Pretty Product Pages

Pretty Product Pages

開發者:Appify IVS

Highlight product features & benefits on product pages

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Highlight Product Features

Display product features and benefits on product pages in minutes. Persuade customers that it is a must-have product.

Sell more

Visually stunning product pages will make your brand stand out, higher your conversion rate and ultimately make you sell more.

Flexible Management

Manage each feature individually. Assign to individual products, collections or all products. Unlimited designs. No coding skills required.

有關 Pretty Product Pages

Adding feature boxes to a website gives visitors a quick and easy way to see the benefits of a particular product or service.

Improve your product pages UI/UX and sell more.

We made 'Pretty Product Pages' so you easily and beautifully can highlight product features on existing product pages. Shopify's existing product pages are good but text heavy. This means that your product features will drown with the rest... Not with Pretty Product Pages. Make your product features stand out, and increase your conversion rate.

Unlimited Designs

We don't limit how many designs you can make. Make as many as you need. We understand that different products has different features and benefits.

Flexible Management

Choose exactly what products to show specific features on. You can manage each feature individually and assign it to individual products, collections or all products with on click. Maximal flexibility

Keep existing product pages

Your features will display on your existing product pages. Choose to put it under or above the product page description.

Good for SEO

Our app will keep Shopify's good SEO practices, because you keep their product page. Google is already ranking your existing product pages. Don't lose this rank by creating a whole new product page.

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5.0 5 顆星

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GUAM Beauty

Brilliant idea! makes product information benefits so much easier to read. Daniel is very responsive.


was contacted by the developer to organise the app but unfortunately didnt work out, as we just couldnt agree on giving backend access.



Hi there,

First of all thanks for trying out the app.

The app works with every theme, but since all themes are different and many are customised the automatic installation does not work with all stores.

The snippet is freely available in the app itself, the problem is without seeing your code, I wouldn't be able to tell you where to insert it.

I'm sorry that you prior had a bad experience with a different developer. I always make sure not to tinker with any of my merchants code.

I find the review a bit harsh since i did everything i could to help you.

Anyways best of luck with you store in the future :)

You're welcome back anytime.


Break Time

Very easy to use app that is really enhancing the look of our product pages. The code was not automatically installed for my theme, but Daniel literally replied to my request for help in minutes and did the manual installation where I wanted it. Great support, cool app if you want to have cool product pages!