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Torah Goodies Club

Location United States
Time spent using app 3 months

BE careful.... deceitful charges, hidden fees (in embroidery printing) be aware of the so called (file digitization fee) that you will be obligated to pay $8.95 on top of already expensive products....
Our client has never received an order and the reaction of printful was (We do not care) it is outside of the 30 day window....
That is not how you do business..
We are glad to take this as a learning curve and pursue with finding the best POD service out there (and that is not going to be Printful) ...


Location United Kingdom
Time spent using app 6 months

Absolutely Disgusted, NEVER USE AGAIN!

Where do I start? First of all, I ordered a custom all over print t-shirt from them on 21st of May, 2018 as I needed it for June 13th, 2018 The delivery stated that it would take 5-7 days delivery after fulfilment so I was calm and could wait, however it took 4 days for it to be fulfilled and then after that took and another 3 days for it to be sent out! Once it was sent out I received an email on the 28th of May saying that it has been sent out and they gave tracking so I was calm. They also mentioned that I should be receiving the package from 4th of June to the 11th of June which was extremely odd since they mentioned 5 to 7 days after fulfilment.

A few days went past and nothing changed from the tracking, it wasn’t even updating all until the 10th of June (that’s 13 days later!) where the tracking stated that the product was somehow going ‘from’ the country it should be delivered to.

I didn’t think of this much as I thought it was a mistake. A day went past where I checked again (bearing in mind Printful notified me that I should be receiving the package from 4th of June to the 11th of June) and as I checked, I was alerted by email notifying me that my product that I have been waiting for 3 weeks has been sent back to the factory in Latvia due to an issue. I was so furious as I was expecting the delivery on that specific day and after 3 weeks and it still not arriving, I was even angrier.

The fault they mentioned was that my address was invalid! There I thought I made a mistake so I checked the order details and realised that I DIDN’T make any mistake in my address field and that it was perfectly fine. They then wanted me to order it again and pay for the delivery. If the product was any cheaper, I would have just left it and wrote this bad review anyways but the t-shirt costed me a whopping £40 including delivery!

I can’t believe printful did this as it was my first time using them. I am NEVER using this disgusting site ever again! They took 2 weeks to tell me my product has been sent back! Does that mean it was sitting unattended for a week or more before it was sent back?

Long story short, thank you for listening to this review and hope it helped you think twice before you order for them. Also, if you are a country in Europe and are looking to dropship, forget using these lot, absolutely disgusting. Ordered from a European country to another and still isn’t here after almost a month! Imagine if it was a customer, I would have been getting so much hate for the time that Printful were taking up. How would I explain to them that Printful could not deliver after 3 weeks because they finally, somehow realised that there is an issue with the customer’s address?

Hungry Ninja

Location Canada
Time spent using app About 1 month

Gar...Bage. Unless you're starting up a vintage brand expect your stuff to look like the clothes they hand out in 3rd world countries.

Infinity Express

Location United States
Time spent using app 9 months

Terrible customer service, app layout is unnecessarily confusing at times (you have to dig through it to find the most basic things). They put my order on hold because the file needed to be transparent. They told me to respond to the email they gave me directly to update the order with the correct file. I did that, waited a day later and the order is still on hold. I contact customer service to find out if they received the file I sent and when my order is going to be updated. Instead of finding out information about my order the guy literally told me to watch a video and couldn't give me any helpful information about what was going on. No help AT ALL... lol 3 days later my order is still on hold making my store look bad for my customers. I sense laziness and unprofessionalism all over this place. About to switch to Gooten.


Location United States
Time spent using app 12 months

Absolutely the most unprofessional, and worst fulfillment service ever in existence. Literally have mis printed or messed up most orders costing me more money, losing customers, & make us look untrustworthy because of their lazy good for nothing team not caring how prints come out, taking way to long to fulfill even just one product. Printful is the saddest company Ive ever seen even make the attempt of being successful theyre so lazy and garbage I dont know how theyre allowed on here. I would never Recommend this app to anyone not even my worst enemy. You will only lose customers & lose money if you download this app I promise you they are so lucky I can't post pictures of everything here NOT A TRUSTED APP

Relia Products

Location United States
Time spent using app 6 months

I have sold 2 shirts that were both going to Indonesia but they never made it to the customer because when I checked the carrier link there was no address to were the shirts were going. I had to call Printful and they said that the customer had to go to their closest shipping center to pick up the shirts. Wtf, I specifically had the address and everything filled out but Printful didn't bother to pass on the address to the shipping company for some strange reason.


Location Germany
Time spent using app Almost 3 years

All right, so I shipped our first order on the 26th of March. The order was supposed to be delivered between the 2nd and 9th of April.

It's currently the 14th of March, the customer has not received anything yet and Printful has not sent me an email about it whatsoever. (The live chat also told me that she could not help with it)

How exactly, are you supposed to run a print on demand store if client's do not get their products and the sellers are not told anything? And this is the FIRST ORDER?!

Inspired By Will

Location Lithuania
Time spent using app Over 1 year

I decided to work with Printful among many other print on demand companies, hoping to differentiate myself from the competition with better quality and designs. I trusted the popularity of Printful, but as usual, the majority of the people shows itself ignorant and their opinions count for nothing. Because a client received my first leggings printed with this company, and the leggings have several obvious and serious defects, like a white line on the middle of a black color leggings. How obvious is that? Apart from a purple line that ended up blue. The design does not match what I created. It is completely different from the original design, and the back doesn't even align with the front. The back is completely unaligned with the front, making the leggings look like made by primary school students. Also, the product description Printful gives you says "Made in USA" but they shipped from Latvia to UK, and wrote that on the paper my client received, so my client will assume that not only did I lie on the product description about where the Leggings were made, but also think that my company is located in Latvia. I don't plan to sell more leggings or other products by Printful, because this will be the end of my business, in general. How can I trust this company? It is hard to do business with Printful and trust the quality of the results after this.

Emer Jones Apparel

Location Australia
Time spent using app 3 months

Support are no help. You need to create two products with black text but one shirt is black and the other is white, you will need to create one in your shopify store and one on printful and then set them up manually to sync together.
So if you have more than 10 products, this will take you weeks upon weeks. You need to create your own mockups with these products as well as you are having to do everything manually. I will be checking out SKYOU now.

I have never had a good experience with printful and their support have only been helpful with my decision to NOT bring my business over to them.

Midnight Corner

Location United States
Time spent using app Almost 3 years

I initially rated this company 5 stars but after working it them for 9 months I'm updating my review.

Unfortunately, Printful has a slow and inconsistent fulfillment process that makes it very difficult to run and efficient business. Roughly half of my orders have been late and had some type of quality issue. Yes, it can be easy to set up because of easy integration with websites but the execution of the actual fulfillment of orders is embarrassingly slow and inconsistent. When you're competing with companies who have 2-day shipping, it puts your business at a HUGE disadvantage by using Printful. I'm at the point where I'm considering shutting down my entire business because this company has made it so difficult to meet customer expectations. Plus, when I've reached out to customer service with an issue to seek help, they can't do anything about it expect offer faster shipping once the manufacturing is completed. In many cases, it doesn't help enough and still takes weeks (2-4 weeks) for an order to reach the customer. Printful has so much potential to be great but the manufacturing and fulfillment are VERY BAD and SLOW.