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22 maart 2023

I made design i made everything so that it fits good, but when i press the button of selling nothing happens, it does not add on store it is not opening new window, the buttonn makes nothing, so the app is not working

Nikita Studio
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Printful heeft geantwoord 24 maart 2023

Hello! Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing some trouble adding products to your store. We see that you've reached out to our support already and hope that the issue can be resolved soon!

20 maart 2023

I just had my first order go through Printful and fulfillment was declined. I have no idea why and there is no real customer support. Because the order was placed thru Facebook, I can't cancel that portion of the order and Facebook will not complete payment. it is a real cluster and there is no "help guide" that deals with my specific issue. I sent two emails, and requested support thru Shopify, but there is no way of even knowing if your email was received because they don't even acknowledge receipt! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!
Verenigde Staten
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Printful heeft geantwoord 24 maart 2023

Thank you for your review and for sharing your experience! We're truly sorry to hear that you're experiencing some trouble with the order import!
To ensure that the orders can import to Printful after the new update, please ensure that you've enabled to track quantity and set that inventory is managed by Printful. We see that you're in direct contact with our support team and we hope that the issue is resolved soon!

24 februari 2023


1st, i design for 30-40 different stores and run all products through printful.. or atleast i did up until now lmfao.

LET ME SAY.. I added bootleg designs up to the site, bootleg as in inspired designs of celebrities fans can buy that are not license but 110% legal to sell, attorney approved designs. Bootlegs run the streetwear world, over 5 million bootleg items come out of stores every year and they dont require licensing at all. I should know this since my minor was in design law. BUT whatever, Print-ful knows best i guess ? After speaking with PRINTIFY, printful is a complete idiot, printify allowed me to do my business smoothly..

Lets get into what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

printful allowed me to upload 20 designs for the superbowl.. approved all of them.. allowed me to send them to my site and integrate.. allowed me to sell them to the site and even approved some for fulfillment... then 1-2wks later bombarded with emails saying i cant use items and cant fulfill my items.. mind you im now like 3 weeks into my first order and since then have gotten over 50+ items sold in the time period..

they took all the money.. they went back and forth like a brick wall didnt matter if i gave them facts and gave them articles they wanted it their way or the highway which their way is literally mental.. well like i said, printify is handeling this.. and oh yeah !! still lost over half of the money printful took out of our bank and it hasnt been deposited but they "claim" itll show up some day.. its been over a week lmao.

they said their system is faulty and doesnt always catch things .. well as a million dollar business id recommend you hire knowledgeable reps and also hire people to make a less faulty system.. and yeah.. go to school and educate your staff on apparel design history because you look like idiots, i have massive clientele list of 50m+ net subs and they all agreed were posting about printful on platforms because this has been a complete headache and im out more money that i can deal with because of their stupid mistakes and stupid staff that cant understand they are not correct.

ON TOP OF THIS, the platform is NOT user friendly at all.. manually cancelling orders IN their site and IN shopify as well and ugh its a headache.. shopify reps are not pleased with this at all as well as ive been speaking directly with a team of higher ups.

Since moving off printfuls platform and onto printify we have gotten over 500 sales from marketing.. so luckily they are the only first 50-60..

Verenigde Staten
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Printful heeft geantwoord 24 maart 2023


Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that our services didn't meet your expectations.

We want the submitted content to be respectful of others and the law. All submitted content must comply with the right of publicity, trademark, and copyright laws. You need to either own the content you submit to Printful, or have the rights to use, display, and resell it. You can review our Acceptable Content guidelines here:

Please be aware that even modified or edited versions of copyrighted content may likely be refused as well, as it may not avoid infringement. In order to use the flagged files, you can submit a signed licensing agreement from the current owners of the flagged content that authorizes you to use it on merchandise.

All of the pending orders have been canceled and refunded. If you haven't received the money yet, please reach out to our support at and we will be happy to help!

17 januari 2023

they lost our 1st order and could not refund to us. They pushed the responsibilities to local post stating that the postman lost it. well, we lost our reputation and a client due to that.

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12 januari 2023

Printful has been a terrible option for baby onesies and toddler tees. The designs often get printed crooked or off centered. In corresponding with Printful customer service, they indicated that Printful would not send a replacement product if the design was not off-centered by more than an inch. When it comes to garments for little ones, one inch is a big deal! And our customers would view that as a defect. Very disappointed with Printful.

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11 januari 2023

Fiz um pedido em Dezembro, e o pedido foi devolvido. Não consigo resolver meu problema com ninguém. Já enviei um milhão de e-mails e até agora nada foi feito. Simplesmente lavaram as mãos. Estou até agora sem o pedido. Preciso que alguém entre em contato comigo, para tentarmos resolver esse problema, que já dura quase um mês. Aqui é a minha última tentativa para obter ajuda, pois não sei mais a quem recorrer, podem me ajudar por favor?

