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Customer service here are abysmal. I ordered a hoodie on the 21st of November, expecting it would be here within the week, there was an issue with the design which they fixed, also letting me know that I had accidentally chosen the pickup option, and let me know that I could pay for shipping and get my shirt in the mail within the coming days. On the 27th, they charged my and claimed my shirt was already shipped using overnight shipping. It's now the 5th of December and they just let me know that they haven't even shipped out the shirt yet, so after asking for a refund, they told me I could only get account credits since the shirt has already been printed (mind you this is over 2 weeks after placing an order, 7 days after shipping confirmation). Customer service are slow and rude, I will dispute the payment with the bank - avoid working with Printful.

Developer reply

December 6, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review! I'm very sorry to hear that you've had an unpleasant experience with our service!
I see that there was a mishappening with shipping the order which should not have occurred. We will review the communication you had with our team closely and will make sure to address the issues so that they do not occur again in the future. I do see our team issued a refund for this order and while the refund is in your Printful wallet, you can definitely withdraw it to your billing method (go to Printful -> Dashboard -> Billing -> Printful Wallet -> Withdraw).

I will follow-up with you via email on this situation as well and I hope we can make your time with Printful more positive!

- Zana


horrible customer support. zero effort and understanding. even if you explain the issue as if you would to a child, they still do not get it. horrible.

Developer reply

December 5, 2019

Thank you for your review!
We are truly sorry to hear that your experience with our customer support has not been all that positive, but we do hope that we can improve it moving forward.
We'll send you a followup shortly and hope that we can clear up any concerns you currently have.

- Vita

Bluesight Co.

Products are great. I do have a slight issue with the measuring tool when it comes to designing hoodies. It seems there has been errors.

Developer reply

November 15, 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review! Sorry to hear you are encountering some trouble with the measuring tool! We would definitely like to know more about your experience with this and see what may be happening here. We'll reach out to you via e-mail shortly.

- Zana

Wool Brothers

The store does have great products and is very useful. However, the measuring tool is off-centered and has been shipping with the logo out of place which is ultimately affecting our customers. Aside from that, the customer service for Printful has not been helpful and very argumentative. It is a shame because I do enjoy this app.

Along with the previous issue, Printful lost an order that was supposed to be shipped and did not refund the order nor apologize for messing up the order. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Please be better.

Printful does not inform you their products are "sold out" until your customer orders. Which means you have to tell your customers the product is sold out. Why doesn't Printful tell you their product is no longer available well before someone orders? I would use another third party to supplement your needs....

Developer reply

November 15, 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review! I'm very sorry to hear that you've had an unpleasant experience with the placement of the prints!
I see that you have submitted a problem report about this error and our team was able to assist with it - thank you for taking the time to submit a report as this helps us understand the quality concerns better.
While it is possible to center a print file in the mockup generator, the generator will not be able to center the design within a file. This means that if the design itself isn't centered in the file, our generator will not center the actual design, it will center the entire print file based on the width of the file.
It is important to make sure that the design is centered in the file prior to uploading it or centering it manually in the generator so that the prints are centered on the finished products as well.
We certainly take responsibility for errors that have happened on our end and in cases where better print results can be achieved by making changes to a file or a product, our team will provide suggestions for what can be improved.

If you have any questions or concerns about our platform or anything else, feel free to contact us at!

We're very sorry to hear that a package has become lost in transit! We trust that the carriers we work with will deliver the packages without any damage and within the estimated delivery timeframe. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, packages may get lost during delivery due to unpredictable circumstances. We understand that this can be an unpleasant situation and we do take responsibility for orders that have become lost in transit due to carrier errors, however, claims for lost and damaged orders have to be submitted within 4 weeks after the last estimated delivery date as per our policy.
Since more than 4 weeks have passed since the last estimated delivery date of your order, our team may not be able to offer a refund, but we'll follow-up with you via e-mail and we'll assist in resolving the situation!

