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The app is quick and easy to install. The integration with both Shopify and Printful I love. My one critic is that the printing quality is good but does not compare to actual screen print quality. My white print on a black t-shirt had a faded look in print, this could have been just a once off but it was something I noticed.


Easy to use, beautiful quality product, and integrates seamlessly with my store. The margin on these shirts is pretty small for the shop owner, but once you upload your shirt design there is very little work left to do. Great app!


We're downgrading our review rating from 5-stars to 4-stars. Here's why.

We've spent a few months using Printful with our apparel store and spoke with the people at customer support plentiful of times. As another person mentioned here in the Shopify reviews, they do indeed, treat you as a consumer and not as a business relationship. There is no friendly business relationship with these people. In all the times we spoke with them, it felt like we were speaking with a copy & paste robot. No smiley faces or insightful comments about our store or design. They just want to get right to the point and push us far away as possible.

There was one time where we saw a dead store on the "used by" page. We sent them a message and asked if we could be featured on that page. They sent us a message back saying they'll consider it. The next day, they rearranged the store on that page and replaced the dead store with another one other than us. We were quite disappointed that they didn't send us an email back saying they were thankful for our comment or at least apologising for not being able to put us up on there. No communication whatsoever.

Another thing to mention is the quality of T-shirts you'll receive. The fabric of the T-shirts are nice, nothing wrong with it. The printing quality, however, is not the best. The printing of the inside label that we received was like an eraser on fabric. If you rub it a couple times with some friction, it'll start fading away. We sent an email describing the quality of T-shirt that we received and they sent back a standard copy & paste thank you and we'll look over this, etc. We were expecting for them to add some truthful comments or an insight of what the real expectation is.

Overall, the people at The Printful will treat you like a regular consumer. Between The Printful and us, there is absolutely no friendly business relationship from what we see.

*This review may change as we use The Printful for a longer period. We're only 4 months in as of this review.

Medium Black

Even if product's initial setup is quite long (hand pick designs for each t-shirt color and size one by one) service looks excellent so far. Quality of print is very good and the ability to order samples is awesome!


- Friendly customer service.

- Printing quality is good. Most of my customer happy with the printing when they received the shirts.

- The tracking link (International shipment) they provided sometime not able to get a full tracking information until the destination of the shipment.

- Some of the size will out of stock sometime and affected the fulfilment date, but they are slowly improving on this issue.

- The respond speed of the customer service can be improve. Sometime fast, sometime have to wait for few days.

Let's Buy Local

PROS: Awesome Concept, Awesome App, Awesome Support, Awesome Integration

CONS: Prices are two high to make any real profit so it's a great way to get your brand out there and generate a following and not make any money. Then once you a following stop using them and do everything in house or use a different print company. It's also very hard to setup I had 3 people working on loading 50 designs over the course 2 or 3 months each working 30 hours a week and we finally just got the site going. It works great once you get it setup but there is a lot of prep work you have to do to make it happen.

SUGGESTIONS: I don't know if this possible but if there is anyway you can get the costs down on your products that would be great otherwise your force us to sell T-Shirt for $30 to $35 and lets be honest no one is spending that on t-shirts with all the other t-shirt sites out there selling shirts for $10 to $20 a shirt. The canvas prints we can say is "Art" so we can jack the price up because it's an art print but the bread and butter money comes from t-shirts and posters and if there is no more profit in these things where we can reduce prices. We could never count on this as our main source of business. This is just a nice "extra pocket change" type of businesses. If we could get retail prices down to $19 a shirt with shipping included in that price and get the costs down to $13 with shipping included it would be worth it. The problem is by the time you add shipping your costs are around $20 to $22 depending on sizes so in order to make any money you have to sell them at $30 which is a hard sell. Especially if you want to run promos like free shipping on everything over $75. So I would recommend getting the prices down for re-sellers because your prices are like retail prices not wholesale.

Also.. yeah it would be cool if it was a little easier to setup but we can deal with that at least.. but the prices are a killer..

I would think they are going to shoot themselves in the foot because all your doing is giving us a platform to get our brand out and the first chance our brand takes off we are looking for ways to reduce the cost and the first way to do that is to stop using printful. So I would think they would want to keep our business and the way they do that is lower their prices otherwise I'm just going to use them for a year, get my business going and say good bye to them and do everything either in house or with another company.

I recommend them still even after my little rant about prices, you can't beat an automated business for $30 a month. Once the designs are done and you recovered your cost there it's pure profit it's just disappointing that there is not more of it because the margins are so slim so we really need to do volume. Which is hard when your selling shirts at $30 a pop. All that said though.. great company.. great people ... quality products.

EDM Sauce: EDM Clothing Store

The pricing of the shirts are a tad bit high and the shipping can take awhile. What's great about this service though is that you don't need to order shirts in bulk.

The PopLyfe

The app integration is great, much better than all of the other apps I tested before opening my store… The variety of products and the turn around time to delivery were the deciding factors for me… Many successful orders and no problems with the process so far… There were a couple of hiccups with sample shirt prints that I received, but the customer support team addressed my concerns quickly and were helpful in figuring out what went wrong. My only suggestion would be a tighter QA process… Since we aren't able to see our products before they go out for order, you guys have to be our eyes on quality for our customers.


It does what it's supposed to, but I would have preferred a little more integration, so I wasn't having to fill out all of my products in Shopify, and then mapping them all one by one in Printful.

Also, required complaint that the paid features aren't also free. But otherwise great.

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