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Bewerkt 31 mei 2019

Printful is a great Print on Demand company. I've ordered samples and can say that the quality is quite nice. No chemical odor, packaged individually and shipped in a timely manner. The reason I gave it a 3 stars is that the delivery package looked like the products were shoved in a small delivery bag, so when I received it, it did not look appealing. Also, since I'm based in Canada and my customers likely will come from Canada to start, the customs/duties is likely going to make a negative impact.

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Printful heeft geantwoord 4 juni 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you!
As you mention some concerns with the quality of the shipment you received, I will be reaching out to you shorty via email for some additional details on these concerns.

I also wanted to let you know that we appreciate your feedback on the customs duties that will be applied to shipments which are shipped over to Canada, as this helps us improve our shipping system and the shipping methods we offer.

I hope that we can improve your experience with us and look forward to our ongoing collaboration! :)

- Vita

14 maart 2019

One app can not tell if I am the admin of site or not. To confusing to keep signing in each app associated wit your site

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Printful heeft geantwoord 15 maart 2019

Hi there, thank you for your review!
You can view your user role by going to the Printful app -> click on your name in the upper right-hand corner -> Settings -> Users. The role of each user that is associated with your account will show on this page. The role refers to the entire Printful account, not just specific integrations.

If you have any questions or feedback about this feature, let us know at!

13 februari 2019

I've been using them for small batches for months now, with mostly good results, but a few hitches. In terms of apps, this is probably the better ones on the market currently, with some great resources and a decent selection of products and printable areas. I'm mostly happy with the results of my DTG prints, and have moved to testing their other services. One major issue that I would love to see addressed is the fairly arbitrary method of dragging and dropping artwork onto a sample product image in order to set the printing placement. If you are doing prints in varying colors (say a black logo on white shirt as well as white logo on black shirt), you will have to create two entirely different entries. Because the drag and drop method is small, vague, and has snapping on edges, AND this is placed above a placeholder mockup image (which differs between all products - even amongst t-shirts), placement of artwork is largely a guessing game and requires some test ordering to get right, and has a large margin of error when trying to make variants of the exact same design.

In terms of customer service, I've had mixed results. When one shirt arrived blurry, I had apprehension over the fact that customer returns and refunds are determined by photos; when I sent pictures of the blurry shirt, it only looked like a blurry photo and customer service admitted that their initial determination was that it was totally fine. But after showing to them the differences in quality between shirts in the same order, they refunded the amount and I was very pleased with the whole exchange. Soon after, however, I had a large order get put on hold. If your order is through their app and not pushed from Shopify, you will not receive an email notification about the status; you will need to check on these orders manually by going to their site. If the order is still pending, the app allows you to modify an order, and I attempted to use this feature to remove the item which was holding up the order, as well as pay for expedited shipping to compensate. The change was saved in the app but never appeared, and so the next day I messaged customer service to confirm it went through. Over the next 3 days, I had messages and emails from 3 different customer service reps, none of whom answered or even seemed to read my inquiry (2 of them merely copy and pasted the initial automated hold message from the app and nothing more). At the end of it I entirely gave up on expediting, as every interaction with a customer service rep has caused me another day in delays for the hundreds of dollars in product I ordered. I can understand the order change being lost at first, but it's very disappointing to have to deal with multiple reps and not have a single one of them address my actual questions - and that's the kind of issue that might make it or break it for any merchants looking for a solid and reliable relationship with their manufacturer.

Rage Quit Store
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Printful heeft geantwoord 7 maart 2019

Hi! Thank you for your review, we highly appreciate it!

Thanks for elaborating on your experience with the drag&drop method! If the print file that you are uploading to the products isn't in the respective dimensions for the specific print area, the placement of the design may differ on the variants since you would have to set the design manually each time. We suggest creating the print file in an image editing program, add your design to it and you can then upload the file to your products. The design will have the same placement because it's already set in the file. Our print file templates can be used for creating these files (find them by going to the Products & Pricing page -> choose a category -> choose a product and go to its page -> scroll down to Print file guidelines).