Update: In case there are stock issues with a product, we would let you know by sending a notification that the product is either temporarily out of stock or discontinued. This way, you can take the time to prepare and decide whether you will removed the product from your selection or replace it with an alternative.
Unfortunately, rarely, there might be cases where our suppliers have run out of stock of the item suddenly. In these cases would reach out to you about the affected order to inform you about the situation and you will be able to decide how to proceed further. I definitely understand that it is not pleasant to encounter a sudden stock issue and we try to notify you as early as we can if there is any problem with the stock of the product. I see our team has contacted you about an affected order and has offered some possible solutions. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has created!

- Zana

The Witch’s Familiar

Be careful. The products in Printful will also load EVERYTHING from your store into their application. So when you go back in, you will see other items from other suppliers.
The advice I was given from Printful was to either 'ignore' or "Delete" them from your Printful account.
This advice was ill-advised, because if you 'Delete' it from the Printful account IT WILL ALSO DELETE IT FROM YOUR STORE.

I lost everything but my Printful designs.

As I don't wish to double handle my products, I'm deleting the app entirely and using another Printer instead - the other printers app doesn't seem to have this issue.

Shame, because I was very happy with Printful. But this is just too much.

Crazy easy to use. I'm a complete amateur and yet I've got all my stuff up and on my store in less than a day.

Support staff are also prompt and knowledgeable.

Developer reply

November 1, 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review!
We're very sorry to hear that your experience with our app has been negative, but we hope that we can turn it around!

When you connect your Shopify store with Printful and if you have products in your Shopify store already, these listings will import into Printful as well, though they won't be automatically synced. In case the products aren't supposed to be fulfilled by Printful, you can choose to set them to "ignore" so that our system simply ignores these items when an order is placed for them in your store (orders won't import if the item is ignored).
Another option is to "delete" these products, but this is only suggested if you want these items completely removed from Printful and your Shopify storefront, because they will be deleted from both platforms. When deleting the product in Printful, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the deletion process and that you understand that the item will be removed from Shopify as well.

We have located your interaction with our customer service team where you inquired about this process and more information could have been relayed to you about it so that you can make a decision based on complete information about the function. We will follow-up with you via email about this!

- Zana

Run Waleed Run

The Printful app is very user-friendly, it's easy to create new products and very easy to sync these products with the Shopify store. The customer support team on the other hand is why I'm giving this app a 1 star.

I was excited to us Printful for my dropshipping business. After ordering my first customized product and paying extra for shipping to get it quickly, I realized how unreliable this service is. DHL is claiming that they never got the package from Printful and Printful is claiming that DHL lost the package.

It's been 21 days since the order was shipped and Printful in now asking me if I want to re-order or get a refund. There are other Print on Demand services in the Shopify app store other than Printful worth checking out.

Developer reply

October 22, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review! We appreciate hearing from you!

We're very sorry to hear that there was an issue with the delivery of your order. Your order was handed off to DHL so that they can deliver the package, however, it appears that the package wasn't scanned at first, so no additional tracking details were available on their tracking page. Although we trust the carriers we work with that they will deliver the packages in a timely and safe manner, unfortunately, on rare occasions, delivery delays can occur due to unpredictable circumstances.
In case you notice that an order hasn't been delivered and it is past the estimated delivery date, you can definitely let us know so we can take a closer look at the situation and help resolve it.

We see our team was able to offer a remedy for the situation. Hopefully, there are no further orders that encounter a delivery delay and you receive them with no issues.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this order, surely let us know by sending a message to

Bayou Sunshine

Terrible! When people order something, especially from the same state, they do not want it in 3 weeks. A customer made a purchase two different times and on one order, never even showed up!!!!!! Terrible! Use someone else.

