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Printful: Print on Demand

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Moral Void

-Poor quality print on black tshirt. (white marks around and print gets off)

-hat embroidery is higher than it should

-One week for fulfilment, three weeks to deliver to Europe

-When I got sample they marked the price I would like to sell what resulted in paying 70 euros in import taxes. (200 euro order)

-Barcode stickers on all of the products

-It just doesn't look well, packages from China look better

To sum it up that's the end of my cooperation with them, before we started. I cannot provide such a low quality to anyone else.

Bink Visual Studio

I would not recommend this service. We have used Printful to fulfill our t-shirt, tote bag & etc orders. Approximately one out of every five items has an issue, whether it is a poor quality print, crooked print, missing graphic or off-center. They are very easy to work with when it comes to customer service, but their quality control leaves much to be desired. We are currently shopping other fulfillment companies because we can no longer trust Printful with our orders.

Dubparts Com

DO NOT USE THIS APP. I saw one of my ads on Facebook and right below it was an ad from Printful asking them about my store and ad. This should not be allowed in the app store and is probably the most unprofessional thing I have seen on Shopify to date.

Cotty Life Apparel

slow wait times, brutal cost margin and very slow shipping to canada. do not use if canadian . bad experience

Ovahfx Fashion Fx

READ what they stated in the GUIDELINE FILES . Order samples before you decide to move to AMAZON or something big like that! "Make sure you have held in your hands" "what you are providing to your customers" MIND YOU " your work being printed and handled thru another company".
NOTICE .. Leggings "do not line up if your work is symetrical"! When they say that .. they mean it! 99.9 % of the time "YOGA CAPRI or JUST leggings" "on the side" "front or back" "will not line up """at all""" EVER"!! If you report it they will tell you over and over .. its in the guideline files! so good luck! DONT GET ME WRONG "I Still love printful" "due to very few customer service reps that took care of me"

Now HAVE TO SAY Printing Quality at PRINTFUL is INCREDIBLE !!!!
The leggings material is SICK so GOOD .. only issue is lining up ! You guys loose 2 stars being I had to send 5 emails to get one pair of leggings replaced;

Badthreads Clothing

I canceled my account with Printful. My very first customer put in an order and Printful kept making excuses for not fulfilling it. At first it was "billing issues" despite no issues present. Then it was "quality" issues when there was nothing wrong with the quality.

I kept having to apologize to my customer because of Printful's inaction. Eventually my customer wanted her money back. She needed the shirt by a certain date and Printful kept screwing around.

This is just inexcusable. I'll use a different t-shirt printing service.

Neo Trad Clothing

I have 17 products that have been "discontinued", 32 that are "out of stock", the "alternatives" selected doesnt work. I went weeks without being able to make sales before they advised me they had fixed it - no compensation offered.

After ordering test prints of my "alternatives" I discover the print files used for my original designs aren't placed correctly on the alternatives and as such they look rubbish and my customers are not getting the product as advertised on my store.

The lack of reliability, professionalism and accountability of Printful makes it the absolutely WORST option for a company wanting to create brand loyalty from their customers. There are cheaper options available on the App Store like Represent.

Bucks Of America

Shipping times are the worst! Takes over 14 days for ANYTHING. Most of the items, 99% take 30+ days. Their design software is glitchy and needs a ton of work. Other POD software companies may have terrible software but the only thing that matters is turn around time. I've experienced nothing but headache over 3 months. Not to mention they are the HIGHEST PRICED POD anywhere. DO NOT USE! Oh, I've contacted support several times, seems to be a continued issue.

I Jakob Co

Listen all to what I have to say. I have an online store at
I wanted to start working with printful but not before i ordered items for myself. So i ordered 4 items.

I'm a serious person and very professional. All of my files are high scanned at 580dpi with a german cruse scanner which costs 250,000euro.

The crop top i received i will throw to garbage. It looks faded and blurry. Very bad. If i will try to sell it to my clients... i will probably lose quality clients. So no way i am showing this one on my online shop.

