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4 de fevereiro de 2024

It may or may not do what it says it will do, I didn't get that far with this app. Installed just fine but that's where the hiccups begin. Switching between setup up tabs and back to the first tab makes first tab not render; have to totally refresh the page.

There is no user manual/instruction guide (included or online via forums, Q&A, other - I looked) and some of the directions given in app are ambiguous/unclear. Attempted to set up counter offer only to get error message that amount must "be in excess" of autoaccept percent.

Directions read like you would setup percentile to 15% [of total price] auto and then 10% [of total price] counter; this is how I got the error message. This tells me I probably need to put the reverse figures in - 85 [of total price] auto and 90 [of total price] in counter field (which would be in excess of auto and should eliminate error message).

I don't know... maybe I was right the first time and my figures were just screwy and needed to be 15 and then 20. I don't know and I am not confident in my understanding of the app to risk use.

Using this app will ultimately affect my bottom and the whole situation is just too "shaky" for me to trust. If it's this confusing on the first setup tab I don't even want to mess with the other three. Uninstalled and sourcing another app....

Eclectic Hunter
Estados Unidos
About 23 hours usando a aplicação
15 de junho de 2023

Seems like exactly what I need, could not get to work. I run a used car parts website and would like to give people the opportunity to make offers. Looking for more options, but this blanket solution is what I would like. Hopefully they get it working so I can fix my review.

Estados Unidos
About 2 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TraVex Digital 18 de janeiro de 2024

Hey RX7Parts
Thank you for the feedback.
Can we get in touch with you so we could see what problem did you run in to?

We were trying to get in touch with you through the chat at rx7parts.com