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22 januari 2024

Absolutely love being able to add products and make my work flow so seamless... it really is a treat to have an idea, and have it loaded to the store just after creating. I would love more options for products, and better design features like font editors etc but for what it is, I think its amazing.

Get Better, Do Better, Be Better
Mer än ett år användning av appen
13 december 2023

I've been using Printful since I started my store seven years ago! I've seen them grow the product offering over time. I like the quality, price point and the prompt turn around of every order I have placed over the years. Thanks Printful, here's to seven more great years.

Brush Point Studio
Nästan 7 år användning av appen
23 januari 2024

I use 3 POD providers, but Printful has become my #1. I hardly ever consider the others anymore. Printful's customer service chat is great; they are very quick to answer any questions or concerns. The t-shirt print quality is excellent, too, as I have ordered many shirts for myself and family. And I've never had any of my Etsy or Shopify customers complain about the quality, in fact they've given great reviews. And during this past holiday season, Printful was able to keep up with the demand, where one of the other guys definitely wasn't. Very satisfied with Printful!

Zoey's Garage Art
Mer än ett år användning av appen
27 januari 2024

As far as my experience working with Printful is concerned, it is the best app out there for print on demand. The app is user friendly and detailed in process. Their designing tools are top of the line, easy to learn and apply. The "Manage the Video" facility is awesome and goes a long way to promote products. The product lines are of super quality. My only concern is the competitiveness of some of the products in the open market, in terms of pricing and subsequent profit margins. I would recommend the Printful app and Shopify platform to anyone, anytime.

Our Shopping Centre
5 månader användning av appen
22 januari 2024

The products offered and printing is the highest quality, I have used a few other providers and have been disappointed int eh print quality. Printful has never letme down.

Dr Ji Yn Xd Shop
Mer än 5 år användning av appen
23 januari 2024

So far good, first order was just a sticker came out super clean. we just placed an order for a hat we shall see how the turn around time and quality is like but the order and delivery super easy through the website.

Apex Expedition Outfitters
8 månader användning av appen
24 januari 2024

Have used Printful in the past. Their customer service is not great. We had an issue on an order where we had to cancel an order. We canceled the order on Printful first, then went to Shopify where we canceled it on Shopify's end and it read "canceled" after the order. All was good... that was until the order was pushed through again 4 days later without us authorizing it. We contacted Printful right away to say we had canceled the order and unsure why it was re-sent. The order had only picked 1 item, but that wasn't the issue. The entire time Printful is saying to contact Shopify and Shopify is saying to contact Printful. Printful kept saying "the order is already being fulfilled so we cannot do anything." When I show them we had already canceled the order and the order number is they same they would not listen.

After a ton of back and forth, they still wouldn't look into if there were any glitches but ended up refunding and canceling the order. It didn't stop there, the support representative accused me of "editing" the order number to say "canceled" after it so it wouldn't have been a duplicate order and lying that I had canceled the order. We did NOT lie and every record we show that the order was canceled and the billing page also indicated it was canceled.

We do not want to work with a company that accuses us of lying and "editing" order numbers.

Plant Daddies of Atlanta
Mer än ett år användning av appen
8 januari 2024

Love it! It's fast, simple, and easy to use for first timers. They have so many tools available and excellent quality products available to choose from. Highly recommend!

Hekate's Realm
10 månader användning av appen
31 januari 2024

In my personal experience...using Printful is EASIER than using Shopify itself. MUCH more intuitive with price changing, product editing, and especially launching a product to my Shopify store from Printful!

316 Designs
6 månader användning av appen
30 januari 2024

Printful is a great product and offers great service. Makes building your own Frod store easy and quick. The integration with Shopify is also simple and painless, love it! Highly recommended for anyone else looking for easy way to add Frods onto a shirt.

4 månader användning av appen