EasyPrice: Price Per Unit

EasyPrice: Price Per Unit

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Display the unit price of your products

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Easily display unit prices

Display the price per unit of your products on the product page, or on the collection pages

Calculation is built in

Set either the price per unit, or units per product of any of your products. The app will calculate the rest

Fast and easy access

Access the unit pricing settings page quickly and easily for any of your products

Su EasyPrice: Price Per Unit

Display per unit pricing

Price per unit is the easiest, fastest, and best supported app to display the price per unit on any of your products. You can input information either as:

  • A price per unit ($ / unit)
  • Units per product (how many units is in a given product)

The app will calculate exactly what number to display, and automatically show it to your customers on the product page.

You can also display per-unit prices on collection pages. In order to do that, you'll need to insert a snippet of code into your theme. Worry not - it's easy, fast, and there's a detailed tutorial on how to do it.

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Any way we can get some help. I emailed and got no response. the app is not working and we would need some help. please email us

Reliance Trading Corporation

We have a customised wholesale store/theme and this makes it difficult to implement any new Apps and have them work out of the box. The support team has gone beyond to help me get the App working as we need it, which includes implementing things that the App was not designed to do. We are still working through a small customisation to make this exactly what we require.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

20 luglio 2020

Hi -

Sorry you didn't receive our emails! You should have received a response to every inquiry you sent. We've tried to get in contact with you regarding this review in case you still have this problem, please reach out to support@cashflowtechnologies.xyz.


Pro Ad Co, Inc.

Extremely helpful support in resolving an issue. I had a suggestion for the developer and they took my suggestion and made it happen. Excellent - app works great!!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

14 luglio 2020

Hi - Sorry you're having issues with the trailing zero, we're looking into that now. For support, I can't find any emails from you besides the one we answered right when you installed. Please reach out to support@cashflowtechnologies.xyz and we'll usually respond within a day. Happy to help with whatever problems you're having