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Works fine but the shipping is horrible. Every order is stuck in Riga for serveral days without any information... Update on the answer: This has absolutely nothing to do with holiday season since we had the same issue for every order since September. Always delayed and took more than 10 days. Every time the package is stuck in Riga..

Developer reply

December 25, 2020

Hey! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!
We are very sorry to hear your orders have been delayed, we understand how unpleasant this is!

Currently, we are seeing longer delivery times globally due to the holiday season and higher online order volume. Please note that the tracking links take longer than usual to update. The overload of shipments in distribution centers means carriers are slower to register and ship your orders. We have shared this information on shipping delays on our Fulfillment Updates page:

If you have any further questions or anything else please feel free to reach us at!


Los Cracks Shop

I used printful to promote my brand. The products are ok. The mockups are nice. The chat always responded. I was excited with this app until I ordered my samples. I never received them. I have to say, I did got my money back on a printful digital wallet. It's understandable that COVID-19 slows down the delivery process but in my case, my samples that were sent from the US to Mexico were completely lost. I understand that Printful doesn't control delivery but I belieive is a crucial factor for customer satisfaction. Probably it was just bad luck but personally I can't trust printful at least for international deliveries. I was terrified to think that my customers wouldn't receive their orders! On the other hand, I will try with the warehousing and delivery service only in the USA to see how they do. I will rate this app with a 2 stars 'cause not everything is bad as I mentioned at the beginning and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt with the warehousing service. I suggest you go slow with this app before you invest your time and money.

Developer reply

December 16, 2020

Thank you for sharing your review! We are sorry to hear your order was lost in transit, these errors can happen from time to time and we have no control over them. We can, however, protect you in such cases and will offer you either a reshipment or a refund as per our Returns Policy:

If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to our support team via email or chat feature and we'll be happy to help you out!

We look forward to a long-lasting collaboration!


Miranda Chaney Petite Wear

I like Printful but I'm considering testing out another drop shipping company. The fulfillment center wait time is too long. I have customers that placed orders over two weeks ago and still their order has not been fulfilled. The worst part is customer support. You can not call and speak with a representative neither can you chat with anyone. Honestly that's bad business. I can tell this company scaled really fast but was not prepared. When a customer places an order on my site and has to wait over two weeks or up to a month to receive that order, that's bad business on my end and a high likelihood that the person will NOT be a repeat customer.

Developer reply

December 16, 2020

Thank you for sharing your feedback, we truly appreciate it!

Currently, we have quite steady fulfillment times, only in edge cases such as stock shortages or if the item doesn't pass our Quality Control, the fulfillment can take longer. We will do our best to advise you on each case specifically. You can see our fulfillment times here:

At this time, our standard phone support is not available. We're focusing on assisting customers via chat and email. Our chat support is available 24/7, we may turn off the chat to handle the incoming volume so you should try again later. You can also reach us at, our response times are about a day now.

In case you have any further questions please feel free to reach us at any time!



Honestly, I'm considering switching POD suppliers. I understand delays happen and especially this year, but their fulfillment estimates should be updated to reflect that. Customer service is one of my top priorities but I don't want to expand my POD product line if I can't give customers reasonable shipping estimates. They need to vet their Backup facilities better or hold them to higher standards. We should be able to get a relatively firm fulfillment time on products to tell out customers. For example current phone case fulfillment is supposed to be 2-5 days. I have orders made recently in the last few days that have been fulfilled and shipped without problem, but then am having to constantly chase an order made weeks ago that is now double that deadline and they can't tell me why it isn't fulfilled or when it should be. Exactly how would you like me to convey to my customer they they were the random unlucky order that got sent to a possibly poorly run or disorganized or overworked backup facility and now there's no clue when they might receive their order and no timeline information being communicated to give them? That's not acceptable Printful. My #1 priority with POD is that you fulfill and ship within the timeframe you estimate or at least reasonably close to that or at the bare minimum can explain how backed up you are. EDITING TO update: Two days later, dozens of chats and messages over the last few weeks and STILL no shipment. Beware anyone who likes to ship things to customers in a timely manner. (Or at least give the customer some sort of a timeline)

Developer reply

December 7, 2020

Hey there,

Update, 12/09/2020:
We're sorry to see the order is still delayed at our backup facility. Our teams are closely communicating to help you get this order out as soon as possible. We have also issued a full refund for this order back to you for all the inconvenience this has caused you!

