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2023년 3월 17일

Starting my own clothing brand Wulfzy Savage Streetwear, was tough and the world is tough place for a young and ambitious entrepreneur, but Printful turned that journey into an adventure, by creating a great and affordable print-on-demand platform, so that I as a small South African online business can grow and expand locally and internationally, by giving our customers the best service possible.

2023년 3월 16일

Printful has been fairly easy to learn for me. I'm 64 - nothing like starting late, right? So far, I've been very happy with the platform and the ease and speed with which it integrates with my Shopify store. Give it a try!

Premium Chakra
앱 사용 시간: 28일
2023년 3월 4일

Printful is the best option for beginners. In addition, Printful offers the best option to sell worldwide, shipping to virtually all regions and continents. Printful met all my expectations and the system is very simple and easy to work with.

Bad Bird
앱 사용 시간: 23일
2023년 2월 28일

I think that Printful is one of the best Print On Demand Apps. Five years ago my son told me about this App and I was impressed with want I discovered. I opened an Account with Printful and designed approximately 20 products utilizing their clothing items and mockup along with my own fabric print designs. I then decided to open an online store with Shopify and integrated the product designs. Printful products are top quality and when I have had disappointment with my Printed product they were extremely helpful in sharing information as to how to perfect my files for sublimation. The Support team is courteous, thorough, and helpful resolving any questions. My customers have been satisfied with their purchases that are delivered to them in a timely manner.
When the products change Printful is good about finding an alternative that is just as good or better. They also keep us informed as to any changes. In addition, the mockup process and import into Shopify has been improved and is always accurate. Recently I have especially liked the lifestyle mockups. They definitely help to market the products to the public in a competitive professional manner. Thanks Printful. I look forward to the continuing relationship.
Drest Connexions LLC
United States

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2023년 2월 20일에 편집됨

Very positive experience and happy with the overall output.
The integration was simple and fast and very easy to set up.
The margins are ok, once i figured out a good shipping rate model.
Helpdesk was very easy to reach and responsive and Printful has a ton of options in terms of products.

I have about 40 choices on my website, and most have been well reviewed.
Only 1 product order was messed up in the first 30 days and Printful immediately corrected. I would like to see more options on Gym Wear !

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2023년 2월 18일

Printful is an excellent print-on-demand service that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. From start to finish, the setup process was straightforward and easy to follow, and I was able to launch my store quickly and efficiently.

One of the standout features of Printful is the range and quality of products they offer. The products are of exceptional quality, and the printing is always accurate and vibrant. The selection is vast, and there's always something new to discover.

What I appreciate most about Printful, however, is the exceptional customer support. Any time I've had a question or needed help with an order, the support team has been quick to respond, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Overall, I highly recommend Printful to anyone looking for a top-notch print-on-demand service. The combination of easy setup, quality products, and excellent customer support makes Printful a clear choice for anyone looking to start an online store.

Royal Clothing
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2023년 2월 16일에 편집됨

Like everything about it so far. Makes it super easy to design merch and get it uploaded to my store. Look forward to many more orders. The shirts I have ordered have been great quality and super soft. I am not expecting to make a lot of profit on these since I use them for advertising. I don't know If I would base my entire store around printiful due to the cost to profit based off price. I am happy with what I use it for though.

Loadout Lion
앱 사용 시간: 대략 1개월
2023년 2월 13일

The design generator works great!! The proccess is fairly easy to navigate, so you spend more time creating your vision.
앱 사용 시간: 3개월
2023년 2월 12일

Like the app! Let´s you print many things on hoodies, tshirts etc. interface is easy to use and nice app to have

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2023년 2월 11일





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