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14 februari 2023

The prices for products are so high it's impossible to make a decent profit margin without buying in bulk.

The Good Shaman
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23 december 2022

Great but there is high prices on printful also you have to check if the product could be shipped to the destination you want

Zhyko Store
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App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
14 december 2022

Printiful is great but the people they hire to do the work are terrible. All hoodies look cheap, have threads popping out and some of the samples and clothing clients are getting are actually damaged and stained. Not goo for business since you do charge a lot and clients are paying a lot

Fudge Off
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Printful heeft geantwoord 15 december 2022


Thank you for sharing your concern. Please know that we take quality issues seriously and for each case we recommend submitting a problem report. Such feedback helps us improve our services.
We always urge checking in with our support team because we take responsibility for fulfillment, manufacturing and various shipping errors. Please don't hesitate to reach out to if the products you receive are not up to your expectations.

- Renate

10 december 2022

these two apps are perfect but the COST for their service IS ASTRONOMICAL -_- I don't understand why they charge sooo much. Hopefully the prices decrease

In Effloresce
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Printful heeft geantwoord 11 december 2022


Thank you for sharing your concerns.
Please note that there are no hidden transaction fees for any of our orders, and we extensively test all our products to ensure the best possible quality for the product and the print. Our prices also reflect our 24/7 support, free clipart, designs, mockups and option to edit the designs with our generator.

- Renate

23 november 2022

Some of the meta data imported to Shopify is inaccurate, e.g. iPhone cases import the model variants as "sizes" when they should be named "Model".

Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Printful heeft geantwoord 24 november 2022


Thank you for sharing your concern. Indeed, phone models are added as sizes automatically since we push either sizes or color options for our products. You can also manually create the listing in your Shopify first, creating the "model" variant and then manually sync these variants on Printful. It's a bit of a workaround but that way you can ensure that instead of sizes, your customers can choose models.

However, please know that we are constantly working on improvements and we aim to make store management and product adding as easy as possible, so that might change in the future. We sincerely appreciate your patience!

- Renate

8 oktober 2022

I don't understand how we do not have stock all the time for products - every time we create something with stock you have - before even selling it - you are out or discontinued.....this does not help a growing business succeed.

River's 2020
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Printful heeft geantwoord 9 oktober 2022

Thank you for leaving a review. We're sorry to hear about the products in your store.
If a product is showing up as out of stock, it could be due to various reasons - settings in Shopify (inventory tracking), settings in Printful (selling region), or that the products are actually not available at the moment.
Please reach out to our support team directly at to confirm the situation in your case as perhaps that is something that can be resolved. Hope to hear from you soon!

Bewerkt 7 september 2022

A good app for integrating products in Canada, it helps ship out products fast especially with the postal service. I would've given them five stars if they didn't halt orders because product designs didn't meet standards. This impediment can at times require you to use a different supplier. But good app

Designs with Dave
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27 juli 2022

fix it to where we can edit design and update the changes to shopify listing. Make it a lot easier to make edits to clothes

U Can't Impede (UUCCII)
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Printful heeft geantwoord 28 juli 2022

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing your concerns.
Right now you can fully edit products in your Shopify account, any changes made to the product there will be synced with Printful. However, you can also make some changes in Printful like changing the design, editing the price, and changing mockups. There are certain technical limitations to what can be done now but we are always working on improvements!

- Renate

3 juli 2022

I like the product offerings I cannot stand how difficult it is to find answers or get help on SIMPLE issues that consistently arise and prevent me from selling my products!

Painted Moose Gallery
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Printful heeft geantwoord 3 juli 2022


Thank you for leaving a review!

We're sorry to hear that you have run into any issues while using our services, and we can assure you that we would be happy to help and answer any inquiries. You can always reach us at or by using our live chat which can be found by clicking on the yellow chatbox on our website. Let us know how we could help :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

28 februari 2022

I use this app to design products for my store. I find it challenging to get my design on your products.

Sanspec Collection
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Printful heeft geantwoord 28 februari 2022


Thank you for sharing your experience. We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing some trouble with our products. Please know that we offer various blog posts on this subject (, and we also have an FAQ dedicated to product creation ( If you need additional help with matching your designs to our file guidelines, you can submit a request to our graphic design services (
If you need more information on the products you have chosen to achieve the best possible outcome, please contact us at