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2022년 5월 4일

Truly terrible company. I made a design which received dozens of orders, and now it’s placed on hold because of “copyrighted material”
1. it contains no copyrighted material at all
2. After being proven wrong when I supported myself with evidence, they flat out refused to admit it and said “all decisions are final”
I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone as long as they continue like this.

The Bear Necessities
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답글 Printful개 2022년 5월 4일

Thank you for sharing your experience.
While we understand how upsetting this is, please note that we take copyright issues very seriously. Upon signing up to Printful you agree to our Terms of Service and our policies. One of them is regarding acceptable content.
The designs you choose to print must comply with the right of publicity, trademark, and copyright laws. We expect print-ready files from all users and we expect the designs to follow these policies.
That said, our content team is still reviewing your case, thank you for your patience and understanding!

- Renate

2022년 4월 28일

Order Three White Sample Shirts. Two were dispatched and the third was not. After 5 or so days (after given shipment date) I contacted Support they never gave a reason as to why the order was not printed together or why the other shirt was late on printing and delivery. He just said he was sorry and moved it up in queue. Well according to their tracking info it was dispatched to carrier on 4/21/2022 IT DID NOT ARRIVED UNTIL 4/26/2022 It is supposedly now in transit. I order all three shirts on 4/11/2022. This is entirely too long especially with no reason as to why they were printed separately. SAVE YOUR TIME, EFFORT, AND CUSTOMERS use this service at your own risk. The reviews on here and Google are accurate.

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답글 Printful개 2022년 4월 28일


Thank you for your review and for sharing your experience. We're sorry to hear that it hasn't been the most positive, but certainly hope to improve it moving forward!

Occasionally, an order can be split into multiple shipments, if some items become unexpectedly out of stock, as it was in this case, for one of your T-shirts. This ensures that you receive most of your products as soon as possible. We do apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused!

If you have any other questions, concerns or additional feedback you would like to share with us - feel free to reach out to us at

2022년 4월 26일

Impossible to deal with them. Way too many shipping issues and they always find an excuse not to send a replacement or issue a refund even though the deadlines have long surpassed the date given, even when the label is the issue which they create. They will always find a way not to help. You are left with angry customers bashing your store because of the greed and incompetence of Printful. They are awful and I am now replacing all my prints. Trust me just don't do it.

Davina Shefet Art Store
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답글 Printful개 2022년 4월 26일


Thanks for sharing your experience!

We're truly sorry to hear it's been negative. It's our goal to provide the best quality services and although shipping issues can happen, it shouldn't be a regular occurrence.

We were able to find your on-going communication with us and see that our customer support agent is already in touch with our Shipping team to get more info about the package. We absolutely get how frustrating it can be to wait for a solution, especially in such situations, but we want to do what we can to ensure that such errors don't repeat and the delivery is successful for the reshipment.

We'll follow-up with you by email shortly with more info and hopefully, we can resolve this asap and try to turn your experience in a better one! :)

2022년 4월 20일


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답글 Printful개 2022년 4월 21일


2022년 3월 15일

The app has a bug its developers can't fix. Precisely, The shipping rate zone of Printful is empty, which means a customer can't complete the order, and my designed tees are worthless. I timely consult Printful customer support, and they can't do anything to fix it, and what they tell is waiting, waiting, and still waiting! I can't wait for two days! I tried to delete and re-install the app to restore its t-shirt shipping rates several times, and even deleted my Printful account and registered again. Still, nothing changed! Very frustrated! I have to repeatedly upload and design my products every time I re-install the app because the Printful dashboard doesn't offer the backup service! They are wasting my time.

앱 사용 시간: 27일
답글 Printful개 2022년 3월 15일

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing your experience. We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the shipping profiles.

Please note that once you connect your Shopify store with Printful, we push all of our flat-rate profiles to your Shopify account and we automatically assign the product to the right shipping profile. That means that usually there shouldn't be any problems with the profiles.
However, technical errors can happen, so our team is looking into your situation specifically, and we will get back to you with additional information on how this can be solved. We sincerely appreciate your patience!


2022년 3월 5일

They dropped the entire brand I was using without telling me. Help is friendly, but they are not there to help real issues, they are just 'OK, Sorry, I will feed that back, ok? "Anything else" ' Answers. They also have a limit on how many colours x size you want. So do not think you can make an empire. You need to have many colors or many sizes, your choice.

Narg's Apparel
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답글 Printful개 2022년 3월 5일


Thank you for your honest feedback.

We absolutely understand that product discontinuation and limited availability might be frustrating for you.

We constantly evaluate each product in our catalog and sometimes have to make the decision to stop offering some of our products.

The most common discontinuation reasons usually are: the product variants are slow-selling and unpopular, our suppliers are discontinuing the product, or have unreliable stock.

Thank you once again for your time and feedback regarding this!

