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21 juillet 2020

The integration was extremely simple to do. The only problem is... There is NO product available on the Printful website to create images or even add to my Shopify store!!!!

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Printful a répondu 21 juillet 2020

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

To help us catch up with order volume, we had disabled the option to add products with slow fulfillment through our Product Push Generator, these are all products in DTG, and apparel embroidery for Printful customers located in the US and Canada. Please note that existing products in your store and incoming orders won't be affected. We are hoping to enable our product push generator for embroidery items at the end of July and DTG items in the middle of August. Please follow the latest updates on our Covid-19 page

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at


Modifié le 29 juin 2020

Started off ok. Easy to setup. However, I had 5 orders delayed for over a month because they updated an item (Black hoodie 1 replaced with Black hoodie 2). I received zero notification that the item was not out of stock, nor did I receive any notice that my orders had been delayed.
Having been told by support that I now "just" had to go manually update all my designs I got an error that the platform wasn't working. Customer support told me (of course) that this was a shopify problem and I should clear cache/cookies and reload. So I did. To the same error.
Deleted the app and installed Tpop.

Panda Sunglasses
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Printful a répondu 8 juillet 2020

Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been entirely positive so far, but I hope we can improve it moving forward!

We apologize for the miscommunication with the product stock. The way we update product stock status and confirm orders would ensure that we'd be notifying you as soon as we have information about the stock levels. We do see that the emails notifying the stock delays were sent to you.

As you are already in contact with our customer support team, we will do the best we can to resolve this issue for you!

If you have any additional feedback for us, be sure to reach out at!


Modifié le 28 juin 2020

Disappointed with the turnaround time for producing and shipping shirts... I have had orders sitting since June 6th it is not June 28th and still waiting for fulfillment.

(1 star because i know they can do better...but maybe they are choosing not to)

Yes, people are aware of the COVID-19 delay but several businesses are being held up or have come to a stand still waiting on Printful to get their shipping options together. The is bad business and we are currently shopping for a new Vendor...

I am a manager at a fulfillment center. COVID has cause us to be 10 times busier and we have only experienced a noticeable delay of ONE day for certain a 4-6 week delay in printing a tee shirt is un-excusable.

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Printful a répondu 30 juin 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're sorry that the orders are taking a longer time to be fulfilled! We are experiencing longer production times due to the situation with Covid-19 and an unexpectedly high order volume at this time of year. The order volume we have been seeing at this time is comparable to Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and with the various restrictions and limitations in place to keep workers healthy and safe, some products are taking more time to be fulfilled. By temporarily disabling sample orders and some products in the product push, we are already seeing improvements in fulfillment time for the most affected product categories.

We understand that these delays are not pleasant for our users and we sincerely apologize for them. We are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible and we hope to return to our normal fulfillment times very soon!

If there's anything we can help with or if there's anything else you'd like to share about your time with us, let us know at!

- Zana

21 juin 2020

I am getting close to just giving up and closing my account. The Printful Amazon integration is a disaster. I followed the directions and then got a 5665 error code. I don't have a trademarked brand. I brought it up with them, and I brought it up with Amazon, and despite me making it very clear that I did not intend to apply through Brand Registry, they kept pushing it and ignoring my questions and concerns. They then tell me to get around this error, I have to list my brand as "Generic". Amazon said this, and then I brought it up with Printful and they said to go ahead with that. When I encountered an error with products not syncing again, the Printful support agent said, "I noticed your settings has your brand name listed as "Generic"." Then they told me to change it back to the store name. It keeps going in circles. Neither Amazon or Printful seems to fully understand how this works, even though they're the ones who set it up. How do you not know how your own stuff works? Sometimes they have told me in order to get around errors that I should start from scratch again and put in another GTIN exemption request, which takes days of work. This has become a major inconvenience for me. They make it seem so simple and yet it has taken weeks and weeks to get it done, and yet I haven't even gotten started. Anytime I bring up issues with Amazon, they don't even acknowledge what Printful is, or seem to understand it. Printful doesn't seem to understand Amazon either. Any error encountered is explained with automatic and incoherent responses, there's never online chat support available, and if I try to reach them through email, they take days to respond. This has been extremely unfair. I have gone out of my way, and spent money to start an Amazon Seller Account to get this set up, and I haven't even gotten started on it because no matter what I do, there's an error, and the instructions are not clear enough. They tell me to refer to a video tutorial, which I followed fully and encountered errors. You need more than a video for instructions. You need a page with full written instructions that are comprehensive and will explain what to do in case of an error, but there aren't any pages or documents like that. This has been an awful experience. I just want some clear answers. This is how you lose business. If you keep confusing your customers, you won't have any customers.

