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6 maj 2024

My store isn't ready or open yet. I have been working on it on and off for years. I find designing/creating on Printful really user friendly, I've tried others and have come back to Printful. When I've had a query, I emailed them and received a response promptly. I am due to order samples soon and will review again once I've received them. So far, yes, I would recommend Printful.

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Printful svarade 8 maj 2024

Thank you for your review! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying working with us! 🧡

19 juni 2024

It's super easy and user-friendly to use Printful. I love the fact that I do not have to store inventory that isn't moving. People simply visit my website, click and buy, and Printful fulfills the order and ships the product directly to my customer as if it came directly from my "Imaginary" warehouse. I love it!

I Highly recommend them!

Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories Store
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10 juni 2024

It's been about three years since I used Printful as a print-on-demand provider, and I simply love the quality of their products (so do my clients).
The support service was efficient when one of my orders had delivery issues, when I had questions about products, or when I needed to update data. The integration to Shopify makes it super easy to use. Setting up the store and products is super easy. Creating multiple versions of one product is fairly simple (though I wish there was a tool that saved me more time on this one).

My Tiny Sanctuary
Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
Printful svarade 12 juni 2024

Thank you for leaving a review! We’re glad to hear that your experience with Printful has been positive!🧡

Redigerat 13 juni 2024

I have been rocking with Printful since 2019 and never had a disappointment. not to say that I have not had delays or something mishandled when turned over to the post office, but what I can say is Prihtful's commitment to my customers has never failed. New t-shirt owners, if your looking for quality service, quality products, and some work off your head. try to have at least 5 concrete things from here and you can produce your own too. way to go printful, you are rocking it and expanding things, I see you <3

Dimp's Desygns
Mer än 5 år användning av appen
Printful svarade 12 juni 2024

Thank you for leaving a review and for your kind words! We truly appreciate it! 🧡

19 april 2024

I would recommend Printful because of the service. A real person sends answers back if you email them with questions, or if they find a problem with the order - such as an image being off center. The actual products are 99% like the mockups. My customers love their products. I love the quality and the fact that I can design, order, and get everything made and shipped from one app. Printful does most of the hard work.

Thank You Printful.

ArtLady Designs LLC

ArtLady Designs LLC
Nästan 4 år användning av appen
Printful svarade 25 april 2024

Thank you for the review! 🧡 We’re glad you’re enjoying our products and services!

13 maj 2024

The product creator tool is the best on the market by far. Also the mockups are often excellent and don't require additional work before posting directly to Shopify. The integration with Shopify is great and makes processing orders really easy!

I would like a 'one-click' method of approving orders though! :)
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
Printful svarade 17 maj 2024

We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying working with us! We also highly appreciate the suggestion - I will be sure to pass this on to our team! 🧡

31 maj 2024

Dear Printful Team,

I hope this message finds you well. As a regular customer and a great admirer of your exceptional range of products and services, I wanted to share a suggestion that I believe could further enhance your offerings and appeal to an even broader customer base.

Foil Printing for T-Shirts: An Exciting New Option

In my experience with custom apparel, I have noticed a growing demand for unique and eye-catching designs. One technique that has caught my attention is foil printing. This method adds a reflective, metallic finish to designs, creating a striking and luxurious appearance that stands out.

Benefits of Foil Printing:

Enhanced Aesthetics: Foil printing adds a shiny, metallic finish that can make any design pop. This can be particularly appealing for special occasions, promotional merchandise, and fashion-forward customers.

Versatility: The technique is versatile and can be used to highlight specific parts of a design or cover larger areas, providing designers with more creative freedom.

High Perceived Value: Products with foil printing often have a higher perceived value, which can justify a premium price point and potentially increase your profit margins.

Market Demand: There is a notable trend towards more personalized and unique clothing items. Adding foil printing to your repertoire could attract customers looking for something beyond standard printing options.

