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  • Make more money
  • Have valuable information at your fingertips
  • Save hours of work

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Make more money

Price your products better for more profit. Adjusting your prices to competition, a must for every business.

Have valuable information at your fingertips

Easily view the best price a customer sees with an online search, for each of your products.

Save hours of work

All your products are monitored for online search results automatically.


Here is how customers typically shop:

They see a product in your store, search online for the best price on that product and then make a final purchase decision.

What PriceWatcher does:

When you (the merchant) login to PriceWatcher, the Dashboard instantly shows you the best price customers are finding when they search online, for all the products you sell.

With this information, you can price your products better, getting more sales and profits!
Your monitoring is done automatically saving hours of work!


The PriceWatcher dashboard showing the best price online for your product is visible only to you (the merchant) and never to your shoppers.

What you get on install

The PriceWatcher app dashboard displays each of your products, the price on your store, the top result in popular search engine for the product and the price being displayed in the search.

This saves you HOURS of effort in monitoring your competitors and enables PROFITABLE pricing of your products.

$9.99 / month
7 days

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