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Dominican Girlfriend

Review #2
I have orders that have been waiting way past the fulfillment days more than 28 days. Instead of making sure my orders will be processed in a timely manner all they do is send a generic message. They have not been properly marking my products as shipped. Leaving customers wondering why they haven’t received a tracking number. I have my account automated so they can properly process my orders which they have been doing a poor job.

Review #1
The 'quality control' feature must be the biggest scam feature that Printful has. I don't think caring humans even check the products. I have contacted them multiple times about embroidery orders such as snapbacks being mailed completely damaged. Their machines do not seem to handle simple jobs, they are shipped with unreadable text. I have custom orders that have been shipped twice in terrible quality. It's an embarrassment when a customer has to receive damaged merchandise twice.

Developer reply

September 17, 2019

Hi, thank you for your updated review! We are very sorry that the orders are experiencing fulfillment delays! All of our teams are working diligently, but production delays are currently expected. We hope to catch up with the order volume soon and we recommend following our updates on this page:

We are sorry to hear that there is an issue with the order status updating! We will follow up with you to gather more details on this problem and we'll assist with resolving it!

Original response:
Thank you for your review, we appreciate your honest feedback!
We're also sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been positive, but hope that we can improve it moving forward.

I wanted to assure you that we take pride in the high quality prints and products we offer and take your reports of fulfillment issues very seriously.

I understand that you are currently in direct communication with our support team and I hope we can come to a solution which would fit you best.

If you have any additional feedback, as well as any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to us at, we'd love to hear from you!

- Vita & Zana

Po Wasted Po

I'm not sure why Printful is in charge of fulfillment for other apps (I tried to ignore, once the items were un-synced. It did not work). Why printful is syncing these items in the first place is a major cause for concern, simply because these producuts are not being handled or manufactured by printful to begin with. Once they are no longer in control of what happens on my shopify store, for items that weren't created on their platform to begin with, then I can give them another shot. Right now it's far too confusing and frustrating dealing with a company that simply says "that's just how our platform is set up".

Developer reply

September 6, 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you!

The way our integration with Shopify currently works is that all of the products that are listed on your store will appear on our side, this is how our automated integrations are set up for various reasons.
This allows orders with both Printful and non-Printful products to exist and sync up with us for automated fulfillment.
This allows you to combine several products in a single product listing on your store's side.
This enables some integrations to even exist, as a lot of the e-commerce platforms we have set up with don't have the product push generator that allows you to publish products from our side to your store.

You can bulk ignore all non-Printful products in your Printful dashboard > Stores > Sync > Not synced, so orders of them would not sync up with us.

And I also wanted to let you know that we are working on improving these features to enhance your user experience in the future and appreciate your feedback!

- Vita

Unleash Muscle Fitness

Awful customer support been trying to get order shipped for almost a month now and they just give me the run around. Also the prints are not the best quality and the tshirts come in smelling like vinegar.

Developer reply

August 31, 2019

Thank you for sharing your review. I'm truly sorry to hear that there has been an issue with your order! We'll make sure to follow-up with you regarding this order and assist in resolving the situation.

We would also like to check in with you about your experience with our print quality. However, there may be a vinegar-like scent to the DTG printed products and this is completely normal. The scent comes from the pre-treatment solution we use for printing which helps the ink to adhere to the product and last a long time. The scent will wash out after a single wash.

We'll follow-up via email shortly regarding your order.

- Zana

Meaningless Ritual

UPDATE 2: Back to 1 star. I am very shocked with how the customer support handles problems.

UPDATE, bumping my 1 star to 2: The short of it is Printful might be totally fine for you if you just want to slap some designs on t-shirts and then sell them on Etsy without any regard for quality. But if you want to start a brand and are concerned about quality, this probably isn't for you. The main reasons for this are: poor customer support, a painful mockup editor experience, and a lack of variety in the t-shirt options (not enough heavy cotton a la streetwear, too many soft fitted tees that warp/stretch/don't last).

The editor in particular is rough. Using it is a painfully haphazard experience. For example, if you have different versions of the same design (i.e. the same design in white (for dark shirts) and the same design in black (for light shirts)), you have to manually re size and position them separately. The grid is useless for getting the placement identical between these two designs, so you wind up having to move things just a touch, save, check the mock up, then go back and adjust again if needed. Either that or you can settle for your customer clicking between product images and noticing that one design is slightly higher than the other. A small thing to notice, but it makes a world of difference in presenting your brand in a professional way. A good brand should have consistency and avoid simple mistakes like that. And then when it comes to resizing the image, you have to drag the corner of the design while watching the DPI go up or down. Thing is, it doesn't go up or down by 1 DPI at a time. If you have one design perfectly placed and sized at 377 DPI and now you're trying to match another design identically, the DPI will constantly jump between 373 and 378. Again, resulting in a difference that is super tiny, but makes a huge difference in your brand image and consistency across product variants. Other limitations of the editor include not being able to edit the design on the mockup that you will actually use. Let's say you want your mockups to be flat product shots. You'll still have to edit the shirt on a doofy looking model. This again results in too much work between editing and understanding how your final product will look. If you want to get artsy and do a black design on a black shirt, your mockup will be a plain black shirt--no design in sight. Even in other cases (not pure black ink on black fabric), large areas of black in a design will be replaced with the fabric of the shirt. The problem is, that's not how the actual product will look. The black will be printed (that's the beauty of DTG, no limitations on screens like screenprinting), but that means what your customer sees on the mockup vs what they will actually receive after purchase look totally different.

