Printful: Print‑on‑Demand

Printful: Print‑on‑Demand

by Printful

Top rated Print-on-demand drop shipping & warehousing service

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Bullet Club Clothing

so far so good, i cant seem to sync the app to make hats or leggings with my shopify account


Great app for beginners
Can't wait to start earning millions

Domez Clothing

Great so far now let's see if the quality of the print matches up the quality of ease.


so far so good. lets hope it stays that way. free sample of the product would be nice. paying for my own product (1) seems stupid.

Void Fill Industries

UPDATE 2: Still have my gripe below but quality has been good every time and turn-around is quick. Quality and turn-around time have been better than their competitors and their app is by far the most well designed.

UPDATE: I've received several samples from Printful. Quality has been great and the fulfillment process is seamless. But here is my gripe and the thing that gives me pause on moving forward with the Printful app. They've just done a product revision and the way they've handled it shows a lack of concern for the time and money invested by their users.

In this revision, they majorly changed the sizing and fit of one of their products invalidating all files that were made according to the guidelines they set previously. Apparently the old Printful templates that I used to design my products will no longer be acceptable for their print, cut, sew process. It would take at least a weeks worth of work to revise all of my designs to fit the new templates. This unfortunately is not an option for me so I will not be able to continue to offer these products that I've invested several months in designing and promoting.

While I do appreciate Printful's attempt to improve their product this latest update doesn't seem to take into consideration the time invested by their users. Printful could have built upon the old template to incorporate the new sizes. Instead they scrapped the old template, making it along with all the work that went into following it's guidelines totally obsolete. Needless to say, Printful's latest update doesn't do a lot for my confidence in moving forward with them. It seems to show their lack of concern for the time invested by their users.

It also shows their lack of concern for the money invested by their users. The samples I've purchased from Printful (before they announced they were totally revising the product) are now useless. I bought these samples so that I could best advise my customers on the shape, fit and sizing of Printful's product. Now that Printful has changed all of these aspects plus invalidated my design file, what's the point in having these samples? Will Printful reimburse me for these since they are no longer samples from which I can advise my customers?

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I like the app interface a lot. Hope it will keep improving with more mock-up generators etc. But it's a wonderful option for print on demand. Have not received any sample product yet but I assume it's of the same quality as Society6.

Shirts Giggles

I would give it 5, if there were a wider array of products


This app is aweeesssssoooommmmeeeee!!!!!!

Lola Says

This is great. Would like to be able to add more products easily to shopify.


Great one for Startups :) Thumbs!

Relentless Wear Clothing

I think printful is great, and the quality of the printing and embroidery is excellent
the only reason I dont give them 5 stars is because they need to add more items like less expensive zip ups and black back sublimation tees.
but I strongly recommend their services