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25 février 2023

I have used printful for 3 years and have been very happy to date. Recently however they have updated their app due to a permissions change on shopify and following that update my set up has been broken with products showing as out of stock, orders not syncing and no guidance from printful on how this change needed to be managed. I cant seem to ever get anyone on chat at the moment and the emails back and forth don't seem to appreciate the seriousness of this situation that I am sure others are experiencing.

Gimmie Golf Maps
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21 juin 2020

I am getting close to just giving up and closing my account. The Printful Amazon integration is a disaster. I followed the directions and then got a 5665 error code. I don't have a trademarked brand. I brought it up with them, and I brought it up with Amazon, and despite me making it very clear that I did not intend to apply through Brand Registry, they kept pushing it and ignoring my questions and concerns. They then tell me to get around this error, I have to list my brand as "Generic". Amazon said this, and then I brought it up with Printful and they said to go ahead with that. When I encountered an error with products not syncing again, the Printful support agent said, "I noticed your settings has your brand name listed as "Generic"." Then they told me to change it back to the store name. It keeps going in circles. Neither Amazon or Printful seems to fully understand how this works, even though they're the ones who set it up. How do you not know how your own stuff works? Sometimes they have told me in order to get around errors that I should start from scratch again and put in another GTIN exemption request, which takes days of work. This has become a major inconvenience for me. They make it seem so simple and yet it has taken weeks and weeks to get it done, and yet I haven't even gotten started. Anytime I bring up issues with Amazon, they don't even acknowledge what Printful is, or seem to understand it. Printful doesn't seem to understand Amazon either. Any error encountered is explained with automatic and incoherent responses, there's never online chat support available, and if I try to reach them through email, they take days to respond. This has been extremely unfair. I have gone out of my way, and spent money to start an Amazon Seller Account to get this set up, and I haven't even gotten started on it because no matter what I do, there's an error, and the instructions are not clear enough. They tell me to refer to a video tutorial, which I followed fully and encountered errors. You need more than a video for instructions. You need a page with full written instructions that are comprehensive and will explain what to do in case of an error, but there aren't any pages or documents like that. This has been an awful experience. I just want some clear answers. This is how you lose business. If you keep confusing your customers, you won't have any customers.

Bigfoot Paintings by Michael Wawrzyniec
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Printful a répondu 25 juin 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're very sorry to hear you are encountering some difficulties with the Printful + Amazon integration!

The Printful + Amazon integration is one of our more complex integrations and can take a longer time to set up, however, it is definitely possible to connect the two platforms. If there is an error originating in Amazon, it may not be possible to resolve it in Printful, because the platforms, essentially, are separate and some things can only be done on one platform, while others on the other platform. Of course, we understand that encountering an error is not pleasant and our team would try to assist with suggestions and solutions on how to resolve the issue. I see you have mentioned you encountered error 5665, which, unfortunately, may be causing some issues with finishing setting up the integration.

I see you have been in contact with our team about your Amazon integration and I have followed up with you with some more details on error 5665 and, hopefully, the information will help resolve the error should you give another try at the Printful + Amazon integration!

- Zana

Modifié le 19 novembre 2020

We use both their printing services and their warehousing services, and have for many years now. Their warehousing is top notch - better than others we've used. Their printing, however, has taken a huge dive, as has their customer service in the past few months. We've had misprinted orders where despite customer evidence being provided, it was still ruled as "correct", and we had to pay the refund out ourselves. Delays beyond what's projected have been constant for us. I'm having to speak with customer service many times throughout the week to try and get things sorted. The biggest thing that worried me was when we ordered a sample of our own stickers during the summer, and the two stickers arrived printed on different papers, with one sticker completely being unable to stick (a complaint we had heard a lot from our customers). I got a lot of run-around about it, and when I left a review on Printful itself, with photo evidence, I was informed by a customer service rep that the review wasn't going to be posted because it "didn't match the experience customers would be able to expect from them". That made me question how many negative, honest reviews were being suppressed from others as well.
We no longer use stickers with Printful, but warehouse our own better-quality stickers instead, for consistency's sake. We're looking into printing and warehousing our own other items now too. I really want this service to be great again, it used to be we'd only have one or two issues every few months. Now it's multiple issues a week. I hope that when things begin to calm down with the pandemic, they can improve their quality and customer service again, otherwise we're likely to change services completely. EDIT: I've lowered this a star since leaving this review. Even in that short time between when I left the original and now, it's gotten significantly worse. Out of stock items stopped syncing stock numbers with my store, leaving hundreds of items available for purchase when they weren't there at all. Looking around social media, I discovered this was common, but customer service said they'd get back to me later about it rather than having any clue about the issue. It would be days of work to manually edit all of these.
We've also had a lot more issues with orders. Just this morning I had to contact them over an order that hadn't been processed or fulfilled long past it's due date. There were no errors or information attached to the order itself. According to customer service, there had been a manufacturer delay, and then the item hadn't restocked yet. Not only was none of these issues told to me at the time, but the item had never shown up on my dashboard as out of stock at any point. Issues like these, with a complete lack of transparency, have become common. Pains me to say it, because I want Printful to be wonderful again.