Bigfoot Paintings by Michael Wawrzyniec
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Printful a répondu 25 juin 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're very sorry to hear you are encountering some difficulties with the Printful + Amazon integration!

The Printful + Amazon integration is one of our more complex integrations and can take a longer time to set up, however, it is definitely possible to connect the two platforms. If there is an error originating in Amazon, it may not be possible to resolve it in Printful, because the platforms, essentially, are separate and some things can only be done on one platform, while others on the other platform. Of course, we understand that encountering an error is not pleasant and our team would try to assist with suggestions and solutions on how to resolve the issue. I see you have mentioned you encountered error 5665, which, unfortunately, may be causing some issues with finishing setting up the integration.

I see you have been in contact with our team about your Amazon integration and I have followed up with you with some more details on error 5665 and, hopefully, the information will help resolve the error should you give another try at the Printful + Amazon integration!

- Zana

17 juin 2020

seriously Printful... disabling the option to add products with slow fulfillment. That's how you lose businesses just saying.

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Printful a répondu 18 juin 2020

Hi, thank you for your review!
We have temporarily disabled products with the longest production times in the product push. This means that new products can't be created using these products, but existing products will still be fulfilled when ordered. This is a temporary decision and we expect it to help us catch up with the current order volume and return to our normal fulfillment times sooner.

We recommend following our Covid-19 updates page for the latest updates in fulfillment times and related things:

Hopefully, the situation normalizes soon and we can continue providing fast services to our users!

If there's anything we can help with or if you have any concerns, be sure to let us know at!

- Zana

6 juin 2020

This app is easy to install and it is easy to create new products. The problem: When people ORDER. I had a client order a t-shirt (a t-shirt!!) in early May. After several weeks, I wrote to them. They blamed Covid-19 for the delay and said it would be a month (for a t-shirt...'cause they first have to do research and INVENT the t-shirt). THEN, they said THAT type of mystical t-shirt was out of stock. TWO choices: cancel order or change the order. I changed the order. Now, one month since the original order, I was told that I am looking at late JUNE for the order to be fulfilled.

The customer service was prompt (I will grant them that) but a bit condescending. In all, this has been VERY disappointing. I am ACTIVELY exploring other options.

The Shepherd Comic
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Printful a répondu 9 juin 2020

Hi there, thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you! I’m sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn’t been the most positive so far, but I hope we can improve it moving forward!

Due to the situation with Covid-19, we are still encountering fulfillment delays and for DTG printed items, the current fulfillment timeframe estimate is 23-28 business days in the USA. We are seeing these delays due to the various state restrictions and an increased order volume, which we were not expecting at this time. We are hiring more production staff and up-scaling our printing tech, to help us fulfill orders faster, while keeping the health of our employees at our facilities in mind. Fulfillment delay is expected for the time being, but I hope we can catch up soon!

I am sorry to hear that the order also encountered an out of stock item, I definitely understand how this can make the situation more unpleasant. We do notify our users as timely as we can in case there is an issue with the stock for an item, but rarely, we may not receive information about the stock of the items being as early as we’d like, but we would still notify you timely.

When you are making changes to an order, the order’s estimated fulfillment timeframe will reset, which means that the order will be pushed back to the end of the queue at that moment.
I can definitely understand how these events can add up to an unpleasant experience for you and we sincerely apologize for this. We understand that timely fulfillment is important for our users and all of our teams are working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as they can.
I will follow up with you via email as well and we’ll work on fulfilling your order as soon as possible!

- Zana

4 juin 2020

The wait times have just become horrible. It has made me look extremely bad as a seller and lost clients. I've had to respond to so many messages and some not pleasant from some clients or now former clients. I understand the virus delay but a month plus is just absurd. I have another company on my site that does the same drop ship for me. They have been shipping on a normal time frame since it all + their pricing on tees is way lower then printful allowing you to actually make something, and their shipping is way lower. That itself is another dowside of printful is their shipping prices are off and cost our clients if not yourself the little but of leftover their is to make. Only reason I haven't made the full switch is which i will give credit to printful is their platform is a bit superior and they offer sleeve printing. Although at this point I may just have to pull the plug on printful it is just ridiculous. I would prefer to stay on if they could get back to pre rona status, but if this goes on another month i'm done. I can no longer stay on and continue to damage our image over this massive issue by printful. At this point I should just go to a local ship and print on demand that way. Way to many orders waiting in que not even in the printing stage, and it's not like this is a shipping issue. This is a massive fulfillment issue right now.

