Printful: Print‑on‑Demand

Printful: Print‑on‑Demand

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Masthof Bookstore and Press

It's a fun and rather easy to use. But there are options missing like linking similar products together that don't quite fit in the parameter of "variant" and having folders to organize the uploaded files.


I Would love to have more options to EU and more Seasonal Items. Also more options voor designing on the app self. Further it is very great to work with!


I've used Printful for 4 years and while their Shopify integration and online interface is top notch, easy to use and far superior to their competitors, their products and service are a mixed bag. You definitely have to test individual items and stay on top of every order. Some things, like their unframed prints, are great. Other things, like their shirts, are not a quality I could comfortably charge anyone money for. Still others, like hats, are sometimes great, and sometimes bad. Their biggest struggles seem to be customer service and shipping, which have gone drastically downhill in the last year. Customer service, if for anything more than a replacement for a faulty order, often seems to have language issues in understanding details and situations, leading to days of back and forth before getting resolved or given up. Packages often take longer to deliver and seem to disappear for a day or two in the midst of tracking their progress, especially since they have switched to DHL. Orders from California are almost always good, those from North Carolina often seem to have more problems. When an order arrives faulty, they do make it up quickly with a replacement or refund. That said, these are the big guys with tons of customers. They've been around longer than their competitors and aren't going anywhere, but it feels like they keep growing and somehow never get over their growing pains. They aren't awful; they're worth using, but be sure to test each product first, and don't rely on them as your only product source.

Slam Shirts

The app is easy to use, has great products and so far it has worked great. The only problem I had, is that I understood that Printful choose the quickest way to send the product to our customers, but in our case sending t-shirts to Southamerica the system chose Latvia instead of the states. This has make the delivery more than 2 weeks.

Angela Simeone

Quality of product is good. Customer service is poor. They need to work on phone support. They don't have any really.


products are good and integration with store is good. customer service is pretty bad. they don't give a crap about keeping customers happy. probably because they're the only reasonable option out there.

Top Me Up Women

The app is user friendly and has an increasing selection. I ordered 3 samples on May 24 and received the T.Shirts on June 20th (19 business days later). The quality of the T.Shirts are good. The print has the screen print feel.
The prints had a strong smell and required to be washed. After the wash there was no smell at all and were perfectly fine. The print on one of the smaller kids size T.Shirts I ordered did not have the complete print, one side had faded or was not printed correctly. Each T.Shirt has a tag with a logo/brand Anvil or American Apparel. Overall the T.Shirts are comfortable and when done correctly do look good.


they sync the products of your shopify store that nothing have to do with printful
The way they manage the payments is so mess up
They dont have international tracking
The app should be more friendly and they have to make their process less complicated

We Are Impermanent

Like many of the print on demand apps available the shipping options for EU / UK customers are prohibitively expensive to the point that it becomes unviable. Printful looked good because they have an EU print factory however you only realise afterwards that the product range and colours stocked are very limited - almost all products are U.S fulfilled. To give you an idea on shipping - I wanted to order a sample with 3 items (1 cap, 2 tshirts.)... Shipping = $26! Now try passing that kind of additional cost on to your UK customers!

The other thing I did not like is that when adding the Printful app - it automatically imports *all* of your other products and syncs them - I'm assuming because they want you to republish the products using their app - seems very heavy handed. Every item in your shop currently will get imported and details of every order you process in the future (even for products not fulfilled by Printful) will be sent to Printful.

Despite the above I give 3 stars because for sure the app and onboarding experience is polished.

Leon Hickey Photography

The app is good but the prices are WAY WAY WAY TOO HIGH. $30.00 wholesale for a t shirt and you are supposed to sell for $40.00? Really? Too bad because I like the app.