page with one click.
  2. More percentage of people reach checkout page and provide details like email, phone so you can reach out to them to complete purchase.
  3. Better Conversion due to urgency caused by discount countdown timer.
  4. Better User Experience for Customer due to faster checkout flow.

Skip To Checkout

A simple one click floating checkout icon that appears if customer has items in cart which takes customer directly to the checkout page.

Discount Countdown timer

You can enable countdown checkout timer which will show timer within the floating checkout icon to create a sense of urgency for customers to quickly complete checkout. You can include a discount code so that, customers are tempted to click on the floating icon and reach checkout page.

24/7 Support

We will always guide you if you need a helping hand. The app is easy to set up, but please feel free to talk to us through chat support within the app dashboard or send an email.

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Avis les plus récents

The ifferentstore

Works as described. Configure a unique link for each product with quantity. User is redirected to checkout page after he lands on the website based the link.


Doesn't work... it will link to CART and not CHECKOUT (sometimes it links to cart and then redirects to CHECKOUT after 5 seconds)

The Smart Wallets

The app does what it says. I use this app to create checkout links with custom units and discount coupon code and use these links in other apps and emailers