American Morale Operation
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Printful a répondu 5 juin 2020

Hi there, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! We are sorry to hear that the fulfillment delays are creating a negative experience for you, but I hope we can improve it moving forward! I want to assure you that we are working as fast as we can to fulfill all orders and we understand the importance of timely fulfillment and delivery.

Given the unusual circumstances we are enduring with Covid-19, some of our fulfillment facilities were operating at limited capacity with fulfillment teams working on a voluntary basis and due to an increase in order volume, fulfillment delays can still be expected for the time being. We hope to return to our regular fulfillment times soon as we are hiring more production staff and upscaling our fulfillment equipment. We are still providing our current estimated fulfillment timeframes on this page (the estimates are subject to change).

Regarding our prices - we thank you for your feedback on this and we'll take it into account! We do review the costs of our products, shipping, as well as other services regularly and lower them whenever possible. Our product prices help cover various features on our site and the free integrations we offer, but we also understand the importance of customer-friendly and affordable pricing and try to find ways how to make our products more cost-effective.

These are difficult times many businesses and industries are going through and we are doing the best we can to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible to continue providing our services to our users. We recognize that longer fulfillment times may not be ideal for some users, but we are doing our best to catch up with the order volume and normalize the situation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime!

- Zana

27 mai 2020

wait times for products can be ridiculous if you order something from their US depo and you are based over seas or vice versa.

I have customers waiting almost 2 months on orders. printful are taking way more orders then they can handle at the moment.

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Printful a répondu 27 mai 2020

Hi, thank you for your review, we really appreciate hearing from you! We are very sorry to hear that some orders have not arrived yet! I definitely understand that this is not a pleasant occurrence and I hope that we can improve your time with us moving forward!

Our fulfillment is experiencing delays due to Covid-19 and we recommend referring to our up-to-date estimated fulfillment timeframes right here: We are working as fast as possible to ship out all orders, but production delays are expected for the time being. Additionally, deliveries can also experience some delays as various Covid-19 restrictions and limitations are still in place across the world which are affecting cargo travel between locations.

We understand that encountering these delays is not pleasant and we hope the production and delivery timeframes normalize soon. It is important to us that we provide a timely and high-quality service to our users and we are working diligently to return back to our regular fulfillment timeframes.

We will follow up with you via email on your order as well!

- Zana

20 mai 2020

One of my customers sent pictures of the shirt they received with STAINS. During the COVID-19 pandemic you would think they would go the extra mile to make sure their products are SAFE for consumers. Really sad because I never had any issues with them in the past.

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Printful a répondu 21 mai 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're very sorry that there was a quality issue with the received item!
Items arriving with stains is certainly not up to our quality standards and should not be an expected condition of the product. The product should not have passed through our quality check in this condition and we sincerely apologize this occurred. I see our team has assisted with a resolution for this error and we really thank you for reporting this situation to us.

I'm sure that future items will arrive in great condition, but in case you have any questions or concerns about the product quality or anything else, please let us know at anytime!

- Zana

17 mai 2020

It’s so sad this App used make me a crazy amount of money, but now I’ve had to deal with so many refunds because fulfillment can go from 2 weeks min to a month not including the shipping which gives customers no hope. Of all the printing apps they are hit the worse by Covid 19 by far even with it settling down now.

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Printful a répondu 20 mai 2020

Thank you for your review!
We're sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been great, but hope we can improve it moving forward.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has also hit CA and NC, which is where we have two of our fulfillment locations and the government has issued the "Safer from Home" orders, which means that we've had to limit our production at these facilities and distribute incoming orders to our other (MX and EU) facilities, as well as look for backup facility options.
You can see our latest Covid-19 updates and fulfillment estimates here:

The carriers we work with have also reported seeing delivery delays across the entire industry, as this global pandemic is affecting everyone.

We're doing the best we can to ensure that all of our customer orders still get fulfilled in a timely fashion and that every issue that's presented to us is quickly assessed and met with a solution, keeping the health of our employees, as well as our customer businesses in mind, we'll weather this crisis together!

I also recommend checking out our advice on how to handle this crisis as an online business owner on our blog:
And on YouTube:

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to us at!

- Vita