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Terrible app. Only works half the time, developer doesn't even respond anymore. At this point, I take the lack of communication as admission that they know it doesn't work. Too many times I have lost out on profits and this app has set my price at my cost plus shipping when my competitors go out of stock numerous times. Also, 20% of all products tracked ended up having different tracked prices than the price on the site being tracked. Sent an inquiry, no response. The "remove item" when competitors are out of stock sets the quantity you have in stock to 999 instead of removing it which makes zero sense. I doubt anyone who actually uses this app really reviewed it. Literally lost thousands and none of my concerns get addressed.

Filthbomb Breaks
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PriceMole已回复 2021年4月5日

I am sorry to hear you haven’t been able to contact our support, that seems to be unusual. May I ask how you are trying to reach out to our support? Usually, we get back to all queries from our Partners within a business day. In either case, I would be happy to have our team look at the issues you mentioned having!
PriceMole is dedicated to supporting our Partners over the last 4 years since we’ve launched, and we always aim to offer a range of support options.
1) If you are having a particular issue with any URLs you can report them from within PriceMole and leave a description of your issue. Our support team gets notified immediately and usually resolves or responds within a few hours.
2) If have a question or prefer to discuss any other inquiries, please forward us a message at or use the built in contact form in Shopify and we’ll have a team member get back to you shortly!
We would really like to discuss your feedback and discuss and how we can help address them!


When sales people forget the 2 months for free discount, I get pissed off. They charged me right away the full amount. The app makes no sense. You need to manually add the SKU URLs to the app. The comeptition does it automatically for you. We have at least 3000 SKUs I want to monitor. At least offer some kind of upload for free. No thanks

Minasari Home
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PriceMole已回复 2022年1月8日

My name is Angela and I’m the COO at PriceMole. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.
I had a look on our end and there doesn’t seem to be any record of you being charged any amount. Are you sure that this charge was from PriceMole?
We know that the Shopify billing cycle can be a bit confusing at times so I also reached out to Shopify, who was able to confirm that you have not been charged and would have sent you an email with confirmation.

Additionally, I wanted to mention that PriceMole offers many different ways to track your competitors:
1. manually adding URLs,
2. using our automatch tool to find URLs
3. hire our data entry team to find and add all the data for you.
Discovery service is a premium option and is completely optional. It involves our data entry team finding and matching your competitors by hand. This is a labor-intensive process but it results in the most accurate matches we can offer.

Since most of our partners, time, and the data our team collects is worth a lot more than the cost, this offers a ton of value to our Partners and is extremely popular to get started with reliable data immediately.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have further questions or concerns.


App not working at all. I guess that's why it is in beta version. Had to delete it. Great idea, hope you guys can get the app to work.

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PriceMole已回复 2020年1月19日

Sorry to hear that PriceMole did not work for you. On initial release back in 2017 there was a small bug that prevented certain store’s from installing, it was fixed shortly after release. We tried reaching out to you but were unable to make contact. We would love to hear from you again and would be happy to help you get started with PriceMole!