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18 febbraio 2014

What a fantastic company.

For about a month I have been using Printful for T-Shirt printing and fulfillment, replacing another print on demand company that I had grown very dissatisfied with. I could not have made a better choice.

Among the reasons to go with Printful:
-They turn out a good product that I am proud to sell.
-They have a good selection of products at very competitive prices.
-They have impeccable customer support. I have always had my questions answered promptly, and when I had questions that could not be immediately answered, the checked into it and got back to me quickly.
-Packaging and shipping uses labels with my logo.
- I have always been promptly notified or alerted on any matters that might effect my inventory.
-Very easy to integrate and sync with Shopify.

I could go on and on.

Shirts and Grins
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14 febbraio 2014

I had to take a minute and write about my experience with the crew at Printful. They are awesome! I've seen a few look alike companies while doing my research but none have the API, the competitive pricing and the customer service. Those factors are what give me the confidence to offer shirts for my customers, where before last month I wouldn't have thought this to be possible on my budget.

I received phone communication and email support so I'm sure they are real people and are there to help.

It took me a few minutes to setup my images in photoshop but I was able to figure it out pretty fast and get the images uploaded.

This is the cool part, I received a couple of orders on my website within the first 24 hours of posting up my "mock up images." I created the mock up images using my t-shirt graphics and the Free mock up shirt images that I downloaded at printful.

I will be adding many designs to my store, it's so nice to receive an order and not have to do anything at all.... The Dang API even fulfilled my order through shopify when the t-shirt was marked for delivery. I couldn't believe it, I thought for sure I'd at least have to manually enter the tracking #'s.

Oh yeah, and they offered a Made in the USA Organic T-shirt. That was a must.

All in all 10/10

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7 febbraio 2014

The app integration is great, much better than all of the other apps I tested before opening my store… The variety of products and the turn around time to delivery were the deciding factors for me… Many successful orders and no problems with the process so far… There were a couple of hiccups with sample shirt prints that I received, but the customer support team addressed my concerns quickly and were helpful in figuring out what went wrong. My only suggestion would be a tighter QA process… Since we aren't able to see our products before they go out for order, you guys have to be our eyes on quality for our customers.

The PopLyfe
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5 febbraio 2014

Tried first and had a series of frustrating experiences with them, then I discovered Printful and switched. Best...decision...ever. It truly is fully automated and once it's set up, I don't have to do anything. This is already saving me tons of time and allowing me to increase the number of products I can offer in my store since I no longer have to purchase inventory up front. My only complaint is no discounts for bulk order of the same style/color/design. But for just-in-time production of single items, this is by far the best solution.

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30 gennaio 2014

It does what it's supposed to, but I would have preferred a little more integration, so I wasn't having to fill out all of my products in Shopify, and then mapping them all one by one in Printful.

Also, required complaint that the paid features aren't also free. But otherwise great.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 9 mesi
24 gennaio 2014

I have done a lot of research before choosing a t-shirt order fulfillment company and I decided to go with Printful. I am glad I did, they have done an excellent job at fulfilling my orders. I did have a customer receive a t-shirt with a wrong design on it but Printful responded quickly and had the correct shirt sent out that day. The advantage of Printful over other companies is no monthly subscription, best prices, and a variety of products to choose from. If you are sitting on the fence on what company to go with, go with Printful you will not regret it!

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8 gennaio 2014

Great app. It was super easy to set up and it has automated my whole ordering, fulfillment, and shipping process. The products are great quality and the Printful team is super responsive and friendly. Definitely happy with Printful's performance so far!

Stateside Posters
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10 dicembre 2013

I know the CEO personally and not only is he an amazing guy but he takes his businesses seriously! This company is going places. Their products are great and they have state of the art equipment. There is no reason for you NOT to use them!

The Dirt Paleo Personal Care
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28 novembre 2013

The Printful team is the best we have worked with to date! They are always there when we have a question, issue or concern. Further, they are actively updating their interface and services... all in all it makes for a great experience.

Chasers Co
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