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The app works great for the features they have. It has a clear view of everything I want to see and works like it should.

Best part is that the service is super fast. When something does not work correctly or I have a question it gets fixed within a few hours so we can continue and don’t have to worry.

Round music
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The main reason we use PriceMole is because they have excellent support. The PriceMole team goes above and beyond to fix issues when they arise. For example, they worked with our team to diagnose and fix a known Shopify API error. They are attentive to our needs and always promptly reply to our comments, feedback, and questions. We highly recommend PriceMole for competitor price tracking, dynamic pricing & automated pricing.

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PriceMole已回复 2024年1月27日

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a wonderful 5-star review. Your feedback means a lot to us.

We are happy to hear that you find our support to be excellent. Providing exceptional support is one of our top priorities, and we are committed to going above and beyond to assist our partners. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

At PriceMole, we strive to be attentive to our partners' needs and ensure that we promptly address comments, feedback, and questions. Your recommendation for competitor price tracking, dynamic pricing, and automated pricing is greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your kind words and for choosing PriceMole. We are always here to support you and provide the best solutions for your pricing automation needs.

Best regards,
PriceMole Support Team


The app itself works well and was seamless to install. Support and onboarding has been fantastic. The tool works and we have not run into any issues. IMO the price is fair all things considered.

Very pleased with everything.

Voyage Luggage
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Great support comes with this app. Do not hesitate to hit them up if you have any question or concern, they are happy to spend some time on the phone with you to assist proper setting up the application. The app itself works well after you set it up properly. Satisfied overall.
Pricing however could've been more generous, say up to 500 products at $99 would be more reasonable.

The Craft Drinks Store
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PriceMole已回复 2023年7月18日

Hi Paul, thank you so much for sharing how the PriceMole Team helped you set up and automate your competitor price monitoring. We strive to deliver the best price-tracking automation on the market! Please reach out anytime you need us to help!


I have been very satisfied with PriceMole. Their customer service is quick and helpful, and they have been willing to answer all my questions and provide a service that is unique to my Shopify store. Plus, their app works well in scraping websites for prices. Overall, I am happy to have found and work with them.

Health Orchard
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PriceMole已回复 2023年7月18日

Thank you, John, for sharing your experience! We are so glad PriceMole helps you create your custom website with automated competitor scraping and the PriceMole Competitor Widget! We are always happy to help, and please feel free to reach out anytime.


We were new to Shopify and having a hard time pricing every item from suppliers manually taking up too much time in our day. However we wanted to see if something existed for automated pricing that could help. We found Pricemole, which is great just that its overpriced at $99 limited to only 100 skus and $499/month for 5000 skus. Works but isn't recommended for start-ups or beginners with no funding.

Scented Royalty
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This App does precisely what it says it will, however the service and support goes way above! I'm totally sold on using Pricemole to ensure my business is always competitive. We have over 2000 Line items and Pricemole can keep track of these and file easy to read/digest informative updates of what's been going on with prices without my need to keep watch.
Highly recommend this App for everyone except my competitors.

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PriceMole已回复 2023年7月18日

Steve, thank you for the awesome review! We consider ourselves lucky to have customers like you who help up develop and improve the best automated price monitoring tool. It’s great to hear about how easy the PriceMole app is to use and that it delivers fast and accurate competitor tracking and automated repricing! We wish you the best of success! Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do for you!


We have been using this App for over 2 years now and it works. After trying so many I would definitely recommend this one. Their response to complaint is swift and they even offered us a gift card when the effect of Covid-19 was quite challenging in 2020. Jay and Angela, keep up the good work.

HOG Furniture
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We have been using pricemole for about a year and it has been a wonderful experience. The pricemole team has worked tirelessly to address issues with sites that we track and in some cases has even manually refreshed data for us when the sites we track made major dom and structural changes so we wouldn't lose out on sales. Being in technology ourselves we outsourced this functionality to pricemole because we know how challenging it can be to track dom changes on sites we don't control and have them manifest into deterministic pieces of data on our retail channels. We would recommend pricemole to anyone looking to track in stock/out of stock, pricing, etc...

21 Stages Cycling
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PriceMole is a tool that helps me to keep track of my prices, which is really helpful for my business. When I first started out, I would have to keep a spreadsheet on hand to make sure that I was pricing my products correctly. As I've gotten busier, this became a lot more difficult. With PriceMole, I can constantly track competitors' prices and I can set my own prices accordingly. The best part about PriceMole is that it is updated automatically so I don't have to worry about manually updating prices. The customer service at PriceMole is the best I have ever experienced. I am always able to get my questions answered and I feel supported. They are quick to respond and are very helpful. I love the product and am so glad I found this company.

Kinky Toy Store
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PriceMole已回复 2020年1月19日

Andreas, Thank you so much for this great 5-star review.  We really appreciate you being a loyal customer and helping to share the word about us.  We’re looking forward to working together again in the future!