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Bang A Buck

I'm absolutely disgust with their service! I've started 2 weeks ago and everything went well. They are definitely overpriced (A LOT) but I thought that's because they are probably the best in this business and I was willing to pay for it. That's before today... A client has ordered a shirt 4 days ago and today I've received an email that is out of stock?!? OUT OF STOCK? 4 days after the order is made you tell me that the shirt is out of stock? They are going to refund me, yea, okay, but who is going to refund me for the money I've put to advertise and bring a client to buy?? They should inform beforehand that the items are low or out of stock, NOT AFTER the friggin order is made! Not after I've put my money to bring a customer to my site! I'll never give them another chance, this is an direct insult!
Just the day before, I've praised them to a friend and told him "they are the best, yea they are pricier but that's because they are on top of their game" - what a mistake...


After two orders I can safely say I wouldn't recommend this store to any other. My first sample order had two printing errors for which I received full refunds. The second order is 7 days past order and I have been contacting them for days to resolve. Every time I hear "its shipping Monday" but today (Monday) it turns out they are just reading the same status line I can see and nothing has actually been done to ensure my order will go out. I was promised a call back by management, but called back to find the manager had left before returning my call. If you have customers you care about DO NOT send them to Printful. I should have listened to


we've been using The Printful for 5 months and are not happy with the service or product quality. We've experienced poor print quality including peeling graphics, crooked lettering an an overall "faded" look.

Be aware that they also charge you a "handling fee" even though, it is no where in writing. We have called and emailed them about this many times, they insist it is a "shipping fee". Their website lists US shipping at $5 so the extra fees are "handling".

We are looking into other alternatives as this can only cause problems with our customers.


Serious lack of customer service! When launching a tshirt printing company I assumed it was best to go with a larger company to allow less worry on my part on working out back end logistics with a smaller, local company. I was so wrong!

It wasn't uncommon for my customers to wait 2 weeks or more for a simple tshirt! When attempting to contact Printful for an update, it typically takes at least 24 hours for an email response, and don't bother trying to chat them through they're website, they're never on.

In addition, two of my customers received low quality/damaged products and Printful asked for clearer pictures of the damage. How does that sound...hey Mr. Customer the damaged product that you received, I'll need a clearer picture of the poor quality before I can reimburse you?!?! JUST TERRIBLE! One of my products was also returned to them and THEY provided the wrong return address and won't reimburse now that the package is lost in the mail with nowhere to go.

I have never been so surprised with customer service, it's like trying to deal with a bad telecommunications provider! I have since gone with a small local company who treats me much better and I also have the satisfaction of helping out another small business owner. AVOID THE PRINTFUL AT ALL COSTS!


no wholesale pricing...

prices are way too high.

they are making more money on your ideas then your website is making...

Shine Vessels

Great concept, poor execution. If you're a brand that plans on getting premium products with this service you will be disappointed. There are a number of serious issues with using Printful. I tested this for my business and determined the quality was simply not there.

1. The production, fulfillment and shipping times are way too long. Once the order is place, 3-7 days for picking and production and another 3-5 for shipping. In a world of amazon prime, customer expectation doesn't leave much room for a 10-12 day wait period for a tee.
2. What they don't mention is the DTG inks are plastisol. Common in low-end or novelty tee printing but if you're planning on selling a branded $22-$28 tee Printful is going to under deliver. Plastisol is a PVC-based ink so after it's done the shirt feels like there's a sticker on it and no actually printed into the fabric. It's also non-breathable so if you're wearing it in the sun...good luck.
3. My test shirts had blemishes in the art and a few of them weren't even centered on the shirt. It looked rushed.
4. The inks weren't even matched properly so colors didn't transfer from design.

I reached out to their customer service with my concerns with zero follow-up. There's also no phone number to talk to customer service so you're pretty much on your own.

Beware, if it's too good to be true it normally is...

Colorado Duds

Update 1/10/18 This place is such a joke. They screwed up a jacket for a customer then said it was because of my mistake when ordering. I reversed the charges on my credit card and after a week and screen shots of my order being placed correctly, they decided to credit me back after I said not to because I had already reversed the charges. Now I get a note from their fraud investigator stating I owe them the price paid plus $15 to pay for the chargeback. Not happening and i'll dispute that on my card as well.

Update 5/9/16 I took off another star today after another customer complaint (in a string of complaints) regarding the BAD quality of printing. The same printing that i've complained about for years from this company and each time get the excuse that it was a one time mistake.

This place has gone DOWN HILL. I've been using them since 2013 and the quality has gone down, the customer service has gone down, and the response time for emails has gone down. Seriously don't intend on getting a response back within 2-days. They send out "urgent messages" if something is wrong with your order or shipping address but it's not treated as urgent once you update. They don't let you know that an item is out of stock until the very last day of their 7-day shipping window so by that time, you look like an idiot telling your customer that their item is out of stock a week after they ordered it. I occasionally order test shirts just to keep up on their quality and EVERY one has had something wrong with it that they claim is a one time mistake. If their shipper loses a shipment, you get to pay to have another item shipped. Unfortunately, I am stuck with them for now.

The Purple Elephant Campaign

Printful is VERY BAD at customer service. When asking about shipping dates and confirming delivery times with staff on more than one occasion.. packages were delivered late to customers after being promised they would be delivered on time and no refund was provided to us or our customers. Nor a solution to reship products on time after discovering they would be late.

CEO was of no assistance or help and does not see value in customer relations.

Harvest Sew

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: I ordered from them twice for a total of 6 shirts. I was only satisfied with 1 of the shirts I ordered. I called and voiced my complaints but they didn't really help me. For example, I sent a tag design to be printed on a shirt, I mistakenly picked a shirt that did not have a removable tag so what they did was print it on the outside back of the shirt. Granted, Printful tells you that they will print on the outside if the shirt does not have a removable tag. But it's pretty lame that no one would think, "hmm. Maybe someone made a mistake and we should notify him before printing a tag with sizes and washing instructions on the outside of this shirt." But no, they printed it and sent it to me. When I tried talking to my personal "guru" that they assign you, he wasn't able to help me at all. No one was. It was basically my fault. Basically, you are treated like a consumer and if you're serious about running a business, that's not a good thing. You need a partner you can work with that will take responsibility for their mess ups and that's just not Printful.

Seth Todd

First, This app is simple and easy to use but there are a few things that turned me from this "Company". I am a 18 year old college student that is trying to make a living off his brand which he has dreamed about for a long time... I am a christian, I respect others hoping for respect back. I guess thats not always true. Recently I ordered two of my shirt designs, they met all the requirements for size and DPI. They were simple and clean, and they had bible verses on them. Craziest thing though, I got home and was excited to see those two shirts I ordered were on the porch. I grabbed the bag and opened the first one, the quality was sad and was disappointing. Then I open the second excited to see what it could be. Real soon I was in awe... To my discomforting surprise the shirt I had was a christian fish which I know very well, I mean its a simple great design. This one was a whole lot different though... This fish had horns on it and 666 in the middle. Now I know what I ordered and I know where my heart is. I am very disgusted and sad at prihtful for this mistake or crude joke I don't know what it is... but I do know one thing, If one of my customers were to get that shirt I would be done and they would have killed the dream of a 18 year old college student trying to shoot for his dreams. This is why I respectively resign the use of prihtful and all there product. I urge you to order a sample before you use them, make sure they will be true to you.
Prihtful thank you for your time, I pray you will fix your faults and grow to be a better company. I still respect who you are and what you do, but I am disappointed in your choices and the way you carried out this matter.

Former customer,
Seth Todd