Birch + Bat Studios
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Printful a répondu 18 novembre 2020

Hey there! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, sorry to hear your time using our services hasn't been positive lately, but we hope to improve it moving forward!

We do take full responsibility for misprinted items as per our Returns Policy we will offer a reshipment or a refund if we find an error made in our fulfillment process:

As for the stickers not sticking, this should not be the expected quality and it seemed to be a faulty batch, we're very sorry about that, and we see a refund was issued already. We would like the product reviews to be truthful and describe the product as it should be expected according to our internal testing. Less than positive reviews are also posted as you can see on our product page.

We would like to ensure your time using our services is as best as it can be! Please send us your questions, feedback, or anything else at We'd love to hear from you!

25 septembre 2019

The fulfillment procedure is VERY counter-productive to being a white label solution. We put in 85 orders (multiple items in each order) in the matter of 5 business days. Example: The first order we placed was for express shipping on 9/19, an order for the SAME exact item, print, and size was submitted on 9/23 and already shipped 9/24 with the standard shipping item selected. They assign the orders to different teams at different warehouses. Some teams are I guess more efficient than others so it leaves our customers talking to eachother about when they placed their order before and wondering why their order hasn't even been started. It makes US look like we are disorganized. I don't understand why their internal system does not place orders with certain teams based on their availability from the order in which they are received to Printful. This process instantly makes it very apparent that this is being done by a third party.

Known Distro
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Printful a répondu 25 septembre 2019

Hi, thank you for your review, we appreciate it!

All of our orders are fulfilled at our facilities in the USA, EU, and MX. We do not use a third party to fulfill our orders, fulfillment is done completely in-house.

The orders are routed to the most convenient fulfillment location based on the product, its availability and stock, the destination of the order, and the order queue at the facilities. If the same items were ordered in different orders, but the order destinations were both closer to different fulfillment facilities, most likely each order would be routed to the closest fulfillment location to it so that the order could reach the recipient sooner after fulfillment.
The orders aren't fulfilled in the order they are submitted due to the differences in printing technique, availability of stock (the item may be restocking) and the order queue at the facility. This is why you may notice some orders being fulfilled faster than others.

Additionally, our fulfillment timeframe is 2-7 business days for apparel items and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products, the delivery time is additional. Of course, we'll try to fulfill your orders as soon as possible, but the full fulfillment timeframe should be considered when submitting an order.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions or feedback about this process or anything else, surely let us know at, we'd love to hear from you!

- Zana

6 août 2018

New business owners:
-Printful does everything it says. Drop shipping direct to customer and great design tools. Honestly they are probably the best option in this space.

However, be prepared to face long fulfillment times and angry customers. I would say 35% of all of my orders fulfilled by printful involved customers complaining about the ship times, resulting in many headaches as a business owner.
Oh and you might as well shut your store down during holiday season as printful took 3-4 weeks at times to fulfill some of my orders. I basically had to provide partial refunds due to the angry customer complaints I was getting.

-So this business model is great in theory, but you won't be able to sustain any kind of growth with it.

Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 19 octobre 2020

The App was deinstalled by itself after using it for 2 Month with more then 300 Products on my Shop. And after reinstalling ist everything is gone, the Products, the Orders and Invoices.

Schweinchen's Shop
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Printful a répondu 25 octobre 2020

Hi! Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear you encountered an error with the app. We would not be able to retrieve the product sync if the app was reinstalled, however, you would need to sync your products on Printful. More info here:

I see our Customer Support team has reached out to you and we hope to hear from you soon!