2022년 2월 12일

Super teuer, super langer Versand, super schlechte Bedienung, für uns ist das hier die reinste Zeitverschwendung. Die Preise zu finden und die Artikel zu erstellen ist sehr langwierig. Es ist nicht erkennbar was ein Artikel am Ende kosten wird. Die empfohlene Kalkulation der Verkaufspreise ist ein schlechter Witz. Wenn man die Preisempfehlungen befolgt wird jeder Verkäufer Geld verlieren. Dieser App oder besser dieser genaze Shop ist für niemanden zu empfehlen. Soetwas haben wir noch nicht erlebet. Sorry das wir das so schreiben müssen, aber das könnt Ihr mit den Kunden nicht machen. Wir drucken selbst Handyhüllen und das was Ihr hier an Preisen ausruft ist mehr, als dass was wir von unseren Endkunden verlangen. Wir machen einen ordentlichen Profit, aber mit euch würden wir nur Verlust machen und Ihr den gesamten Gewinn. Das ist ein Unfaires Geschäftsbgebahren. Wir können NIEMANDEM die Zusammenarbeit bei diesen Preisen empfehlen. Die einzige Firma die Geld verdient wenn man mit Ihr Zusammenarbeitet ist rintful. Der Shopbetreiber wird niemals in die Gewinnzone mit Printful kommen. Nicht bei dieser Preisgestaltung. Und Printful nimmt die Artikel selbstverständlich auch nciht zurück. Das heißt hier ganz klar. Prinfull gewinnt bei jeder Bestellung und der Partner verliert immer. Hände weg.
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답글 Printful개 2022년 2월 13일


Vielen Dank für das Teilen Ihrer Erfahrung. Entschuldigung, für die Antwort wurde ein Online-Übersetzer verwendet.

Wir verstehen, dass Sie Bedenken bezüglich unseres Preissystems haben. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Preise automatisch angezeigt werden und Sie den Verkaufspreis jederzeit anpassen können. Es gibt keine versteckten Transaktionsgebühren für unsere Bestellungen, und unsere Preise spiegeln auch unseren 24/7-Support, kostenlose Cliparts, Designs und die Möglichkeit wider, die Designs mit unserem Generator zu bearbeiten. Es geht nicht nur um das Produkt selbst.

Wir akzeptieren keine Rücksendungen, da wir auf Anfrage drucken, jeder Artikel wird speziell für den jeweiligen Kunden gedruckt. Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir bei Problemen mit der Bestellung die Verantwortung dafür übernehmen und keine zusätzlichen Gebühren verlangen.

Es tut uns leid zu hören, dass Printful nicht der Anbieter ist, nach dem du gesucht hast, und wir wünschen dir viel Glück in deinem Geschäft.


2022년 2월 12일

Products quality is good but more expensive than other POD providers. Terrible international shipping. Products take more than one month to reach customers after they are shipped! After contacting customer service and being told many times that they work on improving the service. I asked for clear answers on when improvements are going to happen. It turns out they are doing nothing about it and will not solve it in the near future. Did not even bother to workout a solution. My business is suffering because of the bad customer experience.

Naseej Store
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답글 Printful개 2022년 2월 13일

Hi there!
Thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear that international shipping delays have caused you such inconvenience. Please know that it was never our intention.
We are working with several carriers and we are in constant communication to improve the shipping speed, however, it depends on various factors especially now when transportation is limited and there is additional waiting time for the packages to be shipped. These changes have affected the industry as a whole and although at this time we don't have an ETA on when international shipping speed will improve, we will continue doing our best to get the packages to the recipients as fast as possible. We sincerely appreciate your patience!
Regarding our pricing, although some of our prices are higher, please note that there are no hidden transaction fees for any of our orders, and we extensively test all our products to ensure the best possible quality for the product and the print. Our prices also reflect our 24/7 support, free clipart, designs, and option to edit the designs with our generator.
If you'd like to discuss these matters further, please contact us at

- Renate

2022년 2월 5일

HIGH PRICED JUST MY OPINION. I feel like every company should make a profit when doing business.... However, I can't see how a regular store can make decent revenue. Many stores are paying for marketing to have Printful to make a product for let's say $38 which would be a good price to sell to a customer for me a store to have to sell it for $50 -60 + Tax + Shipping..... just to make a profit. I feel like Printful has the scale leaning in their favor. I go online and find the same base product selling on Jiffy Shirts for $11.00. I'm going to just use my own equipment...I love the concept and platform but it's just not worth it at all.

앱 사용 시간: 3개월
답글 Printful개 2022년 2월 6일


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Although our prices may seem higher than other POD companies, please note that there are no hidden transaction fees for any of our orders, and we extensively test all our products to ensure the best possible quality for the product and the print. Our prices also reflect our 24/7 support, free clipart, designs, and option to edit the designs with our generator.
We're following trends and do our best to offer quality products from good suppliers. We're also offering more and more organic and eco-friendly products. For more information on marketing and how to price your products, please check out our blog:


2022년 2월 5일

your service sucks ass i have nothing but problem and you don't seem to know how to restock your products

Shananaginboyz merch
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답글 Printful개 2022년 2월 6일

Sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed our services.
Please know that we do our best to restock all items but as we stock on-demand, at times we are depending on our suppliers. We understand that you depend on us, so we do our best to inform you about any stocking problems. If you have any specific issues with your out-of-stock items, please contact us at and we will do our best to turn your experience around.

Hope to hear from you soon!