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Un-complicate Your Shipping Calculations

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Common Rates

Display a common rate to your customers at checkout when a single cart order contains products from different fulfillment services.

Display Exact Delivery Date

Enter shipping method’s transit time and product’s lead time through Meta Fields and show your customers the exact delivery date at checkout

Real-Time Shipping Discounts

Define your minimum profit percentage and pass on the remaining profit as a shipping discount to your customers.

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About Primary Parcel (For US Merchants Only)

Define Your Own Shipping Methods

The app allows you to calculate shipping rates and create your own shipping methods using either the weight of the products or number of products (in cart) or price of products or on the basis of third party rates such as Fedex and UPS for international shipment.

Shipping Method By Weight

Under this method, the app allows you to set rates for the 1st Pound and for every additional Pound added to the cart.

Shipping Method By Number of Products

In this case, the app lets you set rates for the 1st product and for every additional product added to the cart.

Shipping Method by Product Price

The app provides you the flexibility to define a minimum and maximum shipping cost. You can charge a percentage of the product price as the shipping cost if it falls between the defined maximum and minimum limit.

Multiple Zones - Different Methods

Define different shipping methods in each zone and use them to determine zone-wise shipping rate.

Free Shipping for Different Fulfillment Services

The app lets you set a minimum cart value above which the shipping can be free. A product from a particular Fulfillment Service might not be eligible for free shipping as per it’s defined method, but when combined with products from different Fulfillment Services, can be qualified for free shipping.

Set Method or Zone Restrictions

Prevent specific products from being shipped to specific zones or prevent specific methods from being shown as shipment options for select products.

Offer Same Day Dispatch

The app lets you set a cutoff time to facilitate your customers with same day dispatch if the order is received before the set cutoff time.

Third Party Integration

Primary Parcel app is currently integrated with Fedex and UPS for international shipments.

Meta Field Configuration

Use additional product attributes (Meta fields) to define product-wise, state-wise and shipping method-wise restrictions and to offer real-time shipping discounts.

Additional Discounts

The app allows you to provide method-specific additional discounts to your customers.

Excellent and FREE phone and email support

For all your pre-purchase inquiries, trial/test mode queries or live mode assistance, our experts’ team will be there to address and solve all your issues throughout your journey.

Tailor-Made Price Plan

The app offers multiple plans for every scale of business. If you couldn’t find something that suits your requirement, you can connect with us and we shall help you with a customized pricing plan.

14 Days Free Trial on Live Mode & Unlimited Free Trial In Test Mode.


  • FedEX,
  • UPS

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  • Fulfillment Services Offered: 2
  • Blended Rates: 1
  • Warehouses Offered: 1
  • Unlimited methods
  • Carrier Features
  • Blending Rules
  • Supports upto 25000 SKU



  • Fulfillment Services Offered: 5
  • Blended Rates: 2
  • Warehouses Offered: 1
  • Unlimited methods
  • Carrier Features
  • Blending Rules
  • Supports upto 50000 SKU



  • Fulfillment Services Offered:20
  • Blended Rates: 4
  • Warehouses Offered: 1
  • Unlimited methods
  • Carrier Features
  • Blending Rules
  • Supports upto 100000 SKU

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