Implementation Considerations:

Design Flexibility: Offering a variety of foil colors, such as gold, silver, and holographic, could cater to diverse customer preferences.
Quality Control: Ensuring the durability of foil prints through rigorous quality testing would be crucial to maintain Printful’s high standards.
Marketing: Launching this new feature with a targeted marketing campaign could generate significant interest and drive initial sales.
I am confident that incorporating foil printing into your product lineup could open up exciting new possibilities for both Printful and its customers. It aligns perfectly with the current trends in custom apparel and would undoubtedly enhance the overall appeal of your already fantastic services.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing the continued innovation and growth of Printful.

Best regards,

9 månader användning av appen
Printful svarade 3 juni 2024

Thank you for sharing your suggestion! 💫 Your input is certainly valuable to us as we continuously strive to enhance our services. If there’s anything you think we could improve, or you might have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out to us via email at

11 juni 2024

I've been using (POD) services for a while now, and I would like to say that Printful does have an upper hand in giving your store a good look while giving you room to focus on what matters most, acquiring sales and boosting your SEO by providing your store with stock images that are in quality form and allow proper scaling capabilities that are lossless and retain unique standards when optimized for store speed, look and feel.

They provide a good support system that does not take long to respond to its clients, and the services they provide on the FREE tier are not limited, as they give you a bit of a nudge in wanting to opt in for subscriptions to get extra perks and access to better pricing modules.

I LOVE PRINTFUL, and would advise everyone to open a store right now, to fully support the necessary communities you wish to be affiliated with, as well as the LGBTQI+ movement and the War in #Ukraine

Black Goat Inc.
Live Beyond....

A company by #CaveConscious (Obakeng Masego Mooketsi)
A leading musical artist, design creative and renowned author

Black Goat Inc.
6 månader användning av appen
15 juni 2024

I love it!!! but I really don't like making designs on it. I can never tell the exact placement for my designs especially for leggings, and prints down the side of the leg, a very common design theme for our store. I really wish the design editor was more clear on where the placements go. Its always a surprise and I am forced to continually order test prints every single design which is costly and time consuming, I don't get my designs out timely and with seasonal changes and that impacts my business (so when that happens- I print in-house designs using other techniques besides OD). Printful should really be helping the designers out with placements and ensuring that we know if we place something, it will print. yes, I know varying sizes etc, but the PF designer should clearly show the varying sizes and the mockups should be clearer and larger. I have to lean into the screen and think to myself, hmmmmm, is that design placement correct?

i cant tell because i can't even see the left side or right side clearly. I should be able to expand all mockups with ease and see every side of the product. 3D mockups are great, but you don't use them for all products :( that would save me tons of time.

I haven't been logging in to create because it takes so long to get placements right due to these limitations. But my students are begging me to make more, so I am here today. but I realized why I haven't been on, its very time consuming to create and I already have my designs ready to go.

My other concern is if you are working with athletic companies why there aren't more options for ALL OVER PRINT tanks and towels? Microfiber hand towels are a go-to product for athletes and I see that the only towels are very strange sizes for fitness facilities. and the tank selection is so limited...more racer back styles and muscle styles (AOP) would be cool.... (in the cotton feel AOP, oooooh people would love that loungy vibe)

OH and YAY! Thanks for adding the flare plants, sooooo many people have been asking for them, so I am stoked to begin adding them. Wish we had a long sleeve that flared too to match.... LOL Thanks for reading! I really love PF. thanks!!

Liquid Fire Yoga & Apparel
Nästan 4 år användning av appen
Printful svarade 18 juni 2024

Thank you for your detailed review, we certainly appreciate the feedback you shared on creating designs! We are always looking for ways to improve and your opinion is truly valuable. In case you might have any questions on creating designs or have additional feedback, you can always feel free to reach out to us via e-mail directly at We'll be more than happy to look into it! 😊

29 mars 2024

I don't see where I can get access to my different stores. I have a shopify and etsy shop and I don't see how to locate them to make changes. Unless it's not on the app. Otherwise it's good if it's just something quick that you need to check with your orders. Like it!

Shoe Bakery
Nästan 6 år användning av appen
Printful svarade 4 april 2024

Thank you for leaving a review! We appreciate the feedback and we'd certainly be happy to check further on the mentioned store access. Please send us an email at and we'll be happy to help!