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18. April 2021

Overall, I would give this app a B-, maybe C+. Cons: I have had an order take 2 days to get out, and I have had one that took over 2 weeks to get out because of product availability. On darker colors they either do sublimation or screen printing (not 100% sure of the difference) and on lighter tees they do DTG printing. I have also had brand of shirts switched out without my knowledge and was explained that it was the same quality. The app can be sometimes tiresome to use and it is a long process to create one design in multiple styles(shirt, tank, sweatshirts, etc). Pros:
They have a wide selection of brands and colors and most are at a reasonable price point. They also have good customer service when there is an issue. DTG printing on lighter colors is good quality. I had no problem with longer shipping because, well, it was COVID and many people were understanding. I knew the customer, but if I hadn't, I would've most likely refunded them for taking so long. My main focus is not t-shirts and they have the brand/colors I want, so it works for me. I guess my biggest issue would be the lack of updating item quantities and communication when it comes to product/orders.

five + crew
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11 monate mit der App
Custom Cherry, INC hat geantwortet 19. April 2021

Thanks for your review and comments, they are very important to us. After checking your orders, we were not sure which order took 2 weeks to ship, we always contact our users Same Day of the purchase if an item is out of stock and its not replaceable. Then we will wait for your reply, once you reply we will start processing the order.  If it took 2 weeks to be delivered, please be advised that the package will be out of our control once its shipped, it may have taken 2 weeks to be delivered, but we can't really control the shipment once its picked up from our warehouse.  Also, due to major stock issues, upgrading a shirt at no cost or shipping a comparable same size color item is a very common process,  some apps  may even charge you for this service. Our shipping times are listed underneath every product we offer where it says Shipping. It takes up to 5 business days to ship after cleared payment, we don't ship on weekends and holidays. We are working on a portal where all of our users are able to see what we have in stock, it should be ready soon. We appreciate your suggestion. Sorry to disappoint you, we will always try our best to accommodate your requests. 

Bearbeitet am 30. Oktober 2020

I've been using Print Melon for our new business for about 2 months now and just encountered the same issue as stated in some of the previous reviews. I have customers who recently ordered stating that their shirts don't fit because the style of my items were changed without notice. I also had one customer receive the incorrect color. I'm hoping this is not what we have to look forward to in using your POD services. I would also like to suggest that there should be a size chart included for products that can be used so customers that purchase from our business know exactly what size to order. I have had to add a disclaimer on my listings stating that some products run small so customers will need to order a larger size. I'm truly hoping to continue your using POD services but, if we continue receiving negative feedback from our customers, we will have to move onto another company. Finally, please take a look at adding products from They have great prices and name brand items.
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Custom Cherry, INC hat geantwortet 30. Oktober 2020

Sorry that you had bad experiences. We do have size charts for our items, and they are all available underneath them. You can easily put our size charts to your website. Sorry that your customer received a different color, im sure you already contacted us and a new one is shipped to your customer. There is a major stock issue right now, and only way to handle this is to substitute the items with comparable ones. A comparable shirt is a better shirt and a more expensive shirt than what you originally purchased. In case we are out of stock, our system checks at least 4 other brands to fulfill the order. There is no other way to fulfill the orders otherwise. The stock issue will increase during holidays. Only time we will contact you is when we are completely out of stock including the comparable items. Apparel manufacturers were closed for months, many brands already stopped manufacturing certain sizes and colors for 2020. Most of the brands will run out of stock, comparable option is the best solution at the moment. Unfortunately there won't be any other options for 2020. Once things get back to normal, we will be able to fulfill exactly the way you would like.

5. Oktober 2020

If you have a physical store location where customers can visit to purchase your items, this is the app. But if you have an online drop shipping store and you value your customers, this will definitely not work. I have to be honest. I created designs and ordered a hoodie and a few T-Shirts. While the print quality is good, the clothing is placed in a shipping box as is. A shipping bag would be more presentable or if items were in plastic before shipping box.

VinLoft & AniQ M
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Custom Cherry, INC hat geantwortet 5. Oktober 2020

Thanks so much for your constructive review and nice comments for the print quality. Unfortunately we don't offer such service where we individually put each shirt in a clear bag, this will significantly slow us down. Due to Covid, our shipping time has been increased to 3-5 business days from same day shipping. Adding an extra step will increase it to at least 2-3 more days. When things are more settled, we may start packing them inside clear bags. Sorry for the inconvenience.