Developer reply

September 25, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review!
I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had the most pleasant experience with receiving orders! Our fulfillment timeframe is 2-7 business days for apparel orders and 2-5 business days for non-apparel orders, the delivery time is additional to the fulfillment timeframe. Of course, we'll try to fulfill your orders as soon as we possibly can, but we recommend choosing a faster shipping method in case the order needs to be received sooner.

We would like to take a closer look at the order you mentioned hasn't been received. Please send us a message to with more information about the order so we can investigate it further, we'd be happy to assist!

- Zana

Buzzkill Brand

Impossible to get assistance from support. They will cut you off mid-sentence at every chance and provide very little support in migrating from other POD printers. On a positive note, the print quality is great. Much better than Custom Cat. Sadly, integration is handle product by product/one by one, combined with salty support this is not a quality solution top to bottom.

Developer reply

September 25, 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review!
I'm very sorry to hear that your experience with our customer service has not been the most positive! We agree that the communication from our end could have been more helpful and more understanding. Customer service is one of our top priorities and we invest a lot of time and resources in training our team members and maintaining our quality standards, and I assure you that these interactions will be addressed with our team.
It is important to us that our users can reach out to our customer support with any questions or concerns and receive helpful assistance. We will definitely review the communication between our team members and yourself more closely to make sure that our quality standards are met and unpleasant situations avoided in the future.

In regards to migrating products from a different supplier to Printful - there will be differences in how the products are set up in every platform and, unfortunately, we do not receive product information from the previously used platform, although basic listing information (listing title, variant titles and variant count) will import into Printful from Shopify. This means that the products would have to be manually synced within Printful or added from scratch. We will look into ways how the process could be improved when migrating from a different platform to Printful and we'll take you experience into account.

I have followed up with you via email regarding your customer service experience and product syncing, and I hope we are able to make your experience with Printful more positive moving forward.

- Zana

For love For Dogs

I have some designs, but every time I try to re-used an old design with a new color, I need to re-create the design completely from scratch and they never are exactly the same.

The customer chat support are of not help either. The chat person "Liva B." excuse was "This is how our system works.."

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it!
I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered some difficulties with our platform. Currently, when adding a new variant to an existing product, the design would also have to be re-uploaded. This is in case a user would like to use a different design for different product variants, however, of course, the same design, as on the other variants, can be used as well.

I can understand how this process may not be completely comfortable when adding new variants to existing items. I have forwarded your feedback to our team for further consideration on improvements for this feature.

We highly appreciate your feedback and if there's anything else you'd like to share about your time with us, be sure to contact us at

- Zana

Uninstalled immediately
Just after installing this
It started Synching / Imported all 7000+ (copyrighted) products to the app !

I asked why the answer is "Its because you can create unique products that you cant setup using just our Add Product Feature"

i said "How are you creating unique products by importing my Product Data ?"

Note that most products are copyrighted and trademarked and prinfull just imported it automatically ! !

P.S. I will not remove this until they stop automatically importing (stealing) product data.. At least add a pop-up to ask for permission to import data.
....Especially copyrighted and trademarked stuff.. I had to ask the designers before i list their product on and Printfull just imported them.

Developer reply

September 18, 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you!
We're sorry to see that you have encountered these concerns with our integration, as well as our support, but we hope that we can improve our collaboration moving forward.

The way our integration with Shopify currently works is that all of the products that are listed on your store will appear on our side, this is how our automated integrations are set up for various reasons.
This allows orders with both Printful and non-Printful products to exist and sync up with us for automated fulfillment.
This allows you to combine several products in a single product listing on your store's side.
This enables some integrations to even exist, as a lot of the e-commerce platforms we have set up with don't have the product push generator that allows you to publish products from our side to your store.

However, you can bulk ignore all non-Printful products in your Printful dashboard > Stores > Sync > Not synced, so orders of them would not sync up with us.

And I also wanted to let you know that we are working on improving these features to enhance your user experience in the future and appreciate your feedback!

If you have any additional feedback, as well as any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to us at, we'd love to hear from you!

- Vita