Regarding your experience with our support team, our agents will certainly try to provide accurate information relating to your situation and any questions. We want to make sure that information regarding holds is available to our user and they can make the necessary adjustments to their orders. However, our team should certainly respond to any other questions you may have.

Since we don't require to have the product shipped back to us in order to review any concerns about the quality, a problem report with photos would be required for us to further investigate the order. Sometimes it may be difficult to represent a concern via photo and this is why we may ask for additional photos so that it is easier for our team to understand what may have happened with the product and help resolve the situation.

We are working on improving our customer support as well as other processes in Printful regularly and user feedback is important in these matters. We love to hear about how users like our interface and services as it helps us see what and how we can still improve to make Printful even better.

Thanks again! In case you have any suggestions or feedback, surely contact us at!

16 januari 2019


I use different companies for different things I want my designs printed on. I am currently in BETA testing mode with Printful as my Print-on-demand service for my designs.

I need shipping to be EASY, not complicated. I also need it accurately calculated at NO EXTRA COST to me or to my customers. What my customers see during checkout should be the same as what I pay to Printful for shipping provided. If Shopify charges my customer $6.50, Printful should not charge me $6.51 or $6.49. It should charge me exactly what the customer was charged.

I do not want to setup complicated weight based shipping groups. It doesn't work well and either causes me to OVERCHARGE or UNDERCHARGE my customers. My customers, mostly VETERANS, DEMAND and DESERVE accurate shipping rates when checking out. It shouldn't be complicated for the software either in Printful or Shopify to know the shipping location and decide to use Shopify's shipping rates or Printful's. It's 2019, not 1998.

When I joined the live chat to ask for assistance, they tried to UPSELL me to fix the problem. This means it's possibly an issue they know about and refuse to fix as it's profitable to not fix it.

From the MUGS and PHONE CASES I've tested thus far: Print quality has been GREAT! Goods delivered on time as estimated on their website. Packaging is good.

Only 3 stars as shipping can help grow or kill a business.

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Printful heeft geantwoord 12 maart 2019

Hi! Thank you for your review! It's certainly appreciated!
Thank you for providing your feedback on the shipping options and we're happy to know that your experience with the print quality has been positive! Regarding shipping, when setting up the integrations, we add as much functionality as we possibly can while taking into account the limitations of the integration. Different platforms might have different shipping setup options such as live rates and flat rates, and on some e-commerce platforms, the live rate shipping option may cost an additional fee. However, with enabling the live rates, your customers would be able to choose the shipping option they would like to have the order shipped and you would be charged the same amount.

We definitely try to implement as many features as possible to make the app a comfortable experience for our users and feedback regarding the features we already have or you would like to see certainly helps us! In case there's anything else you'd like to share about your time with Printful, let us know at anytime!

Bewerkt 15 november 2018

They have a good service the only problem I have with them is their prices for their shirts are high . I wish that they would come down on some of their prices so I won't have to charge so much for my products.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp's Official Website
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15 november 2018

really don't understand the app. I mean I thought I did until my orders came in. the store keeps saying sync and i do that everytime, i became kinda annoyed

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2 november 2018

It's a fun and rather easy to use. But there are options missing like linking similar products together that don't quite fit in the parameter of "variant" and having folders to organize the uploaded files.

Masthof Bookstore and Press
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
31 oktober 2018

I Would love to have more options to EU and more Seasonal Items. Also more options voor designing on the app self. Further it is very great to work with!

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5 oktober 2018

The app is easy to use, has great products and so far it has worked great. The only problem I had, is that I understood that Printful choose the quickest way to send the product to our customers, but in our case sending t-shirts to Southamerica the system chose Latvia instead of the states. This has make the delivery more than 2 weeks.

Slam Shirts
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19 september 2018

Quality of product is good. Customer service is poor. They need to work on phone support. They don't have any really.

Angela Simeone
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