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11 octobre 2018

I have custom designs printed and i like the ease of use but my shirts came printed crooked. Very disappointed. How can i in good faith ask my customers to purchase crooked tees??

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12 août 2020

2 stars because their products are of good quality. However, if you ever need personal assistance from them, you're better off talking to a brick wall.
First off: Their design service is terrible. I needed a logo altered so it could be embroidered. After they were done with it, it was a completely different logo to a point where it wasn't even recognizable. I paid $35 for the service and got 2 completely different versions (contact me if you want to see the results).
Then, a package got lost in the mail, after it took 2.5 months to get shipped (I get it, COVID took its toll on the logistics). The package never arrived, although DHL marked it as such.
When inquiring about it and see if they could open a ticket/complaint with DHL, I was advised to talk to USPS (??) or place a new, manual order that I'd pay for myself. They wouldn't inquire at the carrier because their "current level of service" didn't allow for it.

They were right. Their current level of service needs serious improvement. I've removed all products from my store and am in the process of switching to a local print shop that semi-integrates with Shopify.
More work? Sure, but at least I get great service and can count on when I need it.
Would NOT recommend.

Funky Moose Records
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Printful a répondu 18 août 2020

Thank you for sharing your review- we truly appreciate it!

We are very sorry to hear your time at Printful hasn’t been positive, but I hope we can improve it going forward!
We are sorry to hear your expectations did not meet with the end result.
I have reviewed the interactions you had with our team about the embroidery designs. I see that your artwork needed some adjustments and had to be simplified to meet the minimum requirements of our embroidery file guidelines. Our design team specialist noted the changes we needed to make to your print file prior to taking the service fee from you, upon you agreeing to these adjustments we followed through with adjusting your print file. Our embroidery machines are set up to produce the best desirable outcome, however, our customers must follow the established embroidery guidelines to produce these results, you can see our embroidery guidelines here:

Regarding your order that was marked as “delivered”. When the carrier has marked an order as “delivered”, we have to trust that they have made the delivery and such orders would not be eligible for a reimbursement. In the rare case that this happens, you can reach out to the carrier and file a claim, then forward their response to us and we will review it. We're not yet able to assist with filing claims with shipping carriers but we hope to do so in the future! Please visit our Returns Policy here

If you have any additional comments or feedback, please let us know at We'd love to hear from you!


4 novembre 2020

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING IN BLACK! Initially I would give Printful 5 stars, but the fact that everything I order in black comes out faded now is beyond frustrating. I personally love black tshirts, and thats always my go to color for majority of my designs. Unfortunately everything I’ve ordered lately on black comes out looking washed. This is so disappointing being that the first few items I ordered (in black) were perfect. I’ve tried reach out to their support department about it, but I keep getting “thats expected quality.” So now I’m going to have to find another printer for all of my black apparel items. With Black Friday coming up this is going to throw me off my timeline of ordering samples and preparing content for advertisement.

Donecia’s Crafts
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Printful a répondu 5 novembre 2020

Hey! Thank you for your review!

It is a normal outcome for direct to garment printing that part of the garment may show through the ink. This would depend on two factors: the material the garment is made of, and the color difference between the design and the garment. We would not be able to guarantee the same outcome on different colored products. You can see the most common outcomes with DTG printing here:

Please let us know if you have any additonal feedback, questions or anything else!


21 avril 2019

If you care at all about the quality of products going to your customers, I wouldn't recommend this service. Quality control just isn't there. Especially on embroidery, lots of customer complaints, lots of refunds. Orders will be put on hold for no reason creating longer wait times for your customers. Not good all around when consistency matters to you. My advice, unless you're running a dropship only website, bite the bullet and carry inventory so you KNOW that what your customers are getting meets your standards.

Savage Mane Beard Co.
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Printful a répondu 23 avril 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback!
I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered some quality concerns with the products we offer.
I would like to assure you that we do have a quality check for all orders that are fulfilled at our facilities. Our graphics team also tries to review all of the graphics you submit on orders and if they spot any potential issues with them, there will be a hold placed on your order.
In such instances, you can edit the order and place it up for review, reply to us via email or reach out to us via our live chat feature to remove the hold.

We would also love to take a closer look at the issues you've encountered, so feel free to reach out to us at!

- Vita

6 septembre 2018

Pricing is too high in order to make it profitable and fulfillment and shipping time takes too long. The quality of the products is ok.

Chicago Shirts
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4 juin 2020

The wait times have just become horrible. It has made me look extremely bad as a seller and lost clients. I've had to respond to so many messages and some not pleasant from some clients or now former clients. I understand the virus delay but a month plus is just absurd. I have another company on my site that does the same drop ship for me. They have been shipping on a normal time frame since it all + their pricing on tees is way lower then printful allowing you to actually make something, and their shipping is way lower. That itself is another dowside of printful is their shipping prices are off and cost our clients if not yourself the little but of leftover their is to make. Only reason I haven't made the full switch is which i will give credit to printful is their platform is a bit superior and they offer sleeve printing. Although at this point I may just have to pull the plug on printful it is just ridiculous. I would prefer to stay on if they could get back to pre rona status, but if this goes on another month i'm done. I can no longer stay on and continue to damage our image over this massive issue by printful. At this point I should just go to a local ship and print on demand that way. Way to many orders waiting in que not even in the printing stage, and it's not like this is a shipping issue. This is a massive fulfillment issue right now.