I'm hoping for improvements in the future. If I'm so frustrated, why do I continue to use it? Because it does the bare minimum for now. For now is the key there. Right now I'm using Printful as a foundation for building my brand with limited capital, but if my brand grows to a point where I can leave printful OR if competition springs up that can address these issues, I currently don't see many compelling reasons to continue using it.

Developer reply

July 27, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention!

We are constantly working on improving our mockup generator and your feedback certainly helps.
I'll reach out to you directly for some additional details on these concerns. :)

- Vita

Black Butterfly Co

I added this app to my shopify store. I already had some 200 products in my store using other print on demand companies. When I downloaded the printful app, it automatically synced every single product in my store. I had to go into the printful app and manually tell printful to "ignore" each of the products not meant for printful. I then talked to customer service and was told that I would have to repeat this process for each product that I add to my store in the future. So every single product in my store now and in the future would be connected to printful and I would have to go in each time and "ignore" each product. This wouldn't be a issue if printful was my only supplier, but they aren't, If you plan to use printful exclusively then this won't be a problem for you. I add designs every week that are intended for other vendors so this would be a major hassle.

Developer reply

July 23, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!

You are absolutely right, all products that are listed on your store will also appear on our end, but you can "Bulk ignore" all not synced products by going to your Printful Dashboard > Stores > Sync, opening up the "Not synced" tab and clicking on Bulk edit > Ignore all not synced, which means that you would not need to do this individually for each product.

This is currently the way our interface works, but we certainly appreciate your feedback, as it allows us to review and improve our platform.

Feel free to reach out to us at, if you have any additional questions or concerns!

- Vita


'Printful's inept attempt to provide a POD service, do not trust what they display', 29s screen capture showing the laughable state of their print file offering -

Printful founder Davis must have raised some cash, not enough it seems, and now trying to deliver a platform with a skeleton crew. Printful shows me I have a 2XL tag file uploaded, on opening I see it is actually an XL tag uploaded.

Seriously, how do you push this live when ppl are planning to use it to build a business? From reports via shopify reviews the printing is not better. Support is laughable, copy paste on how to upload a print file.

** Printful are learning on your dollar, AVOID at all cost. **

Developer reply

July 19, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!
We're sorry to see that your experience with us has not been positive, but we do hope to improve it in the future.

I also assure you that we are constantly focused on improving our platform, as well as the products and services we offer, which is why your feedback is so important to us.
We also appreciate your review of our support team and do understand that our replies can come across as scripted, but this is mainly because all of us follow the same practices and policies. If there was any miscommunication between us, we're also happy to review any concerns you may have!

I will follow up with your concerns via email shortly and hope that we can find a solution that works for you! :)

- Vita

Race Dojo

Ever order takes 30+ days to arrive (if it ever does)
Web interface is poorly designed with nothing but white background washing out all the functions on screen to make ordering easy but since you have to constantly search around for functions its just too tedious to work with. They use DHL e- commerce shipping which is the WORST company to to logistics and freight with. Tracking information is too vague and items were lost. I will not be recommending Printful as they have proved to me how mickey-mouse this Print-on-demand company actually is.find someone local, get your stuff made and stock it yourself.

Developer reply

July 18, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!
We take pride the the high quality services and products we offer, as well as our platform, so we're truly sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with any of these features and certainly appreciate your critique.

Shipping speeds depend on the shipping rate you choose upon checkout. Our shipping algorithm will determine the fastest, most cost-effective, and most reliable carrier (We work with DHL, as well as other carriers) for each shipment based on these factors: where it’s fulfilled, where it’s shipping, the selected shipping method, and the shipping speeds and prices of our carriers, you can see additional details on this here:

I will reach out to you directly in a bit, to address your concerns in mroe detail!

- Vita


I used this app for 2 orders. I've now been charged for 4. Their CSR's and billing are entirely useless.

Developer reply

July 10, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!

Based on the findings we've sent you and our previous conversations, we can confirm that you have not been charged 4x for 2 orders.
You can also see what we've charged you by going to your Printful Account > Billing > Payment history.

If you do see additional charges from us, we are always happy to look into the specifics of your concerns and assist to the best of our ability.
I see that our support team is already in direct communication with you and I hope that we can come to a solution that works for you!

- Vita


Shipping is always incredibly slow. I've had a shirt printed multiple times and all of a sudden I can no longer have it printed because it violates policy? Don't really understand that especially since I bought and paid for the design.

Developer reply

June 27, 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback!
To address your concerns in more detail, I wanted to let you know that shipping speeds fully depend on the shipping rate you choose upon checkout. If you would like to receive your order faster, you can go with a faster rate!
As for the issues you've encountered with our content policy - if our content team comes across any designs that violate our acceptable content guidelines, they will be flagged. If this occurs on an active order, we'll suggest you to update the order with a new design or cancel it for a refund.
You can see our acceptable content guidelines here:

Feel free to reach out to us at, if you have any questions or concerns related to this or anything else!

- Vita

Before the High Street

Printed a design for us for two years, then decided to say it violated acceptable use. Refused to refund the digitisation fee they had accepted to embroider it. Patronising customer service, particularly Ismails

Developer reply

May 28, 2019

Thank you for your review!
We truly appreciate your feedback on your experience with our services and we're sorry to hear that it hasn't been positive thus far.
We're always happy to help and advise you on any concerns you may have, which is also why I'm truly sorry that we've come to some miscommunication on these issues.
You can see our content guidelines here:
Our team does go through all the files you upload, but we might not immediately notice and flag files, which do not meet our content guidelines. In such cases, we will flag these files as soon as we notice that they don't meet our content guidelines and reach out to you directly.
We will continue our conversation and I do hope that we can come to a solution and improve our collaboration in the future!

- Vita

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