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PriceOptimizer by EvenPixel

PriceOptimizer by EvenPixel

Developed by EvenPixel

Price: $10.00 – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easily evaluate pricing strategies and profits
  • Improve your conversions and sales
  • Don't guess, use data science to set optimal prices

Conversion analytics for increasing your e-commerce profits

PriceOptimizer uses your historical data to recommend optimal prices for your products.

  • Track, measure pricing strategies and increase profit

  • Find out if you can increase prices

  • Analyze best performing products

  • Identify low converting products

  • PriceOptimizer pairs GA page visit data with your individual products

  • Precise product visits and conversion metrics are computed and you can view them in dashboard
  • Features

  • Profit, revenue, sale conversion statistics

  • Measure profit margins using uploaded cost of goods for products

  • Evaluate performance for collections

  • View detailed conversion performance for single products

  • Gain a competitive edge by smartly pricing your products. Easily analyze your conversions, profits and your competitor's prices.

    Per product page visits

    Various shop pages refer to the same product. For example: myshop/products/supersku, myshop/collections/products/supersku?variant=123 and others. PriceOptimizer combines GA visitor data and computes precise number of visits for each of your products.

    Competitor tracking

  • Setup direct or indirect competitor product monitoring

  • Spot pricing trends

  • Analyze conversion and competitor data, react to market changes and become more profitable
  • Who should use PriceOptimizer

    Any e-commerce store which is consistently selling at least a hundred items per month. With PriceOptimizer, you can improve your pricing strategies and profit for individual products or for collections. Quite often you can increase your price by a small percent, while your conversions stay the same. For example a 5% increase in price might bring a 10% increase in profits.

    Invest a little effort into improving your pricing strategies and improve your profitability.

    PriceOptimizer is already used by superb brands and shops around the world.

    Examples of pricing strategies which you can implement and evaluate

    1. Markup value for a collection: Compare profit per visit of a two week test period using a 40% markup vs a 50% markup.

    2. Lower the price for worst converting products. If a product receives many visitors, try to convert them. Compare sales per visit of the period with lower price to the period with higher price.

    3. Pricing for long tail products: Increase margin by 6% vs. 12%. Determine, if increased price influences sales per visit.

    4. Market intelligence: Increase price of a product if it is cheaper than your competitors'.

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    $10.00 – $99.00 / month

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