NA Bulk Price Editor

NA Bulk Price Editor

Built for Shopify

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This is a great app that works exactly as advertised. It is extreamly helpful for setting up sale price changes. the interface for selecting products is user friendly. The one thing that I do wish that it had is the ability to set the timezone for the price change. I have staff in a different timezone so when they set up a sale we would need them to calculate what time it would be in their timezone.

使用應用程式 11個月

Works great, super easy to use and plenty of options. It's really convenient to be able to schedule a lot of products prices to change all at once and have it revert after a sale automatically.

Chuds BBQ
使用應用程式 7個月

We highly recommend this NA Bulk Price Editor app, because we do not have time to waste dealing with spreadsheets (going back & forth, etc.) for a specific issue as in grouping products by price range in order to add percentages (bulk). Without the app, there is a process of 6 lengthy steps. Uh uh!? Nope!? The NA Bulk Price Editor cut the lengthy steps completely out & put us right where we wanted to be - We asked Chris a few questions via email & he gave us the most simple instructions along with a visual image to better comprehend. As suggested by him, we completed the task in less than 30 minutes. This app was faster than spreadsheets & even better, we saved so much time. There is a very cool feature, the one click. *Mind Blown* Expect the best customer service. Seriously, he responded in lightening speed. He had the time & patience and that meant a lot!? Thank you sososo much, Chris!? So, what are you waiting for?! Install the NA Bulk Price Editor app & watch the magic happen!?

Pawsitively Pets
使用應用程式 14天

Amazing app when you need to change the price of many products at one moment. Works fine, has all the settings you need, you can make several changes at once. Discounts load fast to the frontend.

使用應用程式 大約3年

Chris was absolutely amazing and so very helpful! He also kept in touch and replied super fast! such amazing service I am very thankful!

Eighteen Plus Clothing
使用應用程式 大約1年

Really great simple app that solves an important need at a fair price without bulking up the app with bells and whistles. I needed something that would let me run sales easier. I have no idea why Shopify doesn’t do this kind of thing but I so appreciate this simple app with the free functionality that lets me do this simple task of changing the price and compare-at price for multiple products at once without getting into spreadsheet uploading. The scheduling it incorporates makes it perfect for this need too. This app solves - what I would consider - a bug in Shopify and adds a simple scheduling feature to make it the perfect solution. Thanks for making this app :)

The Victoria Sampler
使用應用程式 1天

Chris from Northern Apps answered my pre-sale questions clearly and in a friendly manner. He even took the time to answer my questions on a Sunday!

使用應用程式 3個月

Amazing support and the app works better than any other pricing app we've tried.

使用應用程式 大約1個月

Highly recommend this app! Works great every time and is an easy and efficient way to bulk edit several products.

Ash & Clay Prints
使用應用程式 4個月

I love the app, and recommend it! Everything of a pretty complicated price change on our website of 100+ products went well, it was the first time I used it, it's easy to understand and run. I think it saved me at least 20 hours of work!

The Organic Wine Store
使用應用程式 大約1個月