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Modifié le 27 août 2018

Mostly okay. However, lacking in customer service (they always send you links to their articles, like robots), and have major issues with the quality of their embroidery.

Trans Panda
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 8 mois
9 janvier 2018

I hear some good things about the leggings and thought I would give them a try. However the app immediately sucked all my current none Printiful products from my Shopify into their world and left me with no way to remove or ignore (no "select all" option) them other than going through 44 pages of products and wasting my time. Customer service confirmed it was my only option in a rather apathetic manner. I disconnected the app within 15 minutes and will look into other to see how they respect my time before I decide if I am still interested, but not impressed with this start.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 16 minutes
3 décembre 2017

It's easy to design, but customer-wise, shipping is WAY too long. I bought a hoodies for myself so I can take professional photos. I ordered On Monday and it was not fulfilled until yesterday. I won't get it until AFTER christmas. I might as well not even SELL anything for the holidays since no one will get anything on time.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 3 mois
2 décembre 2017


I have operated an online merchandising company since 2008. Our model has been to produce inventory, store it, and ship it out when it sells. Typical retail, nothing new.

We were introduced to Shopify and Printful in late October 2017. It looked like a game-changer - print on demand, no need to handle our own inventory, shipping provided, etc. This method was appealing because it would reduce our financial risk by eliminating the need for inventory, and reduce costs by eliminating the need to handle our our packaging/shipping.

We didn't want to use the service without experiencing it for ourself first, so we placed some sample orders. It was amazing! Products were created and shipped within days of our order. They arrived swiftly. We loved it, and were confident enough that we turned our old store 'off' and turned Shopify and Printful 'on'.

What a mess. Customers placed orders and we quickly learned that the wholesale costs that we were seeing in Printful were USD, not CAD (our store Settings are CAD and we paid the on-screen price for our test orders, not the inflated exchange price). The per-item shipping cost killed us. WE paid out of pocket for our first round of customer orders - deactivated Printful immediately - thank goodness that we can afford to eat the cost. Others might not be so lucky.

We thought the bad dream was over, but then it turned into a nightmare. The quick production/shipping that we experienced? No so for our customers. We had a customer place an order on November 17 and it JUST shipped on December 1, for delivery on December 19. It's 2017 and that's unacceptable, so we just gave the customer a full credit for the cost of their order ($180).

There is no Canadian equivalent of Printful, so we've gone back to producing our goods, holding inventory, and managing shipping ourselves. We're going to stick with Shopify because it means that we don't need to be hands-on with our backend web development anymore.

2 stars because Printful is an amazing service but it just doesn't work in the Canadian retail environment.

When leaving a review, a message appears that says "If you had a bad experience, please try contacting the app developer at before posting a negative review". We could, but realistically there isn't anything that Printful can do except send us cash for the amount that we're out of pocket, and the probability of that is low.

Coast Mercantile
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 3 mois
26 octobre 2017

I have only had a few orders and they have all had issues. The white shirt with black lettering faded after one wash and a customer got a got a hole in their shirt after the second wear. because the issues happened after 30 days, the company can't do anything about it. I used to produce my shirts locally and sell from an inventory. Drop shipping is more convenient but the product is not as consistent and its actually turning out to be more expensive. Will need to rethink this business model.

Leadership Is A Verb Clothing
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 7 mois
Modifié le 18 octobre 2017

It is easy to use and upload products to your shop, however their range of products is incredibly limited, especially in comparison to other t-shirt printing apps. It means my range of products is also very limited, when I would love to add tops and sweaters that aren't just standard t-shirt shape. So, I am rating Printful a 2 out of 5 until they add more products from which to choose. For example it'd be great to have better crop tops, muscle tees with the rolled up sleeves, off-the-shoulder tops, more long sleeve options, especially for women (as there are currently hardly any), and more tank tops. More items from the Bella + Canvas range would be great as I checked their website and they have some really attractive apparel to choose from. It would be brilliant to have some tie-dye tee options too like they have on Zazzle. And there are no organic or eco-friendly options and that would be something else I would like to add to my shop

Basalt Surf
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 10 mois
15 octobre 2017

It's a good app, but it's expensive and customer service is almost non existent.
I've been trying to resolve an issue with one of my products for 2 weeks now and in that time I've only managed to get a couple of emails out of them none of which really helped.
I also tried calling for days and every single time they are too busy to take a call which is something I've never experienced with any other service.
My customers are getting frustrated and so am I, and I'm probably just going to have to refund these orders because I have no idea when this issue will be resolved. So if you use this app just hope that you don't have any orders put on hold because it's gonna stay that way for a while.

Everything else is good, but good customer service is really essential so I can't give this a good rating.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 12 mois
28 septembre 2017

Ordered a sample tote bag so I could test out the process for my customers. Great bag! However shipping to Canada took well over a week, the product was packaged roughly with a crumpled up receipt and was charged a $15 handling fee on delivery.

Clearly not for Canadian shoppers.

Nova Scotia Tidal Salt
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 15 jours
19 septembre 2017

We have abandoned Printful. We tested and they did a good sample, but the constant out of stock and having to set impossible alternatives drove us away. They have one job - keep shirts in stock! What is so hard about that! If they can't do that, then they can't have our business.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 7 mois
2 septembre 2017

I normally do not write negative reviews but I'm so furious with the horrible fulfillment time that my very first customer is getting, or not getting if you want to get technical. So, basically my very FIRST customer ordered a shirt on Aug. 23rd. It is now Sept. 2nd and the shirt is still in the printing stage. The ship out time on the order says between Aug. 29th & Sept. 1st. So of course now it's the weekend and I suspect at this point it'll be another week. It's come to the point where I feel I have to offer this customer a free product from my other collections due to me and the customers inconvenience. This is completely unacceptable and I keep getting the run around on why it hasn't been printed and shipped yet. They told me the tshirt when printed over 4 times, didn't meet their quality control, but the strange thing is this shirt had been ordered after hers and theirs went out the next day after they ordered it, the same exact Tshirts! No quality issue there. Not to mention that I ordered 3 samples of this exact shirt design and everyone received them in a decent time frame without issue. Incidents like this make me want to try other print on demand services or just print ourselves but I've been trying to be so patient but my patience is running very thin right now. I could see if maybe they offer a print/delivery policy something similar to dominos pizza where if it's not delivered within a certain time frame your pizza is free lol... but nothing! No apology, no rhyme or reason, just nothing except for you and your customers to wait for something they paid for. I've put ship times on my website in regards to lengthy times just as a precaution but it's now been 10 days plus the weekend, plus the Labor Day holiday, and hoping they send it by Tuesday Sept. 4th will put this order at 13 days and that's "IF" they ship it on Tuesday. So messed up, smh.

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