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We had a price change coming up on over 1400 product/variations on our website and NA Bulk Price Editor was amazing! We scheduled the change (in our own time zone which was fabulous!), and it went off without a hitch. One thing we did learn though was if you have several collections with price changes, to stagger them as scheduling them all to happen at once meant it took a long time for the changes to happen. But we received emails advising the price changes went through and found this app simple and intuitive to use, especially when compared with other price change/sale apps we have tried. Hiighly reccomended!

Popping Candy
使用應用程式 5個月

Epic customer support.
If I could give 6 stars I would.
Chris is a legend.
App works well especially with Shopify markets

使用應用程式 4個月

They have the best customer support, i accidentally went over the free trial period without knowing and was charged for the basic plan, and when i asked for a refund the explained the entire situation to me. Despite it being my fault they still got me a refund, they were extremely nice about it, especially Chris. by far the best customer support!

使用應用程式 14天

I recently came across this amazing app, It's nothing short of a game-changer. This app has the remarkable ability to turn what used to be a full day's worth of work into a matter of minutes.

使用應用程式 3個月

All I can say is thank you!
I had the bright idea of adding the price strikeout discount feature to my site 6 hours before our Black Friday Sale went live and lets just say i made an absolute mess of it. I had discounts loaded in Shopify and in the app and the same products in different offers. It was ugly! I reached out for support and within an hour Chris had come back to me. Found my problem, resolved it and the show goes on!

I can't thank Chris enough and if you for an app for sales or need to change bulk pricing quick, you have found what you have been looking for here!

Brendan - Salti People

使用應用程式 1天

I definitely like the app, it really saved me a lot of time compared to me doing it myself. A task that would take me a couple days to complete, only took an hour at best to finish with this app. A game changer for sure!

Dvyne Balance
使用應用程式 15天

This app had exactly what I was looking for. Many other apps that schedule sales don't allow you to adjust each individual price manually, and this one had that feature. Also the prices are fair for this app, and a free version that works well for smaller startup stores too.

Qubik Furniture
使用應用程式 1天

Worked great for our BFCM sale! Seamless with no issues.

Waggle Golf
使用應用程式 2個月

This app works great and has saved me a lot of time! Highly recommended.
I used this app to bulk edit over 100 prices that I’d have otherwise had to manually change.

使用應用程式 3個月

Considering the amount of listings and variant on our website, I honestly thought there was no chance of an app being able to get that specific, but this app did it! Chris went above and beyond in helping me navigate & troubleshoot, I cannot say enough about how patient & helpful he was. I would highly recommend this app.

Belinda Nadwie
使用應用程式 4天