NA Bulk Price Editor

NA Bulk Price Editor

Built for Shopify

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Great App, Allowed me to set sale prices and revert them on a certain date and time. I would recommend for owners wanting to put on a sale in their store.

B.Lauren Designs
使用應用程式 14天

This is a very simple to use app that allows me to set it and forget it, so to speak, when it comes to our monthly sales on select products. My job just got much easier. Thanks for developing this much-needed resource!

Betsy's Health Foods
使用應用程式 14天

This app is wonderful! It allows me to change prices in bulk without it taking forever on the back end of my Shopify store. I can have sales on products every week without it being a big deal. It has saved me so much time already and there are several ways I can change the prices which has be super helpful.

Cara Elaine Art & Gifts
使用應用程式 14天

Exceptional app backed by fantastic customer service. It has every feature we needed, worked flawlessly, and Chris was able to overcome a conditional logic issue we were having.

This is a far superior option to the Shopify discounting code system and the best of all the other flash sale apps we've tried.

Can't fault it.

Kooringal Australia
使用應用程式 11天

great app, super customer service that helped me fast and was efficient. Thank you ! I recommend it !

L'eau du feu
使用應用程式 11天

The best app we ever installed. The app understands the limitation that Shopify has and it uses the compare-at-price parameter with the price parameter to set precise discounts. The scheduler works perfectly. It literally saved us days of work since 600 items did not need the price change to be calculated and input by hand. If you have a lot of campaigns with percentage discounts this is the way to go. Cupon codes are crap in Shopify. This is way more versatile.

使用應用程式 9天

This application should be installed by every webshop owner! It is super easy to use and does exactly what it promisses. Bulk price changes from every angle and very quick as well. Excellent feed back for all your actions and a sales/service support that is truly extraordinairy. We are impressed and highly recommend this application.
使用應用程式 8天

Easy app. It helped me do strike-through pricing on a few products where nothing else was working. Thank you!

使用應用程式 7天

Easy peasy! This app was super easy to set up and use. We were able to schedule a repricing to go live at a later time. It had all the features we needed and customer service was great too!

The Lovery
使用應用程式 5天

The app worked perfectly fine for us for our Cacao Friday campaign (doubled prices, reversed prices after 24h). Super easy to use and with a nice price preview to double check everything is set right. We will use the app again for upcoming campaigns.

Garçoa Chocolate
使用應用程式 5天