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2020년 12월 17일

We used to love Printful, but now they've shifted to shipping their items from other countries and making their customers responsible for any charges and taxes that come with that. The worst part is that they don't even tell you. We've had two of the same item in different orders ship from two different countries and were charged completely different prices. This makes it impossible to know what to charge our customers and resulted in us losing money, essentially paying for some of our customers to get a free item. Customer service reps are rude, unhelpful, and even threatening. Printful needs to get its act together.

Sic Tranist Gloriaa
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답글 Printful개 2020년 12월 18일

Thank you for sharing your review! We are sorry to hear your time hasn't been the best lately, but we hope to improve it moving forward!

When agreeing to use our services you have agreed to our TOS Section 1. and 5.D, you can find this information here: https://www.printful.com/policies/terms-of-service.
Order routing happens automatically using an advanced algorithm to ensure your customers can receive the orders in a timely manner.

We also have this information available on the pricing tab in our Product & Pricing catalog as well as in our FAQ's: https://help.printful.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014068659-Can-I-choose-where-my-products-are-fulfilled-

We also wanted to note that we pride ourselves in the high quality of our products and services, which is why we evaluate each problem report in great detail, to make sure that we provide you with the best services possible.
I understand how this situation can be unpleasant for you and I have reached out to you directly to gather more information and hopefully, we can find a solution!


2023년 4월 10일

Anyone giving this service more than a star doesn't sell more than 2 shirts a month.

We spend about $4,000/month with Printful and they couldn't care less about us. Imagine if YOU had a customer paying you $4,000/month and you had a rough 100% markup like they do. About 15% of the orders have one issue or another.

Packages lost, that Printful has refused to replace, because they can't be bothered to submit a ticket with USPS. Designs printed on the wrong side of the garment. Holes in garments. Sending products to your customers from other shops, instead of yours and some of the things they've sent have been humiliating and we've had to explain to the customer how it wasn't one of our products. I could write an entire novel with all of the issues we've had.

I make a point to let them know about every single issue that they cause in hopes of their service eventually improving and they've BANNED us from their live chat, because there are so many mistakes made and they clearly don't want to hear about them.

Own Your Stigma
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답글 Printful개 2023년 4월 11일


Thank you for writing a review.
We're sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please know that it has never been our intention to inconvenience you. We have certain policies when it comes to shipping issues and each case is reviewed individually.
While our prices may be a bit higher than other providers, our prices also reflect our 24/7 support, free clipart, designs, mockups and option to edit the designs with our generator.
We're thankful you are taking the time to report each mistake since we are constantly improving based on your feedback. We ship out thousands of orders each day from each of the facilities, so some errors can happen but we do take responsibility for them.
Please note that users are not banned from chat, our chat at times is not available due to long queues, however, we are available via email 24/7

Thank you for sharing your concerns, they help us look into situations closer and improve the services we offer.

2020년 11월 20일

The orders are taking a very long time to get delivered. No communication from their side and customer support number is no longer working. If I could give zero stars, I would.

Nu Noveltees
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답글 Printful개 2020년 11월 23일

Thank you for your review! At this time, our standard phone support is not available. We're focusing on assisting customers via chat and email. Could you please send us your account email address along with the order number to feedback@printful.com? We'd like to check the status of this order along with the previous communication you've had with our Support team.


2020년 7월 3일

I should have checked their company history and BBB rating before ever using this manufacturer! I have had nothing but problems. They have cost me customers, and money. The latest problem was the last straw- I created an item and ordered it as a sample for myself (May 30). I received notification (from printful) on June. 8 that it had shipped. I received notification on June.9 (from DHL) that an electronic shipping label had been created. I waited and waited for the arrival date of June 16- June 22 - still no package. I messaged printful and was told to just keep waiting- it's on the way. So, on June 29, I contacted DHL - they told me that never received the package, and therefore nothing was coming- I should contact the manufacturer. So, on June.29 I contacted Printful again (after waiting in a queu line of 66 people to virtual chat because they have NO PHONE NUMBER)- I was again told to just keep waiting. I told them that DHL never received the package. They denied everything and took no responsibillty and told me to just keep waiting. I finally received a call back from a manager 2 days later- and was told- yes, there was an error-the item was never shipped. Tracking was never updated, I was never notified- nothing- and I had to DEMAND a refund in order to get one. After all of this, i received another e-mail (from a different manager) giving me a completely different story- and telling me to keep waiting. UNBELIEVABLE! This company is shady, has horrible customer service, and is completely unreliable! STAY AWAY!

Streetside Apparel
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답글 Printful개 2020년 8월 10일

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing your feedback!
We are, however, sorry to see that you have met with these concerns, it should certainly not be the expected quality for our shipments.

