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The app worked perfectly fine for us for our Cacao Friday campaign (doubled prices, reversed prices after 24h). Super easy to use and with a nice price preview to double check everything is set right. We will use the app again for upcoming campaigns.

Garçoa Chocolate
使用應用程式 5天

I have used this app to change a lot of product variants which would have taken me forever. No issues so far apart from tags sometimes not showing but as soon as I contacted support they cleared the cache and it worked fine. Support is looking to fix the tag issue also. So glad to have found this app and customer service is first class!

使用應用程式 3個月
Northern Apps 已回覆 2021年6月19日

Thanks so much for the review - makes my day to hear that Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler is saving you time! We're definitely looking to make sure that new tags are available in the app right away!

Edit: Good news - the change to make new tags available right away has now been completed!


Easy to use. It was able to bulk discount prices, and revert them, in just a minimal amount of time. Definitely a must have, if you want to eliminate the need for coupon codes and have the sale price automatically displayed.

The Rug Store
使用應用程式 4天

This is a nice app for the job, was looking for something similar. hope to use it further and longtime

使用應用程式 4天

Getting ready for black friday and this app will save me so much time! highly recommended! Thank you so much!

使用應用程式 3天

This app is amazing!!!! I used it to change over my prices on my website and found it so easy and useful.

Its definitely worth using if you need to change a bulk of products. Nice 1 software developers!!!!

Heaven Scent Ave
使用應用程式 3天

We found it very difficult to find an app which suited our unique business - we are very specific with our needs for product discounts. We run multiple discounts at once with prices reverting to the original price prior to having discounts added at different times on different days every week. Originally this product worked but was a little difficult to manage with the volume of discounts that we have. On contacting Chris and explaining our situation he took our suggestions and made some changes. Now this product is so much easier for us due to the volume of discounts and can be seen quickly and easily. Chris was so amazing to deal with. I believe the modifications that have just been implemented takes this app to the next level when using it with Shopify for scheduling product discounts.

Clever Cookie Academy
使用應用程式 2個月
Northern Apps 已回覆 2021年9月5日

I'm really happy that Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler was able to meet the needs of your business! Thanks so much for the review!


This app is very good. It has all the options you need to get to the price that you would set if you did it by hand. It has a reverting option too so you can even go back when you made a wrong setting.

SlimSpul nederland b.v.
使用應用程式 2天

Exactly what I needed! There's no need for any other discount app. The app has all features you need to schedule pricing discounts. Works perfect for Black Friday markdowns on my store, which is really large!

使用應用程式 2天

Great app, Thank you. It's above all other apps that we tried and it's completely free. Great job again.

使用應用程式 2天