Thank you for sharing your review with us! We are sorry to hear your order experienced a fulfillment delay. During these times, we cannot guarantee a set date on when your orders will go out based on the fulfillment facility, order queues, stock availability, and so on. Our fulfillment estimates are subject to change, but we'll do our best to advise our customers as much as we can.

We see you have been in close contact with our support team in relations to this particular order. It seems that this is a unique case and you should not expect your orders to be delayed this much. We hope to resolve this as soon as possible!


Karma Costume

Overall, poor. I am writing this review as I am switching to a new POD app. The embroidery is good if you follow their guidelines, which I give credit for, but I did not come to this app primarily for embroidery. I had an issue where I ordered a shirt with white text on black fabric, and the text printed grey. Their way of dealing with the problem was to gaslight me that my t-shirt looked fine and that the text was white enough. I even sent them photos of the text next to a white sheet of printer paper. They replied that a reprint would not change how it printed and that it had printed as expected. As who expected? Certainly not me. So basically I cannot trust them to do my designs justice on a Bella+Canvas tee, their most popular option, and as a result am leaving. They could also have a wider variety of products. Very few hoodie options if you care about material.

Developer reply

December 3, 2020

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that you feel disappointed with our service.

Note that due to the specifics of DTG printing method, the white print on a black or any other color shirt may not always look 100% solid and it's natural that some of the garment shows through.

We would recommend ordering color swatches, so you can view how the colors would look like in life and decide which color values would suit best for your design. You can download color swatches here:

In case there's anything you'd like to share about your experience with us or if you have any questions, surely let us know at we'd love to hear from you!

- Elina

Birch + Bat Studios

We use both their printing services and their warehousing services, and have for many years now. Their warehousing is top notch - better than others we've used. Their printing, however, has taken a huge dive, as has their customer service in the past few months. We've had misprinted orders where despite customer evidence being provided, it was still ruled as "correct", and we had to pay the refund out ourselves. Delays beyond what's projected have been constant for us. I'm having to speak with customer service many times throughout the week to try and get things sorted. The biggest thing that worried me was when we ordered a sample of our own stickers during the summer, and the two stickers arrived printed on different papers, with one sticker completely being unable to stick (a complaint we had heard a lot from our customers). I got a lot of run-around about it, and when I left a review on Printful itself, with photo evidence, I was informed by a customer service rep that the review wasn't going to be posted because it "didn't match the experience customers would be able to expect from them". That made me question how many negative, honest reviews were being suppressed from others as well.
We no longer use stickers with Printful, but warehouse our own better-quality stickers instead, for consistency's sake. We're looking into printing and warehousing our own other items now too. I really want this service to be great again, it used to be we'd only have one or two issues every few months. Now it's multiple issues a week. I hope that when things begin to calm down with the pandemic, they can improve their quality and customer service again, otherwise we're likely to change services completely. EDIT: I've lowered this a star since leaving this review. Even in that short time between when I left the original and now, it's gotten significantly worse. Out of stock items stopped syncing stock numbers with my store, leaving hundreds of items available for purchase when they weren't there at all. Looking around social media, I discovered this was common, but customer service said they'd get back to me later about it rather than having any clue about the issue. It would be days of work to manually edit all of these.
We've also had a lot more issues with orders. Just this morning I had to contact them over an order that hadn't been processed or fulfilled long past it's due date. There were no errors or information attached to the order itself. According to customer service, there had been a manufacturer delay, and then the item hadn't restocked yet. Not only was none of these issues told to me at the time, but the item had never shown up on my dashboard as out of stock at any point. Issues like these, with a complete lack of transparency, have become common. Pains me to say it, because I want Printful to be wonderful again.

Developer reply

November 18, 2020

Hey there! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, sorry to hear your time using our services hasn't been positive lately, but we hope to improve it moving forward!

We do take full responsibility for misprinted items as per our Returns Policy we will offer a reshipment or a refund if we find an error made in our fulfillment process:

As for the stickers not sticking, this should not be the expected quality and it seemed to be a faulty batch, we're very sorry about that, and we see a refund was issued already. We would like the product reviews to be truthful and describe the product as it should be expected according to our internal testing. Less than positive reviews are also posted as you can see on our product page.

