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This App is awesome! Being able to schedule price drops in bulk is such a time saver! When I reached out for help, Chris went out of his way, over and beyond to help me out! Amazing app and even better customer service! I'd give 10 stars if I could! ;)

Our Families Attic
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I used this app to increase prices on 90+ products at one time. I was able to raise prices across the listings by a certain percentage, I was able to review the changes, and even had that ability to end the prices in .95. I like this app a lot. Has a lot of functionality, and is very easy to understand and use. I will be adding it to my other website as well.

Cox Ranch Supply
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I used this app for a quick Black Friday sale. Needed a start date and end date with pricing set to return as before the sale. Easy to install, seamless integration and works just as advertised. Great product

AVR Import Specialties
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this app is the one I was looking for. It's really helping me to doing my business. I can edit bulk price and set up schedule for discount promotion. I highly recommend to use this app.
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Great App. It saves hours or work and the straight forward instructions made it very easy to use.

The Toy Wagon
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This is the best price changer app on the market, its free, easy to use, what else ? Thanks a lot ! :)

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I used this app to change all my prices on my website so I could then offer free shipping. It worked perfectly and was easy to use and well laid out. I will definitely be using again.

Pink Minx Lingerie
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The app is delivers what it promises! I got the job done in 5 minutes. I recommend it and the support is super responsive too

使用應用程式 大約13小時

With more SKUs than we know what to do with, using the app to have our Black Friday sale ready to go was a game-changer. Bought for our other shop with less SKUs just for the ease of setting-and-forgetting a sale.

PHNX Locker
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Northern Apps 已回覆 2021年11月23日

Thank you for your review! I'm really happy to hear that the app has helped you automate your sales process!


I've downloaded it today and did a price change of about 500 variants. Worked really well. I like the Preview bit at the bottom where you can see what's going to happen to your price change. Also, like the Rounding Up or Down of the cents. I had to ask one question, and I got an immediate reply.

Paulas Home & Living
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