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Price Analytics With Data-Driven Pricing Suggestions

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Capture Your Value

Effortlessly optimize your pricing using behavioral analytics models that work 24/7 to earn you higher sales.

Product Performance Insights

View simple-yet-telling analytics to discover how your products and their prices are performing.

Data-Driven Price Suggestions

This app suggests gradual price adjustments. Approve them to achieve your goals easily and seamlessly!

About Pricestack

Pricestack helps you optimize your prices, enabling you to worry less and profit more! Learn more now and install for free.

Why Optimize Your Prices?

As your ecommerce business grows and changes, so do the tastes, preferences, and budgets of your customers. Pricestack enables you to adapt to changing demand and drive higher average order values and profitability.

Find a Plan for You

Pricestack offers three tiers of benefits: Learn, Optimize, and Automate.


Access your own Pricestack Analytics Dashboard so that you can easily visualize your products' pricing performance:

  • Total and Per-Visitor Gross Profit
  • Total and Per-Visitor Revenue


The perfect price is what your customers are willing to pay, not what your competitors are charging. Pricestack analyzes your customer behavior and optimizes your prices to help you achieve your goals. We currently support maximization of:

  • Gross Profit (maximize your gross profit per visitor based on inventory-item costs)
  • Revenue (maximize revenue growth with net-zero margins), or
  • Gross Profit and Revenue (favor profit but place some value on profitless revenue if it helps to drive growth)

With the Optimize plan, Pricestack suggests pricing adjustments that help you adapt to ever‑changing consumer tastes. You easily approve these updates through the dashboard.


Automate leverages the same process as Optimize, however, it makes pricing adjustments autonomously as soon as the algorithm determines that a price adjustment is optimal. This plan is great for large merchants: focus on improving your product and customer experience while we focus on your prices. Full automation of your product prices ensures that your prices generate as much profit as possible every single day.

Some Key Details

  • We provide you with a daily measure of unique visitors to illustrate that a change in the number of unique visitors will not affect per-user metrics. We use this to optimize your prices even if your traffic pattern is erratic.
  • We monitor your store’s inventory cost data. Ideally, each of the inventory items associated with a product will have the same cost. As an example, if a large t-shirt costs $5.00 per unit, then its corresponding small and medium sizes would also have inventory costs of $5.00 per unit. This is a best-practice for Pricestack optimization, but it is not required.
  • You can set compare-at prices and offer discount codes as you normally would!


Approved price updates are made using a standard process. As a result, we are compatible with almost every app that doesn’t discount your products or manipulate your checkout process. Please reach out to support to request compatibility checks! We're happy to help!

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Free to install

OPTIMIZE (Pricing Suggestions) is available for $0.02 per Shopper (Daily Unique Visitor) after 60 days free

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