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19. august 2023

This app doesn't work. I used it for months and figured out that all my content, and I mean all my content, was stolen. For what do I need this useless app? I asked for help, but nobody answered my request. I definitely can't recommend this app.

Mere end et år bruger appen
30. maj 2022

Perfect App! Super fair priced. Been using it for almost a year now, without any issues. Best of all, it DOES NOT SLOW DOWN your website. Thank you for this great app.

Næsten 3 år bruger appen
31. oktober 2021

Nice app. Used for almost 1yr. Nice app. Used for almost 1yr. Nice app. Used for almost 1yr. Nice app. Used for almost 1yr.

Næsten 2 år bruger appen
3. maj 2022

I had to leave another anti-theft app because they moved from the Shopify App store. It took some time to find another of that quality or better. As you can see I did! AntiCopy is a fantastic app. You should get this one for your store!

Crystal Fizzy
Mere end et år bruger appen
Redigeret 26. juni 2019

I recently found over 100 of my products being sold on another website. The thieves stole images and product titles. As I begin to look for apps to help curb this behavior, I came across this app. Wow, for the price, I think it is a great deterrent. Sure, if a thief is really determined, they will pull out all stops. But I think this awesome app offers many features that will force thieves to work hard to commit their copyright infringements. I have installed it on three of my stores, complete with the in-code script and so far, I'm loving it!

Cirka et år bruger appen
Redigeret 25. maj 2022

Best 1 dollar I'm spending on app subscription by far. Super app. It does more than 2-3 security apps combined. (2 months later) still the best 1 dollar I can ever spend. Also helps me with google Ad by blocking all non-targeted countries.

Umami Food Studio
2 måneder bruger appen
1. juni 2021

Didn't wait until my trial ended to upgrade, best $1.00 per month you can spend, so far performs excellent, easy install.

Sage Brush Gun Dogs LLC
27 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 9. februar 2020

Very easy to install and it works. Even pressing Ctrl U to reveal source code doesn't work, so basically no-one can scrape content from my site. Great stuff! The Original Tea Company.

The Original Tea Company
19 dage bruger appen
9. september 2021

Amazing App! Lighting fast costumer service, right to the point and courteous! Thank you very much Kiet!
Incomparable value for money! A must have in my opinion!

High House Design
10 dage bruger appen
28. april 2023

Although the app is supposed to block the selected countries that a person chooses, it is not working for us. We have reached out a couple times and they have told us it's working fine. In my Shopify Analytics Report Sessions, the countries I have blocked are viewing our products as well as our collections. It does not come up as a "404" that it is set to. This is very disappointing.
The Anti-Copy seems to be working except keep in mind that a person can still take a screenshot with their mobile device to capture the information.

Bound in Stitches
2 måneder bruger appen