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11 novembre 2023

Has lot's of problems. Mockup Images sometimes are blurry even with good DPI. Logo In mockup look's in different size compered to template, sometimes even in slightly different location. Sometimes pages load infinity time when waiting for upload and u must restart page and start from beggining. Some products even dont have a mockup view and u can't tell how final product look's till you push it to the store. Its hard to work with printful templates. There is no mirror copy, and most of the products dont have grid view, and if is than it is far from good. Its impossible to make identical shoes without mirror view. There is lot's to update and fix so user can make their own design without stress.

Dark Philosophy
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Printful a répondu 13 novembre 2023

Hi there!
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.
Mockup images are meant to help your customers visualize the product, however, they are computer-generated images and are not 100% accurate. We also take into consideration that higher-quality mockups are much heavier and load longer which might affect your store. This is also the reason why some products like all-over print and sublimation products don't have mockup previews. However, if you create a template first, you can download all mockups to take a closer look before submitting the product to store.
Grid view is available for products with specific print area while sublimation and all-over print products don't have such restrictions. While we don't have a specific mirror feature, in the transform option you can choose to flip the image horizontally and you can also use the reflect option in the pattern tool.
However, please know that we are constantly working on improvements and we aim to make store management and product adding as easy as possible. We sincerely appreciate your patience!

20 décembre 2023

I'm yet to order a product but so far so good

That Look
7 jours d’utilisation de l’application
3 novembre 2023

Could be better

Environ 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Printful a répondu 6 novembre 2023

Hi! Thank you for the review.
We are constantly working on improvements and we aim to make store management and product adding as easy as possible. You can also reach out to us with some suggestions you may have at

18 octobre 2023

I order a sample of some of my designs and have not received them

MR Clothing & More
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
13 novembre 2023

Buena página para personas que quieran a dar a conocer sus propios diseños, así como cualquier tipo de impresión,

Miart CH
2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 4 janvier 2024

So far so good!

Zani's Print Store
22 jours d’utilisation de l’application
5 septembre 2023

Mock up generator is extremely slow, support is not very skilled and Branding Options are limited

11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
5 octobre 2023

Prezada equipe do Printful,

Como CEO da Esot Store, gostaria de compartilhar algumas reflexões sobre nossa parceria. É inegável que o custo dos produtos oferecidos pelo Printful é aproximadamente 65% maior em comparação com outras plataformas brasileiras de print-on-demand. Este fato é lamentável, mas gostaria de destacar que a integração e o desempenho geral da plataforma são notáveis.

Recentemente, adquiri uma amostra de um produto impresso através do Printful, e tenho que admitir que a qualidade da impressão não atendeu completamente às nossas expectativas. No entanto, é importante mencionar que o tecido utilizado foi aceitável em termos de qualidade.

A qualidade do serviço que recebemos, a facilidade de uso da plataforma e a confiabilidade na execução de pedidos têm sido pontos altos em nossa colaboração com o Printful. Esses aspectos têm contribuído significativamente para a eficiência e o sucesso de nossa operação.

Embora o custo seja uma preocupação legítima para nós, acreditamos que a qualidade e a confiabilidade também desempenham um papel crucial em nossa capacidade de atender aos nossos clientes e manter nossa reputação de excelência. No entanto, estamos abertos a discutir possíveis soluções ou ajustes nos preços, se houver margem para negociação.

Gostaria de agradecer pela parceria até agora e espero que possamos continuar a colaborar para melhorar ainda mais nossos serviços e produtos para benefício mútuo.

Luan Weber
CEO, Esot Store

Esot Store
28 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 15 avril 2023

I first started printful in 2019, because they made dropshipping easy, they are trustworthy and they have one of the best apps easily. However, I am taking branding more seriously and i realize printful becomes less and less useful for anybody who wants to brand their clothes.

1. I find shirts that only offer outside labels. That means, you have your logo on the outside and another brands logo on the inside. That's like having nike on the outside and adidas on the inside. That's brand confusion.

2. And those same apparel models are offered by other dropshippers with the option to remove or peel away the inside tags and add your own tag. Why in the world would i pay for an outside below the collar print, when you still have the inside tag from another brand? Would you trust a person if they told you their real name was Paul, but then you see their ID and it says Jeff?

I am literally trying to use printful even though they are more expensive. But they don't take branding seriously imo. I moved printful up to 3 stars because they have excellent delivery track record and makes dropshipping easy, especially for beginners. But we would love to have the inside tag sorted out somehow.
Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Printful a répondu 11 avril 2023


Thank you for sharing your concerns.
Indeed, some products don't have the option to add an inside label, only an outside one for your logo. We are offering various different products in our catalog and while most of our customers are store owners, we still want to offer more product options for everyone and the tear-away label depends on the manufacturer and our agreement with the supplier. We continue adding more products with branding option. We sincerely appreciate your patience!
Prices in the industry have overall increased due to inflation, but we still offer various features for free (mockups, support, design generator, designs and cliparts).
We're thankful for the feedback you have provided!

8 mai 2023

The app is nice, the product quality so far that we received is good however the big down fall is lack of product selection. They offer the exact same run of the mill items you find everywhere else. most of what they have to offer are things we would never sell. I hope this improves. Customer support was lacking before, hopefully it's better now. We've not had a need to contact them for anything but we do not really sell a lot of products from this company. Their prices are way too expensive to be competitive when the market is saturated with the same products

The Tiki Yard
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