American Morale Operation
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Printful a répondu 5 juin 2020

Hi there, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! We are sorry to hear that the fulfillment delays are creating a negative experience for you, but I hope we can improve it moving forward! I want to assure you that we are working as fast as we can to fulfill all orders and we understand the importance of timely fulfillment and delivery.

Given the unusual circumstances we are enduring with Covid-19, some of our fulfillment facilities were operating at limited capacity with fulfillment teams working on a voluntary basis and due to an increase in order volume, fulfillment delays can still be expected for the time being. We hope to return to our regular fulfillment times soon as we are hiring more production staff and upscaling our fulfillment equipment. We are still providing our current estimated fulfillment timeframes on this page (the estimates are subject to change).

Regarding our prices - we thank you for your feedback on this and we'll take it into account! We do review the costs of our products, shipping, as well as other services regularly and lower them whenever possible. Our product prices help cover various features on our site and the free integrations we offer, but we also understand the importance of customer-friendly and affordable pricing and try to find ways how to make our products more cost-effective.

These are difficult times many businesses and industries are going through and we are doing the best we can to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible to continue providing our services to our users. We recognize that longer fulfillment times may not be ideal for some users, but we are doing our best to catch up with the order volume and normalize the situation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime!

- Zana

7 octobre 2022

Don't do it! They basically charge you retail prices and squeeze your margins to the point they are not profitable, after facebook ads and shipping costs I am left with (negative) -$4 to +$3 for all of my troubles. Based on their cost I need to charge $70-80 for a hoodie. This would be fine if the quality of the product were aligned with the cost. They are not. We have experienced multiple print peels and errors and many customer complaints. Cost aside the functionality is fine but note they will have many inconsistencies in the availability of the product. We liked a more premium feel so opted for the next level 4600. However, keeping this available on the site is a full-time job. The shirt is often out of stock, our latest issue seems to be we are unable to add the basic white tee as a variant. Like seriously I can't add white as a variant, this is the most basic of options?!?! In short a good option if you are looking for cheep quality prints and products for perhaps band merchandise but if you are trying to create a credible brand I'd use them to test designs and samples to get a feel for how people are responding to your designs, then immediately switch to a local screen print if your style is popular. Based on ease of use for new brands just starting out is the only reason I'd give them 2 stars. Once you scale to a point you'll need to move away from printful and find a printer you can work with on a more long term basis.

Nation Athletics Bjj
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Printful a répondu 31 octobre 2022

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been the best.
We have forwarded the information provided to our developers to look into it. We are constantly working on improvements, so we appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns.
Please know that we take responsibility for fulfillment and manufacturing errors; we urge customers to reach out to the support team in case there are issues with the store or received products.
We are a stock on demand company and we are constantly going through all of our products to see what options are available and which have stocking issues, so thank you for bringing this up.
Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. In regards to product-adding issues, please reach out to directly.

- Renate

4 juin 2022

The app itself was really easy to use, However, I had purchased a sample of my design on a t-shirt and the quality just wasn't up to the standards I was expecting it looks as if the graphic was spray-painted on because some of the paint was splattered on the side of the text and design. I haven't tested washing the garment to see how it will hold up in the wash. Overall I belive it gets the job done but was hoping for a better quality image.

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Printful a répondu 5 juin 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear about the quality issues with the print. We would always be happy to check on any quality concerns and ensure that the products you receive live up to your expectations. You can submit a problem report by clicking on the order on your Printful account and selecting Problem report or by reaching out to our support team at We'll gladly process the issue from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Modifié le 22 décembre 2019

Your prices are too high on all your items. There are other outlets that perform the same things that charge less. Also, your limited variety is a problem.

Don't Knock Champions
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Printful a répondu 23 décembre 2019

Hi, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! Thank you for your feedback on our prices and variety options! We realize that the prices we offer might not be suitable for everyone, but we consider them fair taking into account that they include print and fulfillment, and they also help to cover such features as our mockup generator and the free integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms that we offer. We also do not have any subscription fees that you would be charged for using our services so you can invest more in developing your store and brand. We do review the prices of our products and features and the prices are decreased whenever possible.

In case there are any products that you would like to see available in Printful. feel free to let us know at! We definitely appreciate user suggestions and requests!

17 janvier 2020

I used this app to try to create sample products, keeped having to start over. Text would just disappear. My order kept getting lost.

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Printful a répondu 18 janvier 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're very sorry to hear you encountered some problems while using our app! We would definitely like to know more about them, so we'll follow-up with you via email shortly.

- Zana