From what we understand, this order was lost in transit, even though it was shipped out from our fulfillment facility, as this is also something that can happen on the way to the carrier.

Our phone support has been off, while we helped clear the large email backlog, but we see that you have successfully reached us via a call and we hope these concerns are now put to rest.

If you have any additional feedback, as well as any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out at feedback@printful.com!

- Vita

2017년 4월 6일

What used to be a great company has devolved into a corporate brute that is impossible to work with. The end user is at fault for EVERYTHING and Printful cuts corners to earn even more money from any mistake. Rather than putting a system in place to warn the end user of any potential sync issues Printful pockets the additional money spent creating replacement orders. Don't ever expect customer service to be helpful. They are available solely to tell you there's nothing to be done but have you place more orders.

I used to be so proud of Printful and happy with the service, now we're planning on switching as soon as possible.

American Car Craft 2
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2020년 7월 13일

Terrible for Shopify/Amazon/Ebay stores - NO regard for customer service, delivery windows. Dishonest support answers.

I run an Amazon store, a shopify store and an ebay store. I integrated printful to do some of the on demand printing.
When Covid started, there seemed to be a mad rush to get my orders fulfilled as if they wanted to rush production before they got shut down. Then mid April every week a new change would happen with fulfillment times. Constantly changing their "window" on previously existing orders even though the orders were already placed under the delivery windows published at the time.
So I would put an item on Amazon or Shopify or eBay, going with the Covid scheduling, saying "This will ship in 14 business days...".. customer places order thinking this is true. 4 days later Printful changes its policy silently (unless you constantly check their ugly website blog) saying, orders take up to 4 weeks. So now what? 1st off, your Amazon seller metrics take a hit if you do not deliver the order within the original 14 days or if you cancel the order, and your customer can leave you a bad review because they didn't get their shirt on time.... Customer support takes no responsibility for this, simply saying "our blog updates show the timeframe"...
Then when you think it can't get worse, Printful decides to start having orders for the USA printed in Latvia, at which point they sit in a warehouse waiting for other orders to ship to North Carolina where they then re-ship to the customers. Blank garments sourced in Europe are NOT materially the same as blank garments sourced in the USA. And they are not the items I ordered. Printful denies this though my Gildan rep does not. They also tell me that they can't cancel or rush an order as it is already sitting in Latvia and replace it with a USA order, even though I NEVER agreed to such a ridiculous fulfillment method.
There is NO transparancy with Printful, their support tells me it will take 48 hours for a manager to "get back to me" then after 40 minutes of pushing i got to talk to someone in Latvia and then someone in NC all of which are dishonest.
And here is a real unethical issue.
Printful puts priority on Amazon store orders over Shopify and eBay store orders. With 99% of orders I got for all my stores of the same items going to the same places on the same days, the Shopify and eBay orders took 3-5 times longer to process/fullfil. They will NOT admit this, but it is happening internally.

Avoid printful if you don't want to wait 4-6 weeks for your order to start being processed if you have an external store where metrics or feedback are important. You will take a hit and they will do NOTHING to rectify it.

Coolest Shirts On Earth
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답글 Printful개 2020년 7월 16일

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing your feedback on our services. I'm truly sorry to hear your experience hasn't been the best, I hope we can improve it going forward!

I absolutely see how frustrating these fulfillment and shipping delays can be for you as a business owner.
During these difficult times, when we still see the effects of Covid-19 restrictions, the order fulfillment will really take longer than our regular 2-7 business day time frame. At this time, we are working based on average estimates, not hard deadlines and we wouldn't be able to guarantee any specific deadlines. Our fulfillment estimated time frame can change weekly or even daily based on the current situation in our facilities so it is possible for the fulfillment to take even longer than originally expected.

Covid-19 has been a challenge for many businesses out there. We have continuously provided many resources with the latest information on our Covid-19 page as well as providing tools such as this blog post ( https://www.printful.com/blog/covid-19-and-online-stores/ ) on how to inform the customers about these changes and manage expectations about order delivery. We strongly recommend to check the information and updates on your store platform to make sure you’re compliant with seller guidelines.

About the order fulfillment queues. Although we try to fulfill orders in first in- first out basis, the way orders are fulfilled would depend on the products as well as their quantity, the fulfillment center, variant specifics, printing areas and many other factors. This means that the orders can be fulfilled at different speeds. We will always try our best to route the orders to the closest facility based on the customer's location, during Covid-19 your orders could be routed to other facilities, where we think the order can be fulfilled more efficiently. This information can also be found on our Covid-19 page (link here https://www.printful.com/covid-19).