10 août 2020

Already ordered a couple of times. The items are ok, but for the quality to expensive. Unfortunately, when you pay and not receive the product, Printify has the worst customer care ever! First, after not receiving the parcel for a couple of months, I wrote them. No reply! Then I opened up the case via paypal, and suddenly Printful, out of nowhere was able to write me an e-mail. With the info, that they don't take care of not received packages and that it is not their problem if my customers or myself don't receive the product! And also, if I would not close the case via Paypal, they would close my account which they did. I wrote the post office and they clearly said that I as customer cannot claim a refund but Printful could have claimed the refund for the not delivered package! That's how they treat customers...

Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Printful a répondu 12 août 2020

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We are truly sorry to hear your experience using our services hasn’t been the best!

We understand where you're coming from – we're not the most affordable POD drop shipper on the market. However, we believe that with our prices, we offer more value to our customers – in terms of product quality, customer support, and extra services (design services, warehousing). Product prices also reflect more than the cost of printing they also help to cover such features as our mockup generator, the graphics pre-flighting, the integration with different e-commerce platforms.

Due to the increased email volume during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were seeing longer Customer Support response times. Our Customer Support team has worked diligently to make sure each inquiry has been responded to as fast as possible. As of right now, our response time is about one day.

Regarding the delivery status of your order, we have made our policies public, as a way to be completely transparent with our customers. As an example, you can see our Return Policy here: When the carrier has marked an order as “delivered”, we have to trust that they have made the delivery and such orders would not be eligible for reimbursement. In the rare case that this happens, you can reach out to the carrier and file a claim, then forward their response to us and we will review it.

We may suspend accounts due to violations of our Terms of Service (link to our ToS:, but we are always happy to review them - please kindly send more information about this to We'd love to hear from you and positively resolve this matter!


Modifié le 10 novembre 2015

Edit on my previous review
There are a few people there that are extremely helpful and extremely nice graphics department is great but it seems like they need some help (like a whole fleet of graphics ppl!). I'm still confused on the business model they make money when people upload proper graphics and sell their shirts, so why charge for a little bit of simple graphics work or go back and forth and impede me from selling shirts (aka Making you money). Seems like they're nickel and diming you on their already extremely steep profit margins. I could understand a charge if I came with a drawing on a napkin but if my illustrator file needs a little tweak help a bro out.
However they do have the largest selection of printable items to choose from and the most solid platform out of the dropship printing services I have seen available in the app store. So choose your poison

Steelie Bros Fly Copmany
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
15 septembre 2015

NO POLYBAGS on your apparels!! Let me repeat, as of 9/15/15, they DO NOT PUT POLYBAGS when they ship their apparels!!

So... if you want to create a website for your small school team, or small town fair, Printful could work and save you some upfront money.

But!! If you want to create a "Brand", Printful is a No No! As a costumer, imagine if you order a Tshirt from Store, and they send you the Tshirt or a hat without POLYBAG!! What kind of impression would that leave!? That customer will NEVER shop from you. Not only that, he/she will spread the bad service like wild fire. Polybags are a must to keep the product from dirt as well!

I had customers that complained because their apparel came with dirt and stains. Come on Printful... You can do so much more. And actually, you had!!

Yes! They actually "did" send their apparels in polybags.... but for whatever reason (Which is always to save couple bucks), they decided to "REMOVE" the "polybags!!" from all their apparel shipments!!! Come on... How much would that save you? 5 cents at most!? So jut to save 5 cents, you would loose so many possible costumers!!? You can do the math here. You'll end up loosing thousands, millions of dollars... just because you wanted to save... 5 cents....!!! Come on Printful.... BRING THE POLYBAGS!!!!

If they do bring their polybags in time for the apparels, I'd easily give them 4 stars. But as of 9/15/15, because they DO NOT OFFER polybags on their apparel.... they get 2 stars! Again, if you want to sell you apparels to your family and small town fairs, Printful might work. But if you want to create a Brand, and you want Printful to be stepping stone, look elsewhere.

Onesize Apparel
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
15 décembre 2018

Normally the shirts come out well but there are plenty of times where the wrong order gets sent or I have complaints from customers about an "odor" or "chemical" smell on products. Unfortunately, this is one of the better services available.

UCAN Outdoor Co.
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application