Maníaca Store
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29 december 2022

The application does not meet expectations. The shipments are charged very high and do not meet the times. You contact customer service and they say that they are not unrelated to the shipment since the carriers are the ones that do not comply but PRINTFUL does not provide a solution. The costs of the products are very high and the customers are desperate because they pay a lot for the products and they do not meet the shipping times in the majority of the orders. Of 10 orders, they only comply with 1 shipment, the rest everything is with delays of more than 10 days.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
Printful heeft geantwoord 29 december 2022


Thank you for your review and for your honest feedback.

We absolutely understand that product pricing is essential for you as a store owner and for your business.

While our prices might be slightly higher compared to some other fulfillment companies, we trust that, along with the services and the quality products we provide, it’s an overall good investment!
The product prices allow us to ensure and constantly improve our services, product options, offer technical and customer support, some other nice touches like branding options for your packing slips and other services.

The current situation in the world still has greatly affected the shipping times, and while we see some improvements, some shipments can take a bit longer to be delivered as well. We're doing our best to get your orders out on time, but once they're handed over to the carriers, it's up to their sorting center capacity because carrier and postal operations are separate entities from our own. We hope that soon these shipping delays will decrease. We truly appreciate your patience during this time!

6 december 2022

All of our orders are taking way longer than the estimated processing time, which caused us to have several marks against our Etsy account. Orders are sitting 7-8 days when they estimate 2-5 days to process. Additionally we have lost orders stuck almost 2 weeks in pre-transit and we're just told to wait longer before offering a solution.

Whatever Market
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Printful heeft geantwoord 6 december 2022

Hello! Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that your experience with Printful hasn't been the best so far but we certainly hope that we can improve it moving forward!

Currently, our estimated fulfillment times for apparel and non-apparel items are 2-5 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and holidays) + shipping time, depending on the destination of your order.

Please note that all the displayed dates are only estimates and not guaranteed shipping or delivery dates. While our teams do their best to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible, some might take a bit longer as well.

The current situation in the world still has greatly affected the shipping times, and while we see some improvements, some shipments can take a bit longer to be delivered as well. We're doing our best to get your orders out on time, but once they're handed over to the carriers, it's up to their sorting center capacity because carrier and postal operations are separate entities from our own. We hope that soon these shipping delays will decrease. We truly appreciate your patience during this time!

15 november 2022

This was the WORST app I have ever used on my Shopify store! I have wasted so many hours designing items only to have the site CONSISTENTLY disconnect from my store for NO reason, delete my designs for NO reason and constantly having glitches!!! I have deleted and reconnected my account several times already and after several months of not using the app I decided to give it another try and it got WORST!!! I don't have any of these issues with my other apps! I am so disappointed because Printful have good quality items but when I say I have wasted HOURS and HOURS using this app, I mean that in the most honest way! I will NEVER use this app again, and I definitely won't recommend it!!!

Prana Soul Wellness
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Printful heeft geantwoord 16 november 2022

Thank you for leaving a review. We're sorry to hear about your experience. Please know that this is definitely not a common problem, so we'd like to look into it more closely.
In general, connection problems can be related to server issues, browser (clearing out cache and cookies helps), subscription plans, incorrect connection steps and so on. Please reach out to us directly at and we will do our best to help you get this sorted out. Hope to hear from you soon!

- Renate

Bewerkt 1 november 2022

Terrible mistake to have this app - they charge you VAT and shipping prices. Imagine, you buy from them an iPhone cover for 9.50. Then you charge your customer like 12.99, hoping to have this profit. BAM - no profit at all, since they subtract your margin with their VAT and shipping prices and as someone mentioned - you just need to have like 100% profit for all you sell, otherwise you'll be in my shoes - every order IS A DAMAGE TO YOUR FINANCIAL ACCOUNT - YOU GO INTO MINUS, NOT PROFIT. Stay away from this app, you can't compete cheap Chinese crap with your print on demand solution and sky high charges. Absurd. Updating my review. Even though the prices and taxation system is from the 90's, now they started shipping goods from USA. Imagine, you want a tee for 10 euro. They charge you shipping (approx 14 euros), VAT and in the end you need to sell a tee of 10 euros for 40 euros - to have at least some small profit. Your customer, who buys this thing - will find some local POD, not you with ridiculous prices. Guys, seriously? I'm out of this game. Total bullshit to be your customer if outside the US.

Simonezzi Coffee Lounge
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Printful heeft geantwoord 18 oktober 2022

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing your concerns.
We extensively test all our products to ensure the best possible quality for the product and the print and our prices reflect our 24/7 support, free clipart, designs, mockups and option to edit the designs with our generator.
We are required by law to tax orders to certain destinations, however, you can also set up taxes in your store, Shopify has tutorials for that (

Please note that we advise you to set up shipping with Printful and Shopify, if done correctly, you won't lose profit on shipping. You can offer free shipping to your customers as well, but please keep in mind to add the fee to the retail price to ensure that the shipping fee is covered on Printful's end (all this information is available on our website).
For additional help on pricing your products, please see our marketing tips on our blog:

- Renate