I’ve sent you a quick follow up about your experience with using our services, I hope we can find the best solution that works for you going forward!

If you have any additional feedback or anything else, please send us a message to feedback@printful.com


2021년 8월 16일에 편집됨

UPDATE: my experience using the warehouse. It quite frustrating. Several times my products from the warehouse simply disappeared. Each time I had to prove that the products existed before and fight to get compensation for lost item. Never believe the amount of the warehouse items is stock that they show on the warehouse page. Double check how many items you had in stock and how many were shipped out to keep the track on your side. Also they have a tricky "30 days deadline" to submit the complaint regarding the item lost it transit. If the item wasn't delivered within 30 days and you sent a complaint before a deadline, they will refuse to pay the compensation until you wait for another 45 days. But if you complain on 31st day they will refuse to investigate your complaint all together, which is very hippocratic and illogical. Customer service. The main issue is that each time you get a reply from a different person, even if you continue to discuss the same issue. That is frustrating since you need to explain the issue each time from the beginning and prove your point over and over again. Original review: Since "location" feature was introduced I have to fulfill all warehouse products manually just because I use printful and other fulfilling solutions simultaneously.
It was semi-automatic before update, but not any more. Developer basically ignored all feedback and there will be no solution for the problem in the near future.
Also "location" feature were activated without any warning or consent, this feature ruined all shipping profiles and created a mess in the store, I had to spend hours fixing everything.

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답글 Printful개 2021년 8월 16일

Hey, there!

Thank you very much for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about your experience with our services. We take your feedback regarding the warehoused products seriously and will investigate further to see what happened and how warehousing processes can be improved in the future to improve your experience.

Due to the worldwide situation shipping speeds were slowed than previously, however since the situation has improved, we no longer ask you to wait an extended additional time to receive coverage for lost items. Please submit a problem report after the estimated delivery date has passed and there are no recent tracking updates indicating that the shipment is still moving but slightly delayed.

We want to provide fast replies to your emails to help you resolve any issues as fast as possible, however, if you don't mind longer response times, please request to speak to one support agent and we will honor your request.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via feedback@printful.com if you have any additional feedback or any other concerns.


2020년 8월 5일에 편집됨

They do a decent job. Turnaround time is spotty, lots of complaints from customers on orders not shipping past the 7 business day timeframe, only to be told items are "restocking" after I've confirmed they will ship on time. Spend more time dealing with unhappy customers and refunding orders than I'd like. Their customer service is lip service at best, and you get 3 different answers from 3 different people. Phasing out this manufacturer as fast as I can.

Sarah Marie Design Studio
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답글 Printful개 2019년 4월 4일

Hi, thank you for your review! I'm so sorry to hear that you have encountered situations with out of stock items! Since we print on demand, many of our products are also stocked on demand which means that they may not be in stock when your order is placed. However, we can generally have the products restocked within a few business days and fulfill your order as quickly as possible. We would love to hear more about your experience with our customer support and other services which is why we have reached out to you via email for further details.

- Zana

2020년 11월 2일

Customer service is horrible! It was much better pre-Covid when you could speak to someone. I've had stock issues and I keep sending screenshots and explaining the problem and the reps keep bringing up a totally separate item which has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. It's like I'm talking to myself.

Crimson and Clover Studio
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답글 Printful개 2020년 11월 3일

Thank you for sharing your review with us, we are so sorry to hear your time at Printful has been unpleasant lately, but we hope to improve it moving forward!

I was able to find your inquiry and I truly apologize for the miscommunication on our part, we'll investigate this internally to improve our services.

I have followed up with you directly to gather more information and hopefully find a solution to your problem.


2018년 12월 21일에 편집됨

UPDATE: 24 hours after fulfillment was promised and no movement. The new customer service rep was unaware there were any problems and nothing had been flagged for review or production.

ORIGINAL: Great software, lousy fulfillment. We have used Printful several times this year for several hundred shirts. Their integration, set up, software, etc. is all amazing. It just works like it should. The problem is with fulfillment. For the holiday season we had several orders placed on hold for issues. When the issues were resolved, Printful just left them on hold. Several chats, emails and calls later — still on hold. Customer service rep couldn't tell us why. She also wasn't sure how to fix it. These customers won't be. getting their shirts in time for the holidays. Also, out of 100 holiday-season orders, we have had five customers sent shirts by other designers. By the time we could get a photo from the customer (Printful's request), the shirts reordered, etc., these customers too will no longer have them in time for the holidays. To the customers, we dropped the ball, not the transparent provider. So, no matter how good the software and set up is, if the customer service and fulfillment behind it falls apart, you need to find another print-on-demand provider.

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