Also i ordered a girl racerback. Printful printed it not bad... however they forgot to print the back side and left it white.

I ask of you, is this a professional system? NO.

Imagine a client paying his best money, waiting 10-14 days for the tshirt and get it white on back... ??? what would you do?

SHAME SHAME SHAME this is all i have to say about Printful.

If any out there are happy with Printful so maybe you was lucky... but do you really want to build a business about being lucky to get good products and pray they will arrive ok for your clients??? think about it.

If any of you know about other good service for high quality printing sublimation at reasonable prices, please write me.

Thank you. IKA


This is what you can expect:

STEPHEN: Shopify and Printful Customer

Antonio L: Hi Stephen, What's up? :)
STEPHEN: Hi Nick, I’ve just refunded my first refund. Order 1012. When I did that, does Printful also get notified and is the order then canceled?
STEPHEN: It was a “medium suspicious” order
Antonio L: Depending on the printful sync setup, I'll check that now, hold on :)
Antonio L: The order is pending, I'm now checking if there;s a way to cancel the order
Antonio L: Upon checking, printful doesn't have a cancellation feature, I suggest you can reach out to the customer and notify them that it looks like the credit card has some issues so maybe they can reinstate it.
Antonio L: You can learn more about that here
STEPHEN: Wait, from the link yuo just sent over it says “You can before the status of the order is changed to, “being fulfilled.” It wasn’t being fulfilled. It was still pending. And what do you mean Printful doesn’t have a cancelation feature? They’re unavailable now. And I have reached out to the customer—following Shopify’s guidlelines for security risks which is why I’m talking to you now.
Antonio L: It seems that the order is actually already "being fulfilled"
STEPHEN: But yu said, and I saw: “The order is pending, I'm now checking if there;s a way to cancel the order”
Antonio L: Yeah sorry that was my bad, what I meant by pending was that, the "being fulfilled" status
STEPHEN: They have NEVER moved this fast.The order came through aat 3:49 on Saturday. I immediately contacted Shopify out of concern to WHY this sale had been marked “medium risk of fraud”. As a partner of yours, and after I—your customer—followed your directions—I would think that this would negate anything having to do with Printful. They are your partner.
Antonio L: Alright let me look into that
STEPHEN: You can check with Sydnee C—she’s the one who told me how to do all of this.
Antonio L: Thanks for that info, I'll take a look at your conversation with Syndee C.
Antonio L: Still checking your account to see what best resolution I have for you, thanks for staying connected. I’ll be back in a bit
Antonio L: I do apologize on behalf of my colleague, I've checked the previous chat with Syndee and it seems that she mentioned this issue was going to get escalated, so I'll try to reach out to Sydnee and see what the status is for this refund
STEPHEN: I believe, the issue being escalated was an error msg from connecting my PayPal. I need to know that when I refund an order suspicious of fraud “says Shopify”, that Shopify has my back both with me AND partners. This is INSANE.
Antonio L: Alright I understand, I'm still checking what I can do regarding this.
Antonio L: I suggest that you can reach out to the customer for them to speak with their bank since the bank has the ability to refund this for them since on our end and on Printful's end this is already being fulfilled.
Antonio L: I do understand that this may be a bit of a hassle but this just happens for the security of your account
STEPHEN: Shopify told me this transaction was at risk of fraud. I followed Shopify’s instructions . All of them. The person who placed the order—from Kuwait—never answered their phone or email—they DO NOT EXIST! I did nothing wrong, in fact I did everything I was told to do. I suggest that SHOPIFY work this and ANY of these types of situations out with Printful. Printful has been a huge pain in the ass since the beginning…doing mediocre work and is completely inflexible with customer service. I had 3 out 10 orders returned of my 1st 10 sales…they blamed it on my files. I sent the SAME files to another printer and they cam eback BEAUTIFUL on THE SAME material. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT accept this and would like to speak with your superior on the phone.