We would like to ensure your time using our services is as best as it can be! Please send us your questions, feedback, or anything else at We'd love to hear from you!

Fort Runwoodie

Terrible service with basic printing. Multiple times I've had my orders left waiting for over two weeks. When I asked for reimbursement, I was denied. If you use this app, be prepared to lose customers and not be reimbursed for unshipped orders.

Developer reply

November 10, 2020

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear your orders encountered fulfillment delays. I was able to find that your order experienced a stock delay, therefore, the fulfillment has started later than expected. It is true that we are still experiencing some restocking delays and stock shortages caused by Covid-19, but the situation is steadily improving.
If something is out of stock for longer than expected, we'd send you a notification about it, asking if you'd like to wait or switch to an alternative. If the fulfillment hasn't started you can cancel the order from your Dashboard.

As a courtesy, we have issued a shipping refund back to your Printful Wallet, in the Billing section.

Again, our sincere apologies for the delay with your order fulfillment and any inconvenience this has caused you!

If you have any additonal questions, feedback, or anything else please let us know at


Donecia’s Crafts

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING IN BLACK! Initially I would give Printful 5 stars, but the fact that everything I order in black comes out faded now is beyond frustrating. I personally love black tshirts, and thats always my go to color for majority of my designs. Unfortunately everything I’ve ordered lately on black comes out looking washed. This is so disappointing being that the first few items I ordered (in black) were perfect. I’ve tried reach out to their support department about it, but I keep getting “thats expected quality.” So now I’m going to have to find another printer for all of my black apparel items. With Black Friday coming up this is going to throw me off my timeline of ordering samples and preparing content for advertisement.

Developer reply

November 5, 2020

Hey! Thank you for your review!

It is a normal outcome for direct to garment printing that part of the garment may show through the ink. This would depend on two factors: the material the garment is made of, and the color difference between the design and the garment. We would not be able to guarantee the same outcome on different colored products. You can see the most common outcomes with DTG printing here:

Please let us know if you have any additonal feedback, questions or anything else!


Gear Up Trading Post

I would not recommend Printful. On my first three test orders there was a problem with every single one. The first hoodie I ordered had the stitching at the seams coming undone as soon as I pulled it out of the package. The second order was an embroidered beanie. It was supposed to be a fish and the stitching went well outside the outline of the fish even though the mockup clearly looked just fine. The third problem was with two different sizes of the exact same hoodie. Both hoodies had the exact same designs on them but when they arrived only one hoodie had the correct color gold text , white the other somehow had white text...I don't even know how they could screw that up when the mockup was clearly fine. Additionally it takes them way too long to print. I made a small order on 10/12/2020 and it took them 14 days to print it! That is absurd! The only reason why I gave them 2 stars instead of 1 star was the fact that they refunded me my money for the first order. I didn't even say anything about the second order and I just submitted a complaint about the 3rd order so we will se how that goes. I highly recommend that you use SPOD instead. Their prices are better, they guarantee 48 hour fulfilment, and honestly I think the quality is much better. I made a test order 12 FULL DAYS after a printful order and they both arrived at my doorstep on the exact same day!

Developer reply

November 2, 2020

Hey! Thank you for sharing your review! We're truly sorry to hear you've encountered multiple quality errors with your products. We take full responsibility for such errors and do the necessary training to improve our overall quality. I see these errors have been resolved with our customer support team and we'll forward your feedback to the relevant teams!

If you have any additonal comments, questions, or anything else, please feel free to reach us at!



I have grown more and more disappointed with Printful over the last few months. I previously had another store that I used this app for and for the most part I didn't have any issues however, I am currently the assistant on this current store using printful and have had so many problems with billing. We have been around and around in circles between Printful and Shopify however, we feel that the responses have not provided resolution. The items that have been ordered and received have have been of good quality. We hope we we can get a better resolution or we may have to find another company to work with.

Developer reply

October 11, 2020

Thank you for your review- we truly appreciate it!

I understand you had some concerns about the billing and our Customer Support team has got back to your inquiries. Please let us know if you have any further questions on this!
You can review how billing system works on Printful here: