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Redigerat 18 oktober 2022

I need to change my review, apparently, it was correctly working but with sale prices, it has ruined our store and therefore our revenue

OdiEtAmo Collection
4 månader användning av appen
Webrex SEO svarade 7 oktober 2022

Hello, OdiEtAmo Collection,

It's very unfortunate that even after providing you the support on the Weekend (Sunday) and even on the Bank Holiday as well even Each and every Order was correct from Our app side though you left us a one-star Review By Mentioning that ruined your store and revenue Which is something I don't agree with and which is not right,

Shopify has an up-to-date record of Your Orders as well as International Orders which you got correct, That is Each and every order you got was correct with the help of our app and Our app was helping in your International Business as well as increasing your revenue

Our Customer Support Executive "Arpan" has already provided you the support round the clock even though we both are operating at different timezone and I myself personally helped you during your Sales Offer to set up the Discount Prices at your store though you have left us 1 star which is very unfortunate which is something I don't agree and Which is really not right

We are Providing Merchant Support even on the weekend, Bank Holiday also which other apps don't do, and will never help you Personally to set up your Sales Prices At your site which we have done for you

Best Regards

Redigerat 23 januari 2023

We had really BAD experience unfortunately. Support staff was NOT helpful although we are beginner to Shopify,,, when we wanted to remove this App, and had a meeting with them, they told me they would refund because this App doesn' meet our requirement, but actually they told us they didn't want to proceed what they said to us...!! The changed the fact... We don't recommend this App!

3 månader användning av appen
Webrex SEO svarade 23 januari 2023

Hello Admin,

You were a beginner at Shopify so that is the reason you have hired Shopify Partners for your store and after you have changed many Partners from time to time,

Our Customer Success And Support Executive Helped you and your all partners to set up your store and As you have changed almost 5-6 Shopify Partners, we never feel drained or any pain in providing the support as our Executive has repeatedly explained the working of our app and helped them all in setting up your store and even Our Executive provided you the Support round the clock on the Weekends and Even on the Bank Holidays as well while other app don't do though you have mentioned the Support is Bad which is something I don't Agree and which is not right And I Myself personally helped you to configure the theme from our app side several times

We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in refund information provided by your Shopify partner as they are not officially affiliated with our app and do not have the authority to make decisions regarding refunds. Only our app officials have the power to make such decisions and we are not aware and responsible for any conversations that happen between you and your partner, if your partner has done some false refund commitment so we can't commit anything over there

Further detailed information regarding the refund has been shared with you by your email at

Best Regards

17 april 2021

The app has many bugs. I was not happy with the customer service at all. Half of my products were unsynced. I felt like a BETA tester. I received a refund at the end.

Rad Gal Roller Skate
24 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 23 februari 2023

I leave my feedback not immediately after installation, but after a certain period of using the application. I want to tell about the situation we are facing, perhaps it will help someone when making a decision about using the application.
I installed the app, set different prices for different regions. I had a number of questions, the support service really answered very quickly. It is worth noting that different prices for different regions really appeared. Then I signed up for a paid subscription and then the most interesting thing began.

The application made changes to the card of each product in my shop on shopify, after which each product turned out to be not in 2 variants, but in 22 variants, then all these changes were broadcast to my Facebook business account, and from there to Instagram. Thus, complete confusion began in my social networks, buyers began to write and ask why I have different prices everywhere, some on the website, others on Facebook and Instagram.
I contacted the support service with my problem, the specialist categorically stated that their application did not make any changes to my social networks and he could not help with my problem in any way. I contacted him many times, trying to encourage him to understand the situation and connect me with the technical service, but each time I received a message from the script that the application was not making any changes and the support service could not help me.

The result is that the application has confused all my sales sources (product card on the shopify website, Facebook business, Instagram store), the support service refused to understand the situation and abandoned me. I have decided to stop using this application.

I will leave an addition to the review:
The entire test period was completely spent by me.
I just didn't need any changes from the application in my social networks and the product card on the site. However, these changes have occurred, which has absolutely destroyed my sales channels! I contacted the Shopify support service and received a response from them that the changes on the site were indeed made by the application!

ETNA Shirts & More
15 dagar användning av appen
Webrex SEO svarade 23 februari 2023

Hello ETNA Shirts & More,

You just leave your feedback after the completion of 4 days only after using our app without a proper understanding of the complete working of our app though we have shared with you each and every functionality of our app working so it's strange that your review is something which I don't agree and which is not right

As we informed you earlier multiple times that our app works for the online store only so it doesn't work for any other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram as the app code doesn't load on social media sales channels, if our app code gets load then how we can solve your issue?

Our App is completely theme depended so it has nothing to do with changing or adding any of your Inbuilt Product Options

We tried to explain to you multiple times that our app works for the online store only but you never understand and you repeatedly asked us for the resolution over your Social Media Platform, We helped you to set up your online store within 15 minutes itself and everything was working fine with the International pricing for your online store because, with the help of our app, and it was our app only due to which you were getting the correct International Orders which was helping you in your international business with Different Pricing concept and making you profitable but though even after making your store profitable with the help of our app International Selling you have left us a 2-star review which is something I do not agree and which is not right, Your entire store setup was done from our side in your trial period itself and within 15 minutes when you were at the trial period

Even Shopify also has a record of each and every International Order perfectly which you got from our app side

14 februari 2022

as much as i need this app, the customer support is bad...decades to answer and many time the chat box disappearing !!!. The App affects the variants which is not good too

Förenade Arabemiraten
8 dagar användning av appen
Webrex SEO svarade 20 februari 2022

It's very unfortunate sir that even after providing you the support on the Weekend (Sunday) you have left us one star Review By Mentioning the Support is Bad Which is something I don't agree and Which is not right, Our Customer Support Executive "Arpan" have already provided you the support on weekend and also have send you the multiple emails on, but we haven't heard anything from your end,

We are Providing The Merchant's Support even on the weekend also which other apps don't do, And Our app works on the basis of the Theme so it's not changing or Deleting any of your inbuilt variants

Therefore, I request you If you can check again because i am sure none of your variants has been affected from our app.

Best Regards,

20 februari 2022

After being installed, causing my website kee refreshing unstop. I think this is an apps issue. ......

Trendy Kitchen Stuff
36 minuter användning av appen
Webrex SEO svarade 30 mars 2022

Hello Trendy Kitchen Stuff,

Our Customer Support Executive "Arpan" has provided you support on the weekend and multiple times informed you to Disable the Other Third-Party Currency Converter / Switcher App but you didn't understand,

We have provided written information in our app That "To use our App Smoothly Need to disable the Other Third-Party Currency Convertor App", And at your store, the other Third-Party Currency Converter / Switcher App was enabled so because of that the process was getting into the infinite loop and you were facing refresh issue,

Though the issue was not from our app side still Our Support Executive has helped you, guided you, and provided you the support on the weekends Also And we have solved your issue on the same date, But you have left us a one-star review by mentioning "Apps Issue" which is very unfortunate, is something I don't agree and which is not right